I Can Speak with Animals and Demons – Chapter 16.2


「Why did you kick out the goblins?」

『Why would you ask such question? We demons are ruled by strength. A strong guy survives, a weak fellow dies. Isn’t it something that’s obvious?』

He speaks to me in a heavy voice. I felt like saying 「Are the humans the same?」

「Yeah… I know that. Human beings are the same way.」

This time, the Orc used it’s power to obtain a pleasant environment and took away the cave.

『It is bad for the goblins, but it seems that the children will be born soon.』

「That’s right.」

When the Orc heard my words, it stood up.

『I’m going to eat soon, we must prepare.』

Footsteps sounded out and the Orc starts walking into the cave.

「Can I ask you a question?」


In response to my words, the Orc stops walking and turns around. I have to ask this question, even for me and the villages. If there is the ability to have the chance of chatting, I would like to negotiate.

「Are you going to attack our village?」

『There is nothing. There is enough food here and there is no merit. To attack the village of man, it is not as long as it is not too much.』

「I am relieved. If you ever see a human in the forest, I do not want you to attack.」

『…If the human does not attack first, then I will not attack the human.』

The Orc responded after a short while. Then, the Orc walked around

『Have you finished talking?』

『Let’s go quickly.』

『From now on, we will build our house』

I noticed the Goblin was beside me. Apparently, it seems he got over the shock.

But, when I looked at the sky, the sun is setting. The evening will be coming soon and the sun will be down. I will worry my mother with my lateness, so I have to go home.

「It’s too late today, tomorrow will do.」

『『『Eeeeh! Is it?』』』

『Are you going to break the promise?』

「I didn’t say today.」


「I will get angry if I don’t go back to the mansion.」


『Is it not that different? Bell?』

I pulled Bell’s ear with my hand. I feel something… It looks like rubber.

『…I’m sorry. I got on a tune.』

「Anyway, I will make it tomorrow so please wait.」

『Hey, Sayaaaaaaaa』

『I will go to the mansion if you do not come!』

『Come to the rocky place.』

It seems that the goblins were convinced while complaining about Boobo.

And the three goblins walk in a line.

I chased the back of the goblin while watching it’s back.

「Wait! I don’t know my way home!」


『Keep it firm!』


『Follow me.』

It may be idealism, but I think that it would be nice to live without fighting with demons like this.


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