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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 34: Rejoicing Too Soon Bahasa Indonesia


As she saw Chu Tian returning back to the court and then look at the overjoyed school girl standing next to her, Bai Xiaochun couldn’t help but frown.

Who is this girl?

It was not only Bai Xiaochun. Yang Rong was also confused.

That girl knew Chu Tian?

Could it be… she’s Chu Tian’s girlfriend?

If that’s the case, why had he never mentioned it before?

Bai Xiaochun moved her face onto Yang Rong’s ear and whispered, “Rongrong, is she your deskmate’s girlfriend?”

Yang Rong thought about it before whispering back, “I have no idea. He never mentioned having a girlfriend. I don’t think he has a girlfriend?”

Right at this moment, that female student seemed to suddenly think of something. She ignored Bai Xiaochun who was standing next to her and looked straight at Yang Rong, “Hey, friend, friend.”

Yang Rong looked to that girl and smiled, “What is it, friend?”

“He’s your deskmate? The two of you are from the same class?”

Yang Rong nodded, “That’s right.”

“Then, what’s the name of your deskmate? What year and which class are you two in?”


Bai Xiaochun was shocked to hear those questions. She nearly burst out laughing.

So it was all a misunderstanding!

Bai Xiaochun immediately realized what was going on after hearing those questions.

Girlfrield? No, they simply don’t even know one another.

Likely, Chu Tian had mistaken that female student to be together with her and Yang Rong.

That misunderstanding was understandable. After all, the three of them were standing so close. Moreover, that girl took the initiative to offer Chu Tian her water bottle.

Yang Rong’s expression turned slightly awkward, “You… you don’t know my deskmate?”

“Not yet,” The female student smiled in embarrassment, “But, we’ve made plans to have dinner together tonight.”

Holy shit!

Hearing those words, Bai Xiaochun almost failed to contain her laughter.

Made plans to have dinner together tonight?

How could she be that certain?

Most likely, Chu Tian was trying to invite Yang Rong and her to have dinner with him. It had nothing to do with that girl.

That was nothing more than a misunderstanding!

“Oh, that’s nice,” said Yang Rong with a smile, “In that case, the two of you can discuss those things yourselves at your date night tonight.”

“That’s true.”

The female student smiled. Then, she took out her phone from her bag and opened her mirror app. Then, she began to tidy up her hair.

[1. I googled it, and it turned out Huawei phones came preloaded with a mirror app. Basically a selfie cam but made to look like a mirror so you don’t get the selfie cam fisheye distortion as much. You can blow on it to make the mirror steamy and then draw on the mirror with your finger. Guess that’s some shit lol. It seems like others made similar apps downloadable on android and iphone too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUVFdzaD08w]

“Pff,” Yang Rong immediately covered her mouth.

Yang Rong moved her head over to Bai Xiaochun’s ear and whispered, “She’s done. It’s most definitely going to be extremely awkward later. Look, she’s even fixing her makeup.”

Bai Xiaochun was trying her hardest to hold back her laughter, “Say no more. If you say anymore, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from laughing.”

On the basketball court. Chu Tian had no idea what was going on with the girls.

After he stripped off his short sleeves, he felt as if a layer of chains had been removed from his body. In the remainder of the match, Chu Tian was able to unleash his potential even better.

Time continued to pass. The sound of shoes rubbing on the basketball court never stopped. The number of spectators also continued to grow.

Finally, at 5:30PM, Chu Tian and the others finally stopped.

Chu Tian still had the stamina to continue. But, Zhao Lei, Xiao Gang and others were already too tired to run. This match had completely exhausted them.

Seeing Zhao Lei and others panting in exhaustion, Xiao Gang, himself panting, walked over to Chu Tian and extended his hand.

“I’m Xiao Gang. Third year university student from the Chinese and Western Medicine Department. I’m also the president of the Basketball Club. Friend, how shall I address you as?”


This match had left Xiao Gang in defeat and acknowledging Chu Tian completely.

Chu Tian had blocked him a total of five times. Even though Xiao Gang was clearly taller and bigger than him, he felt as if Chu Tian was a humanoid bison and completely unstoppable.

This guy was simply too fierce!

Seeing Xiao Gang’s extended hand, Chu Tian smiled and shook that hand, “I’m Chu Tian. Freshman from the Nursing Department.”


Xiao Gang pondered for a bit before asking, “You didn’t join the Basketball Club?”

Chu Tian shook his head.

“Then join. We can play together,” said Xiao Gang, “These guys here are all from the Basketball Club. It’s fun. Come, let me add you as a friend. We can make arrangements to play basketball together when you’re free.”

“Sure, that works for me.”

It was indeed no fun to play basketball with ordinary people. Because of that, Chu Tian and Xiao Gang walked over to the basketball rack, picked up their phones and added each other as friends. Then, Xiao Gang added him to a group with 14 people.

[2. They most likely added each other as friends on wechat.]

After the process was over, Chu Tian said, “Well, I still have things to do so I’ll be going now. You guys continue with your game.”

“Sure, hit us up when you’re free.”

After bidding farewell to Xiao Gang, Chu Tian, covered in sweat, walked over to Yang Rong.

“Look how sweaty you are,” Yang Rong smiled as she stared at his body, “It’s simply no different from someone who just crawled out from a pool of water.”

“It’s alright. It’s actually quite comfortable to exercise,” Chu Tian smiled as he received his short sleeve from her. He used his t-shirt to wipe his sweat before placing it across his body.

“Umm, have some water.”

While most of the spectators had left as the match had ended, that female student didn’t leave. Instead, she offered her bottled water to Chu Tian again.

“Thanks. I forgot to bring my own,” Chu Tian smiled as he received the water. With his head raised up, he gulped down the water. Only after that did he ask, “Deskmate, where are we going to eat tonight? I’ll treat you all.”


Suddenly, Yang Rong made a dry cough. She looked at Chu Tian and spoke quietly, “About that… deskmate, I don’t know this girl.”


Don’t know?

Chu Tian was shocked to hear those words. He immediately looked at that girl.


The situation immediately turned awkward. Chu Tian said, “You… you all are not together? This… I’m truly sorry. I thought you all were together. I ended up drinking your bottle of water. Ahh, schoolmate, let’s add each other on WeChat. I’ll send you the money for the water on WeChat. I’m truly sorry about this.”


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