I Decided to Cook Because the Losing Potion Was Soy Sauce – Chapter 85

「Yuuri, are those for breakfast?」

「R-R-R-Ro… Rofas-san, you scared me.」

Rofas-san was in front of me, sweating a whole lot. It was hard to say that he looked refreshed.

Don’t tell me he flew up here from the bottom…?

No no no, it’s quite high up here……

「W-what’s the matter? Why are you here? Are you done with the special training?」

「Um, no, it’s just the other two ran out of mana. We’re thinking of continuing after breakfast.」

Huh, is that so?

Hm? Does that mean…

「Does that mean you want to eat food that uses MP potions?」

Rofas-san smiled, shining his white teeth at me.

Ah, yes. That’s exactly what he meant.

Um, I didn’t plan to use it, but… Oh, I know.

There should be some silverberry jam leftover. Those were made with MP potions.

Then, we can have silverberry jam with bread, along with an octopus dish, so…

In Japan, we’d use sausage wieners or eggs so there’s protein in the meal. Is having only octopus not enough?

Wait a second, did Rofas-san come find me just so they could have breakfast sooner?

「Did you get everything you need?」

Rofas-san asked, which I nodded to.

「Okay, let’s go down.」




Rofas-san suddenly lifted me up like a princess.


Then, *tatatata*. He ran all the way to the edge of the field.

N-no, there’s a cliff! We’ll fall!


「Hold onto those foodstuff tightly!」

What is this person saying?!

Shouldn’t he say something like, 「Hold onto me tightly」here?!

Why was he worried about the foodstuff when we’re going to fall off a cliff—!


We landed.

Rofas-san landed without a change in his expression.

Hey wait, the field was at least five stories high up! He just leaped off while carrying me?!

Rofas-san let me down.



The leap frightened me so badly that my legs shook and I couldn’t stand.

「What’s wrong? Yuuri, are you okay?」

「N-no, I am not okay! Anyone would be scared jumping from such a high place…」

My legs trembled making me unable to stand properly. I had no choice and grabbed onto Rofas-san’s waist.

What am I, a newborn fawn?! Wait, it’s not like anyone’s going to point that out. I’m embarrassed as an adult.

「Rofa-san, what are you doing?! Normally people don’t experience falling from such a distance, let alone do it themselves!」

Bryce-kun panicked and ran up to us, and quickly lectured Rofas-san.

Oh, that’s good. What I thought of as normal was considered normal here too.

「Ah, no, Kirika had a lot of fun doing it, so I thought Yuuri would be happy too…」

「Rofas-san, Kirika’s different!」

I see, so Kirika-chan enjoys that.

I guess if you think of it as free falling, then maybe it’s fun?


「Rofas-san, um, I understand that you were trying to get me to have fun. Thank you very much.」

…Actually, I doubt it. He probably leaped off because he wanted to eat breakfast even a second sooner.

But that wasn’t it, right? I was wrong about that, right?

「But, um, even in my hometown, there are a lot of people who are good with heights and others who aren’t, just like how some people are good with thrill rides and others aren’t…」

「Thrill rides? What’s that?」

Thrill rides are attractions like roller coasters, drop towers, and um, the thing where you feel like you’re flying around on a magic carpet? Basically, stuff that goes really fast. How should I describe it?

「It’s like an activity where you fall from a tall place and spin around? A-anyways, Kirika-chan’s probably good with those sorts of things, but I’m not very good with them, so… If it’s not an emergency, please don’t ever do that again!」

Rofas-san scratched his head.


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