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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 22: The Ministry of State Security Taking Over Bahasa Indonesia

[1. The Chinese Ministry of State Security is similar to NSA and FBI. Basically, they’re a secret agency that overlooks mostly domestic security concerns.]

In the villa’s front garden parked two cars, a Lamborghini and a Ferrari.

There were plants, flowers and bonsais located around the walls.

After glancing at the villa’s garden expressionlessly, the captain-commander looked to the two-story building before him.

Squad 1 had entered the building to make an arrest. There should soon be signs of activity.


Sure enough!

After only two minutes passed, a loud clang was heard from the second floor. It sounded like the door was forcibly burst open. Then, noises began to be heard.

“Don’t move!”

“Don’t move!”

“Don’t move!”



Two women’s terrified screams could be heard.

Soon, the second floor grew completely quiet. When the members of Squad 1 walked out from the building, they arrested three people.

One was a forty-some year old middle-aged man. Bald and rather fat. The other two were young women in their twenties. Tall, nice curves and charming appearances.

A SWAT officer walked over to the captain-commander. He saluted, “Report! We’ve neutralized the danger and apprehended three people, one man and two women.”

Expressionlessly, the captain-commander looked to the middle-aged man that has been brought over to him, “Your name’s Zhang Zhenhao, correct?”

The middle-aged man raised his head to look at the captain-commander. With a terrified look on his face, he answered, “Correct. I, I am Zhang Zhenhao. Wh-what sort of crime had I committed? Why are you all arresting me?”


The captain-commander sneered. He then turned to the two women. They were naked and scared speechless. He said, “Put on clothes for these two. Then, take them all away.”

“Yes sir!”

After the three people were arrested and brought out from the villa, the captain-commander entered the villa. He began to search through it.

After confirming that there were indeed no one else in the villa, he pressed the intercom on his shoulder, “Squad 2 stay behind and keep watch. Set up a police cordon. All others, prepare to return.”

After he finished giving the order, the captain-commander took out his phone and called a number, “Hello. Is this Director Ma? We’ve finished our capture. We are now…”



Beijing. The doors to an interrogation room opened. A man walked out. He looked to the middle-aged man standing outside and said, “Director, he had confessed. This Zhang Zhenhao is indeed that ‘Come Catch Granddaddy’ we’ve been searching for the past four years.”

The middle-aged man nodded his head, “The men that’ve been dispatched to the villa had just returned. From that Zhang Zhenhao’s computer records and the viruses stored on his computer, we’re practically certain that it is him too.”

“Haah. Never would I imagine that this guy that we’ve been searching for all this time was hiding right in front of our eyes.”

Right at this moment, a short-haired professional-looking woman quickly walked over, “Director, the people from the Ministry of State Security are here.”

Right after that woman finished saying those words, a group of seven or eight suited individuals from the Ministry of State Security walked over from around the corner.

When they arrived before the middle-aged man, the man leading the group smiled and extended his hand, “Hello, Director Ma. We are from the Ministry of State Security. Thank you for all your trouble.”

“Oh, no, no, it’s no trouble,” Director Ma immediately smiled and shook that man’s hand, “You all are truly quick.”

“Our speed is just so-so. We came immediately after receiving the order. Oh, that’s right, are there any progress to this case?” asked that man.

“Oh, he had already confessed. He is that ‘Come Catch Granddaddy.’ As for those two women, they’re merely his sugar babies. Most likely, they do not know anything.”

“Good,” The man smiled, “In that case, you can leave the rest to us from the Ministry of State Security.”

After he finished saying those words, the man took a glance at the people behind him, “Bring those three back to our office.”

Seeing that, the short-haired woman seemed to suddenly recall something. Quietly, she said, “Oh, Director, what time should I arrange for the flight to Yunnan for you?”

“Oh, you don’t have to arrange that flight anymore.”

Before Director Ma could explain things to her, the man said, “We’ve already dispatched out men to Yunnan. From this point on, this matter will be fully in the hands of our Ministry of State Security. Director Ma, you all wouldn’t have to involve yourselves with this anymore.”


Director Ma was startled. He hurriedly said, “Wait. Wait a moment. This Zhang Zhenhao is already in your hands, why are you all still sending people over to Yunnan?”

That man smiled, “My apologies Director Ma. This is the order of our director. If you have any complaints, you can raise it with our director. We’re merely following orders. Now then, we have future business to conduct. As such, we’ll be taking our leave first. Goodbye.”


Seeing Zhang Zhenhao and the two women being brought away by the people from the Ministry of State Security, the short-haired woman couldn’t help but complain, “The hell’s with them and their arrogance? I truly want to give him a beating!”


Director Ma looked to the short-haired woman and laughed, “It’s a good thing you didn’t. Those people following him are all special agents from the Ministry of State Security. Every one of them are abnormal fighting experts. Not to mention giving him a beating, if you dared to even attempt to do anything to him, they will immediately send you flying. Furthermore, those people are truly cold-blooded. They do not distinguish between men and women. They might even end up killing you accidentally.”

“I know,” said the woman with her mouth pouted, “But, the Ministry of State Security is simply too unreasonable. Why are they fighting over criminals with us?”

“Sigh, there’s nothing that can be done about that,” Director Ma sighed helplessly, “After all, they’re the Ministry of State Security. Well then, let’s disperse.”


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