I Can Speak with Animals and Demons – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Part 1 – Orc


The adventure resumed once everyone’s stomach was full.

I treated the fish properly, stuck it to a wooden skewer, and baked it. The goblins seemed to like it very much.

Whenever I baked the food, I felt something strange to those who did not think about eating, but that would pretty much be for demons and humans.

It would be a hard task if you tried to have a goblin that cannot use magic to create a fire. If it can be eaten raw, it is raw.

Well, there is a possibility that ways of raising fire have become known.

As I crossed the lake, the road became a little wider, making Oita having an easier time walking. The number of plants that make up the forest also increased, and the animals that saw the plants gathered around. It seemed Oita is lively.

Certainly, this place is a good place. It is rich in sunlight and food, because of this I am convinced that the orcs took the cave away from the goblins.

『Mother! A human is here!』

『Humans are scared!』

『I’m sorry.』

『Sure. Here, since there are tree nuts let’s go get it.』


Oh my, you can hear the voices of animals like rabbits and weasels for a while like this.

About a little too lively…

『It’s about time.』
『It’s near the cave we were in.』

『Are you ready?』


There was a scratch by an orc, and the expressions of the three goblins were serious.

With the tense atmosphere, we kept going along the road.

Then, a cliff with a rocky texture came into sight. Apparently, it seems to be a cave that I could dig a cliff out of. I do not know if it is an artificial cave, a cave made naturally or by monsters digging it out, but it is quite large. The height of the ceiling was about two large adults.

There is no sign of an orc at the entrance of the cave, are we wandering around the back?

「Where is the orc?」

『Is it not in the middle of the cave?』

『I do not understand, you can only see the entrance.』

「Since you lived there, you do not know where it’s at nor make a secret passage?」

It is a cave with only one entrance. You should take measures like that, it is quite confident in battle from the front when it’s better.

『Oh, there seems to be a tunnel that everyone made.』

『Well, I dug something.』



『『『But, I forgot.』』』

「Really useful…」


『Is anyone there?』




A low and heavy voice suddenly sounded out, we did not make a sound.

This is not good, this is definitely an orc.

Footsteps were echoing. I can hear only the footsteps now because the sun is striking at the entrance of the cave.

The ground continues shaking from the footsteps, it was possible that it was considerably a huge body. Then, the sound became louder and its appearance was exposed by the sun.

A big fang that seems to pierce through a heinous heaven, was on a big nose. It reminds me the face of pigs and boars, and the skin is gray like an image*. A giant over 2 meters tall and a weapon like a club bar that was machined from stone is held in their hand.

(I’m assuming a black and white image)

If you receive a club from that big body, not even a big guy would be able to escape immediately. The beast itself is able to hold such an image.

(Didn’t know how to word this, but it means that the beast holds the image or appearance of being able to do what was described.)

What kind of presence* is it?

(I’m guessing it’s asking what type of person or animal)

And this aura… is impossible alone with people. Somehow, I agree.

『What, goblin? Did you come to take back the cave?』

We look over towards the voice, evident that we were lightly taken.

『It’s different. We are the guides this time.』

『That’s right, maybe I came to fight』

Giggi and Zab stated.

However, there is a strong possibility that we will not fight.

『Guide? Who are you? Did you bring anyone strong? Where are they?』

The orc boldly laughs as he looked around.

Hey, where are you looking? I’m right in front of your eyes.


『… Ah? However, there are merely four of you goblins? Are you trying to make fun of me?』

「Get out! You damn pig!」

『It’s superior! Goblins leave this cave before it’s too late! BAH!』

Is that so… Does my face look so much like a goblin? am I actually a half human, half goblin? No idea… Hearing the orc call me a goblin so openly, made me become depressed.

My mother is a beautiful mother, a genuine person. My father looks like a gorilla, but he a human father, maybe. My mother cannot be cheating on my father with goblins. I don’t want to think about such thing.

My mother cannot be cheating on my father with goblins. I don’t want to think about such thing.

You* made a mistake, you demon.

(Informal, he referred the orc as an inferior being to himself.)

I challenged the Beginning Wind Magic with a quirky feeling.

「【Tim Shark】」

From the surroundings, the winds gather in the magic language that I chanted. Eventually, the winds intersect and create a wave-like motion with a roaring sound.

『Huh? Magic? Well, are you a hobgoblin?』


The tornado is blown straight towards the orc with my shout.

The orc, which had been taken back, was defenseless and knocked back into the cave after being exposed to the tornado.

「Oops! I thought we were going to discuss peacefully!」


「Well, that would be nice. It seems that I did not calmly listen.」

『Well, is that so? 』

『If you want to solve a misunderstanding, you have to do so without fighting.』

『Yes, yes. Suddenly letting go of the magic. 』

『Completely, it’s rare that what is think is right, is actually right.』

Giving wisdom to the goblin’s habit.

『Dear! Are you alright?』


『…I’m okay dear, there’s no problem.』

From the back of the cave, you can hear the voice of a woman and an orc.



We all tilted our heads.

When you see it, from the back, two orc rush to worry about the orc that was twisted. Its appearance is similar to the first orc, but the fangs are shorter and the body is small. It is probably a female from the voice, maybe a companion?

『…You’re that human being.』

『Woah, it’s true.』

『Oh! As I thought, it was a human. But, if you look closely enough, you can see that it is different from a hobgoblin’s magic 』

『『You didn’t notice?』』

『No, I didn’t notice such thing.』

「Wherever you look, I’m a human!」

When hearing my voice, all three of the orc’s eyes become wide open all at once.

『That, that’s a human voice!』

『I definitely heard it.』

『At first I understood the words, so I thought the goblin had talked to me』

『『I understand that human’s voice!』』

『…Maybe we… Orc King?』

『You wish!』


『You did it! We could be an orc king! 』

Despite being in front of us, they exchanged an embrace.

Why did you think it was a goblin, that first came a King? That’s already good.

『Yeah, I thought of it at first!』


『Ah, we were young before.』

The goblins gather their arms and gaze it with a warm looking, immersing them in sentiment.

What is『Yeah』

「No, I did it this morning.」


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