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I Became A Third-Rate Villain In The Hero Academy – Chapter 83: Maybe That (2) Bahasa Indonesia

TL/Editor: Raei

Schedule: 5/Week Wed-Sun

Illustrations: Here

All of the lectures for the 7th week’s Friday had ended.

Friday meant a break from the boring routine of the academy, a day without any practical evaluations.

As a result, the students seemed full of life, particularly the boys, who were practically buzzing with energy.

“Hey! Anyone who wants to play football, come. Today, Eshild, our football club’s ace is playing! …Huh, you there? We’re not inviting the baseball guys. We’re playing a real man’s game.”

“Real man’s game? That’s baseball. Ever comeback in the ninth inning, two outs? Bet you haven’t. You wouldn’t know that thrill if you’ve played football all your life.”

“Thrill? What thrill? Baseball is more like a picnic. You get a kick out of picnics? You might need to see a therapist. Imagine thinking a sport where an old, fat guy can go pro is thrilling.”

Among the students, baseball and football were by far the most loved sports.

Male students, even after they graduate and become heroes, still enjoy these two games.

The boy who’d been teased about baseball was getting heated.

“Overrated is what football is, just needing one ball. We’re future heroes, have some dignity. Aren’t we above football, a game for folks too poor to afford a bat and a glove?”

“You done yet? Talking nonsense. You ever play a sport while eating? That’s leisure, not a sport. And aren’t you a commoner? Since when do commoners know dignity?”

“True, but once I graduate, I’ll be a semi-noble~ You, though, a viscount, won’t even get into the noble alliance~ Maybe that’s why you’re stuck playing vulgar football.”

“You son of a-!”

The two boys locked in an argument now had each other by the collar.

No one stepped in to separate them.

Instead, it seemed to energize the crowd.

“Look, guys! Those baseball guys are here again! The ones beaten by the Knight Department!”

“Without Eshild, you guys lose to the Knights’ Department too! You’re acting high and mighty, but you’re nobodies! We’d get it if you were royalty. But viscounts and barons? You’re no better than commoners!”

What started as a friendly rivalry between baseball and football enthusiasts quickly devolved into a class battle between commoners and nobles.

“Hey, calm down!”

“Max! Which team are you on? Football or baseball?!”

“Er… I… I don’t know. I just like fishing…”

Max’s quiet words went unnoticed in the frenzy of the football and baseball guys.

“Come on! Max is a baseball guy, look at him. He’s built like a slugger. Just needs a bit of polish. Max! Join the baseball club now.”

“No way, Max is clearly a football guy. He’s got the god-given gift of a goalkeeper!”

The situation was tense.

But it swiftly cooled down.


All the students in the heated debate turned their attention in one direction.

Clip-clop, clip-clop.

The sound was from the shoes of Aisha, the academy’s idol.

Her every move was watched by the students.

For the teenage boys, just beginning to show interest in girls, she was too much.

So much so that they momentarily forgot about their love for baseball and football.

The boys who had been arguing now wore relaxed smiles, going “hehehe,” “hihihi.”

Receiving the attention of all the boys, she stopped in the back of the room.

“Theo, you didn’t forget we have fishing club today, did you?”

She then softly spoke to Theo.

The boys who were watching this scene scowled.

‘What… Theo again, that jerk.’

‘He even got close to Siena recently.’

The students, who’d been about to come to blows over their sport of choice, were now united in their thoughts.

Before they knew it, Theo had become their common enemy.

‘Ugh, I’m so jealous.’

With glum expressions, the boys watched Theo, then headed off.

Today’s fishing club meeting was at the artificial lake east of the academy.

Crafted by the renowned Archmage Odius, it was as good as any natural lake, filled with living fish.

So there I was, casting my fishing line when.


I felt a tug.

I flexed my arm and reeled in.

At the end of the fishing rod was a carp as long as my arm.

“Wow, Theo. You caught another… Have you been practicing?”

Max held out a basket to put the fish in.

“No, I haven’t been practicing. Thanks, Max.”

I dropped the carp into the basket.

‘Magic sure is useful at times like these.’

Right now, I’m using the [Focus] spell. It’s a simple magic that boosts the user’s concentration a bit.

But thanks to [Amplification Orb], the effect is more than doubled.

Combine that with the enhanced [Observer’s Eye] trait, and it’s a total game changer.

[Amplification Orb] bolstered both magic and traits simultaneously.

‘Just as I expected…’

Truly, top-tier artifacts were in a league of their own.

I stifled a grin.

After catching three more carp, I deactivated the [Focus] spell.

‘I need to save as much mana as possible.’

[Magic Cartridge] is a valuable asset that enables even a mana-less person like me to wield magic, but it requires charging from an outside source.

‘The remaining mana is at 80%. I need to manage with this until next week.’

I can recharge the mana in the [Magic Cartridge] when it depletes, but… I have the misfortune of a constitution entirely devoid of mana.

This means I need someone else to charge it for me.

But for recharging, I must remove my shirt.

Doing so unavoidably exposes the mark on my left side.

It isn’t smart to show this mark to too many people.

What would people think if they found out a child from a noble family had gotten a tattoo while still a student?

If word gets out, I shudder to think of the rumors that would fly.

My carefully built reputation would certainly take a hit.

‘Anyway, I guess I’ll have to keep seeing Seria.’

But not now. I don’t have anything worthwhile to offer her in return.

Thinking this, I told Aisha I needed to go.

Aisha looked at me, hesitant.

“Leaving already…? We all planned an overnight stay. Stay with us. We’ve got a big evaluation next week that’s said to take a week, isn’t this kind of break okay?”

“Ah, I have plans for tomorrow.”

I replied calmly.

Tomorrow—Saturday—I’ve scheduled a dinner with Irene.

Given that I had to cancel several times in the past, it’s important I go this time.

If I cancel again, I can’t predict what a furious Irene might do.

Aisha tilted her head.

“Plans? You don’t mean something boring like training, do you? If so, I won’t allow it. I’ll reject it with the authority of the future club president.”

“Well, I’ve arranged a dinner with my fiancée. Plus, I need to do some separate prep for the evaluation next week.”

“Fiancée… You mean the young miss from the Aslan family?”


I nodded calmly.


Aisha shot me a somewhat odd look, then shut her mouth.

“Don’t forget you promised to teach me swordsmanship on Sunday. No matter how busy you are… you promised to teach me no matter what.”

“Hmm? Alright. Then, see you on Sunday.”

Saying that, I started to pack up.

By the time I reach the academy, it will be almost nightfall, so I should train until bedtime.

The following day, Saturday.

Despite being a holiday, the A-class lecture room of the Knight Academy was filled with many students.

True to the reputation of the A-class, comprised of top-ranking students, they went to school even on a holiday.

“…Wow, you’re stunning.”

Mina, seated next to Irene, marveled at her.

Contrasting her usual appearance, Irene was adorned with makeup today.

She mentioned having a date with her fiancé today and seemed to have put some effort into her appearance.

Mina couldn’t suppress a grin.


Irene glanced at Mina, slightly taken aback.

“Absolutely, it’s my work after all… I’m touched.”

Mina inspected Irene’s face.

And then, she erupted into a broad smile.

‘Indeed, Irene is flawless with minimal makeup.’

Irene boasts fair, firm skin, and radiates an aura of innocence.

So, minimal makeup, rather than thick layers, amplifies her allure.

She was already beautiful, but anyone who lays eyes on Irene now would undeniably categorize her as a radiant beauty.

As evidence, many male students have been stealing fleeting glances at Irene for some time now.

Their seats are nestled in the middle row.

Persistent gazes from both the front and the back rows fixate on them.

Jacob, who once confessed his love to Irene, was rejected, sorted out his feelings, and now, seemed to have succumbed to the spell of love again, casting shy glances at her.

“Perfect. Absolutely perfect! Take this opportunity and sweep him off his feet!”

Mina beamed brightly and gave Irene a reassuring pat on the back.

Sorry I’ve been busy preparing for a friend’s wedding.. after party? I dunno what they’re called. 2am crocheting flowers was fun.

Kinda a filler chap

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