I am the Fated Villain 63

Gu Changge was shocked when his manhua got anime adaptation from Asura. His evil nature became fierce as the fated characters near him.

Why you should not read I am the Fated Villain 63?

Honestly, it was just another masterpice comic with trash story line. When you reached chapter 63, you’ll find it was boring as f*ck. Yeah, I’m not kidding. It was really boring like number 63.

How should a Villain act instead of Gu Changge?

Gu Changge is a perfect example of a boring villain with zero brain cells. I mean he’s so cringe with his chunny monologue.

Intead of that comic, I recommend a series called I am second generation villain.

Where I can find I am A Second Generation Villain Novel?

Just doing some searching on Google dude. You’re not a kid when everything must provide to you. Even a toddler know how to use Google nowadays.

Can you give me the Link of other Destined Villain Novel?

No, I ‘m not willing to. I am to lazy to do so. Don’t force me to be a real villain.

So, what is this post about?

Just some random stuff about what I want to write.

Here is the sauce Novelupdates

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