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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 95 Bahasa Indonesia

Haicheng Medical University, Department of Nursing, Class Six, Sun Nana was on the phone over and over, and her heart was also constantly nagging.

Why aren’t they here yet?

Is the police too slow? It’s only 20 minutes before school. She wouldn’t want to see results like this if school was over.

Because, once the school bell rang, the students in the class would leave soon. If there was no one in the class, they could not see this scene with their own eyes.

It had to be done in front of the whole class!

Despite the fact that Bai Xiaochun had nothing to do with Chu Tian stealing the diamond necklace, she was wearing it around her neck.. She would be involved. She must have the police take Bai Xiaochun away in front of the class. This way, the class would know what happened.

Sun Nana would be a hero.

She could even imagine what her classmates would say.

“Wow, Nana, you are outstanding. You found out that Bai Xiaochun’s boyfriend is a thief.”

“Nana, your eyes are very good. At a glance, you can tell it’s a valuable diamond necklace.”

“Nana, you’re very thoughtful. You must have secretly called the police, or Chu Tian would have run away.”

“Nana, you are amazing. You solved a ten-million-dollar theft case entirely on your own.”

Furthermore, Bai Xiaochun would be discussed behind her back.

For example: “Look, that’s Bai Xiaochun, a material woman. Her boyfriend was arrested for stealing something for her vanity.”

“With a girlfriend like Bai Xiaochun, you’ve been through eight lifetimes of bad luck.”

“I didn’t expect this woman, Bai Xiaochun, to be so vain. What’s the use of being good-looking? She’s just disgusting and doesn’t feel it’s worth it for her boyfriend.”

Thinking of what was about to happen, Sun Nana couldn’t help but smile.

Come quickly!

Comrade police must come quickly!

It would not be fun after school!

Just when Sun Nana was looking forward to it, the classroom door suddenly rang twice. Two police officers in police uniforms, a man and a woman, appeared at the door of the classroom.

“Male physiology…. hmmm”

On the podium, the teacher who was lecturing saw two police officers suddenly appear. He frowned first, then put down the chalk in his hand and walked out.

Seeing this, in the classroom, a group of students immediately whispered.

“Hey, why are the police here?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Why are the police in our class?”

“Could it be that someone did something? Why are the police here?”

Hearing the whispers of the entire class, Sun Nana’s mouth evoked a proud smile. Then she hastily pulled her hair back, appearing more energetic.

You can just wait to watch the show!

I know!

You can wait and watch the show!

A minute later, the teacher returned to the door and said, “Sun Nana, come out.”

Sun Nana raised her chest with a smile on the corner of her mouth. She came out in high heels.

“What’s the deal? How come you’re here for Sun Nana?”

“Sun Nana has committed a crime.”

“Sun Nana did something illegal and was caught by the police, right?”

“Impossible. Her boyfriend is really rich, and she has no shortage of food or clothes. “She doesn’t need to do something illegal.”

Not only the other students in the class, but even Bai Xiaochun looked at the girl beside her curiously and asked, “Why did the cops come looking for Nana? What did she do?”

“I don’t know. I did not hear what she was doing.”

Outside the classroom, after Sun Nana came out, the physiology teacher closed the classroom door and asked, “Sun Nana, have you called the police?”

“Yes, Teacher. I called the police.” Sun Nana nodded.

It was really Sun Nana who called the police. It wasn’t an impersonation of her prank.

The physiology teacher nodded and said, “This is a police officer from our school district. Please explain.”

The policewoman looked at Sun Nana and said, “Student Sun Nana, you called the police and say you have found a burglar. It is worth tens of millions of dollars. Did you see it, or do you have any other evidence?”

“There are no witnesses. However, the police officer, I saw stolen goods,” Sun Nana explained. They are on my classmate’s neck.”

The policewoman frowned and said, “Wear it on your classmate’s neck?”

“Yes, her name is Bai Xiaochun.” Sun Nana said, “When she was resting, I saw a necklace around her neck. I could tell at a glance that it was a diamond necklace; it’s very expensive.”

“She said it was given to her boyfriend, but his boyfriend was poor. He can never afford a diamond necklace. He must have stolen it from someone else’s house.”

The male policeman next to him frowned and said, “Student Sun Nana, in other words, this is actually your guess. You don’t know if the necklace around your classmate’s neck was stolen, right?”

“Uh…” Sun Nana thought for a while and said, “Brother police officer, it must have been stolen. Her boyfriend is really poor. The entire school knows that if he doesn’t steal the necklace, he can’t buy it. You just arrest him and interrogate him. It must have been stolen.”

The female police officer and the male police officer looked at each other. The female police officer looked at the physiology teacher and said, “Mr. Liu, please call the student Bai Xiaochun. Since someone has reported this case and it is suspicious, we still need to take it seriously.”

“Sure.” The physiology teacher said, “However, let’s go to the office to talk. Do not be in the corridor. It won’t affect you very much.”

“Sure.” The policewoman nodded and said, “Then, Teacher Liu, call her out. Let’s go to the office.”


Teacher Liu nodded, and then opened the door of the classroom: “Bai Xiaochun, come out too.”


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