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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 54: Pure Pure Club Bahasa Indonesia

After exiting the university, Chu Tian was planning to return to his rental apartment and properly check out Haicheng University of Medicine’s campus forum.

But, when Chu Tian passed by the club undergoing a day and night nonstop renovation, he seemed to discover something and stopped.

Li Sisi’s car was outside the club.

Why would Li Sisi still be here this late?

After pondering for a bit, Chu Tian decided to walk into the club.

After undergoing an entire week of day and night renovation, the Yang Family Restaurant was completely transformed.

All the original doors and windows were removed. Not only that, all the windows were sealed up too.

As it was going to be a club, they couldn’t allow others from outside to be able to see what’s going on inside. If that was to happen, who would come to the club?

The external walls were covered in a whole new layer of paint too.

Right when Chu Tian was planning to walk inside, a person suddenly walked out from the club undergoing renovation.

It was Li Sisi.

Seemingly not expecting Chu Tian’s sudden appearance, Li Sisi was surprised. But, she soon smiled, “Oh my, isn’t this our young master? What made you interested in coming here tonight?”

Chu Tian smiled, “I saw that your car’s still here so I decided to come and check it out. Big sis Sisi, how’s the interior decoration going?”

“We’re making pretty good progress,” said Li Sisi, “We’ve not made any major modifications. Everything was placed atop the original floor plan. Things are already showing shape now. With this speed, we’ll be able to open for business in another week.”

“That’s quite fast,” said Chu Tian, “Then, what are we to do with the business licenses, permits and whatnot? Are they easy to get?”

“Say, young master, you couldn’t possibly have thought of those things just now, right?” Li Sisi revealed a faint smile, “Licenses and permits aren’t the only things we need. We also need to find workers. What if there’s a lot of business? If I’m not experienced with all these, you’d be having a major headache right now. Well, don’t worry about it, I’ve handled all those things.”

“As expected of my big sis Sisi,” laughed Chu Tian, “I knew that there wouldn’t be an issue with you handling things.”

“Enough with your flattering,” Li Sisi smiled and rolled her eyes at Chu Tian, “You got any more money? We need more.”

Chu Tian didn’t ask why Li Sisi needed money. He directly took out his phone and asked, “How much?”

“Another million would do,” said Li Sisi, “We have enough for the interior decorations. But, we need to stock up on the consumables. As a club, we can’t afford to have no liquor. If that happens, we wouldn’t be able to function as a club. We need to stock up on the liquor ahead of time. Thus, I need money for advances. Since we’ll be stocking up on beer, fruit wines, red wines, white wines and all sorts of other liquor, it’ll cost some money.”

Chu Tian nodded. He then sent Li Sisi 1 million without hesitation, “So, that would mean 5 million is enough for the renovation?”

“More or less.”

Seeing the million Chu Tian transferred to her, Li Sisi smiled brilliantly, “Young master is truly extravagant. Hmm, where’s your darling?”

“Oh, she just returned to her dorm,” said Chu Tian, “She’s still dorming in the university.”

“Quite good taste you got there,” Li Sisi smiled as she poked Chu Tian’s stomach, “That darling if yours is a truly rare find. Not only is she charming, her figure is also great. Those long legs of hers, even I feel jealous seeing them. So, how’s the progress?”

“We’ve just started,” said Chu Tian with a smile, “We’ve only just confirmed our relationship today.”

“Just today?” Li Sisi pondered in a serious manner, “Then work hard. Strive to bring her to your bed within a month.”

Chu Tiah chuckled, “Big sis Sisi, isn’t that too quick?”

“Tsk,” Li Sisi clicked her tongue, “That’s why I told you to strive to do that. For girls, agreeing to become your girlfriend is one thing. Agreeing to have an intimate relationship with you is something completely different.”

“Being your girlfriend doesn’t necessarily mean that she will definitely be yours. But, if she’s willing to have an intimate relationship with you, she’ll be practically yours for life. Of course, that’s excluding the ones that are only seeking fun.”

“Big sis has worked in these settings for years. I’ve seen all sorts of people. Especially in a place like a club, it’s filled with demons and ghosts. There’ll be those that will pretend to be pure, pretend to be young and innocent. Big sis is so experienced that I can practically see through them right away.”

“I’m telling you, your darling is not pretending. She is truly pure. I can tell. That girl’s a rarity.”

Chu Tian nodded his head, “Her nature is indeed quite pure. She’s also kind-hearted. But, she’s actually quite weird and active.”

“That’s even better,” said Li Sisi, “An active girl is a charming girl. Those listless ones are boring.”

Chu Tian nodded his head again, “Oh, big sis Sisi, I suddenly thought of something. We’ve yet to name this club, right?”

“You only remembered it now?” Li Sisi rolled her eyes, “I thought you were planning to name it ‘Club.’ Well, since you’re talking about that, go ahead, tell me what sort of name you have in mind.”

Chu Tian pondered for a bit before saying, “Pure Pure Club.”

[1. Pure → Chun, the same chun in Bai Xiaochun’s name. Bai = White. Xiao = Little. Chun = Pure]

Pure Pure Club?

Li Sisi pondered for a bit before saying, “That name’s not bad. Since the club is located next to the university, it fits well. Do you want me to find some Feng Shui expert to calculate whether or not the name is good?”

“No,” Chu Tian shook his head, “I don’t believe in Feng Shui. We’ll settle with that name. It’ll be Pure Pure Club.”

Seeing how decided Chu Tian was, Li Sisi suddenly seemed to recall something. She ridiculed, “Hey, wait a minute. Young master, let me guess. Your darling’s name… is there a ‘Pure’ in her name?”


This EQ!

Chu Tian smiled and hissed, “Her name’s Bai Xiaochun.”


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