I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game – Chapter 7

Speaking of winter travel, it’s a given that skiing and hot springs are the way to go.

I was excitedly picking up one spa resort after another along the road from the neighboring country to the royal capital.

I narrowed down my choices, and the most promising candidate was Viscount Candeloro’s estate, which is currently in charge of diplomacy with the neighboring country.

It seems that Viscount Candeloro intends to develop his estate into a resort area and he has received many requests to visit my place for some time now.

It seems that he wants to market his domain as a ‘royal family resting place’, and since he has received numerous requests to visit other royal family members’ homes – not to mention his parents’ homes – it’s a place that he has to visit at least once.

What a territory ruled by a major diplomatic figure, so much better suited for a secret meeting with the neighboring country of Urhala! There’s no territory. That’s why I think the venue this time around should be Viscount Candeloro’s territory, as well as the inspection.

“Hey Danielle, the place of the meeting will be the Viscount Candeloro’s territory. It’s very convenient.”

“Viscount Candeloro… Well, it’s the safest choice.”

At my suggestion, Danielle looked somewhere in the distance and pondered something for a while, but then he took a breath and agreed with me.

I’m not sure if that distant gaze is because his thoughts are skipping to the matter at hand, or if it’s because he can see something in the future.

If Danielle’s gaze is one of skipping thoughts, then I can somehow understand the concern.

In other words, to put it bluntly, he’s an ambitious person who will do anything to rise to the top.

A place like that, ostensibly as a ‘recuperation’. But in reality, when you go to a place to receive an apology from your neighboring country, what do you expect to happen? I’m certainly worried that they’ll take advantage of that.

Still, Viscount Candeloro was originally in charge of diplomacy with the neighboring countries, so this time Henry’s blunder and You can’t keep his butler’s assault on me under wraps forever, can you? When it comes to diplomacy with neighboring countries, there is no more effective card to play.

So I thought it would be best to involve the Viscount in the turmoil. It’s a good idea to use the Viscount even more than they use us.


Danielle understands that I chose the Viscount’s territory based on such an idea, and that’s why she agreed to my opinion.

“……Just, Kyle-sama. Viscount Candeloro’s territory is on the border of the neighboring country of Urhalla, so it takes some time to move there. Isn’t it too much?”

“It’s a good thing that the Sixth Prince has already left the royal palace in Urhalla and is apparently waiting on the border for word from our country. It would normally take us a week by carriage to get to Viscount Candeloro’s territory.”

“Considering that we have to return to the royal capital before the Founding Festival, it’s certainly too far away.”

“But? We live in a world where magical tools are commonplace, right?”

“So, of course, there are magical tools that are useful for transportation.”

“In return for making my son suffer through his convalescence, I’m going to ask your father to provide me with a ‘magic carriage’.”

“You can’t refuse me!”

“I’m supposed to be the one doing all the work!”

“I see, a magic carriage…….. It’s true that if we use that, it will only take us one day to complete the journey. As for the carriage driver, all you need is me and Dogger. ……..Now, all that’s left is how much magic stone can you give us?”

“It’s a good thing that you’re able to get the most out of it.”

“Of course, how much magic stone you can prepare is related to the comfort of the journey, so I’ll negotiate for you as best I can, right?”

“If it’s just me and Luis, I don’t mind if the magic carriage ride is a little uncomfortable, but since I’m taking Angelica and Jessica with me, I want to make the trip as comfortable as possible.”

“I don’t want to see a girl who’s goofy from motion sickness because I feel too bad for her.”

“You wouldn’t get the idea by saying this, would you? So first of all, Let me explain what is called a ‘magic carriage’.”

What we usually use in Royal Capital, for example, is an ordinary carriage in which the horse pulls a box. Sometimes we ride directly on the horse to get around, but you have to wear riding clothes to ride the horse, and the smell of the horse is not so pleasant. Basically, we use horse-drawn carriages because we are going to get there.

Even when you go out for a long trip, these are basically the two means of transportation.

However, whether you use a carriage or ride a horse, there are many things you can’t do with a horse and carriage because of the nature of the animals involved.

You have to take time for the horses to rest and eat, and the speed is limited to prevent them from being pushed too hard. You can’t even let them run all day long because if you push them, they can easily get crushed. So, we can only travel for a few hours a day at best.

This makes it difficult to travel to distant places for inspection, and in an emergency, speed is important so you can’t use a carriage, and you have to change horses many times along the way.


That’s why the magic tool was created, powered by magical stones, with a butler who is a member of the demon tribe acting as the ruler.

This magic tool is just like a car on earth. Instead of gasoline, it runs on its magical power powered by magical stones. The magic tool itself doesn’t know how to tire, so it can run all day long.

However, the speed and comfort of the car depends greatly on the ability of the driver, so it’s not exactly a comfortable experience. The difficulty is that it’s not limited. Besides, only the demon race can handle the magic power from the demon stone by transferring it to this magic tool, so we have to leave the demon race’s steward behind. It’s also a magic tool that can’t be handled by nobles who are there.

And the more magic stones this carriage uses, the more comfortable its performance becomes. It’s a good idea to use the amount of magic stones that the magic tools can absorb so that you can travel in the comfort of a room. You can do it.

On the other hand, if you are stingy with the amount of magic stones you use, you’ll end up with a very uncomfortable ride, with terrible shaking and not very fast speed.

And unfortunately, there are not many butlers who can handle a number of magic stones at the same time. So, the magic carriage, although very convenient, is the number one means of transportation that you don’t want to use very often. It’s glorious.

Well, in our case, Danielle is serving as the gohja, so I’m sure that the ride and speed are high class.

Another problem I have is the magical stone.

Demon stones are quite expensive.

It would have been better if they were something you could find lying around but currently, the only way to obtain them is to buy them from the country of the demon tribe, or by defeating the demon beasts that are said to live in a certain area.

The magic carriage itself isn’t that expensive but because of the high cost of disposable magical stones that even the nobles don’t use magic carriages very often.

The magic carriage owned by the royal family is itself a custom-made item, so even if you think about it, a lot of magic stones are needed. If they wanted to use it with high-class comfort, that means they would need a considerable amount of magic stones. I’m being asked to negotiate for the use of as many magic stones as possible.

Of course, I’m going to step on as many as I can, but I’m also going to invest my personal assets, which I’ve been saving for this kind of situation, like hot water.

I’ll do whatever it takes to make my first pre-wedding trip with Angelica an unforgettable one!


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