I Can Speak with Animals and Demons – Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16 Part 1 – The Ideal Ida

From that, the orc calmed down and was able to somehow understand the human being.

Now, we are talking to each other without hostility.

The Goblin is sitting downstairs from a little while ago. Apparently, this orc seems to be shocked by having two brides.

I’m not shocked when I say it. Rather, I admire the orc’s polygamy. If they were human beings, they would be sitting in a triangular formation in the corner, just like a goblin

『I was surprised that there was a human being who can truly talk with demons.』

「Well, I was also surprised to have this ability.」

『All Language Comprehension』is an ability I gained from Goddess Meria.  At first, I thought that the ability would only be possible to understand and speak the human language. Instead, it turned out that it applies to animals and demons.

The definition of animal is very vague.

First of all, animals are classified as vertebrates and invertebrates.

For mammals, they are humans, monkeys, hippos, elephants, whales and so on.

The birds are cranes, penguins, chickens, etc.

There are also many other reptiles, amphibians, fish to micro-organisms.

What is the definition of animals and plants among those? Even if it is said, I do not know at all. Even Japanese biologists would not be able to say it correctly.

There is no such definitive and correct answer that such biologist can confidently say.

In such circumstances, looking back on what has happened so far, I have understood.

First, you cannot hear the voice of insects. Insects are creatures moving around themselves and should be classified as insects of arthropods. Even so, my voice would not be able to translate. The ability also does not apply to micro-organisms and fish. In general, this ability would make life difficult if you could hear every animal.

For instance, if you walked and stepped on a small insect then go to the waterfront, you would hear countless of fish’s voices.

I think the ability is making the judgments in my mind liable.

Perhaps you might hear them if you could hear their voices.

But, I do not want to hear that. Sometimes, it would be hard, having to spend so much time listening to the world.

The ability may respond to such — my heart — and set a range.

『What’s wrong?』

Looking at me quietly in the middle of the story, the Orc made me wonder.

「Nothing, how well is my dialogue capability?」

『Good, can you talk with the animals?』

「Yeah, but I have never talked to fish or insects.」

『I do not quite understand the details, but I would not be able to be sane if I could hear the voices of all living things.』

「I guess that’s why. By the way, what about the conversations of demons?」

『Are we you? You may not understand the words of the animals, but you can understand the words if they are monsters? Whether it’s against you or not, depends on each person’s character.』

Orc laughed and added 『I have actually kicked the goblins out of the cave.』

It seems that it is common to not listen to the words of demons who are lower than them.


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