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Humanity’s Greatest Mecha Warrior System – Chapter 307: 307 Blessed Announcement Bahasa Indonesia

According to all of the initial data that Max was getting back from Terminus’s systems, the landing didn’t actually cause any structural damage to the vessel. Given its tremendous size and weight, Max had expected some sort of structural stress fracturing, but it appeared that the ship’s systems managed to prevent everything that he had feared.

Even the data on required power levels to get back to orbit all looked good, and they could return fully loaded without any issue, if there were materials on the surface that they needed to take back up with them.

As far as Max knew, everything that was needed in orbit was already there, so Terminus should be heading back up very light, but not for a few more days. They had the final checks to do before they moved again, but they also planned to wait for the Refugees to get settled into jobs on the surface and attend the wedding of General Yaakov and Gwen Tarith.

He was supposed to be making the official announcement soon, and Max was certain it would cause chaos throughout the entire Regiment.

Not only was it their Commanding Officer that was retiring, but he had also found love in the middle of a space voyage and not during his time off. In the minds of a lot of soldiers that was enviably good luck.

It was far from unheard of, though the Kepler Military didn’t permit soldiers to marry until their term of service was complete, more than a few were long-term couples in most units.

[Attention all Personnel. Please be advised that as of 1200 ship time today, the Command of the Regiment is being passed to Colonel Keres Max, while I, General Abraham Yaakov will be retiring my commission and remaining here on Rae 5 with my bride-to-be, Gwen Tarith.

All members of the Regiment are invited to the Wedding, which will happen at 0630 tomorrow, making it a Noon ceremony by local time.

It has been an honor serving with you all.

Thank you, and good luck.]

The announcement had the effect that Max had anticipated, celebrations broke out all over the ship and all semblance of order and progress were abandoned in favor of cheering on the General and his new bride.

There wasn’t much of importance going on, since the ship’s scan showed no damage, so Max simply let them go, allowing Mecha Pilots and Mechanics to flood the passenger area, where Gwen and a few of the other Tarith Family members were still aboard.

The bride would be swarmed with well-wishers for hours, as would the General when the unit caught up with him, so Max kicked back in a chair at the command console in the Engineering bay and decided to relax for a while.

“Hey, Commander. I’ve got some interesting news for you. Our little refugee exchange seems to have inspired a few more of the large Reaver vessels, and some intrepid Merchants. There are four more large ships inbound, each with thirty thousand or more refugees aboard, all coming here to the capital.

But more importantly, one of them seems rather familiar.” Nico greeted Max the moment she walked into Engineering.

“Oh, and what sort of familiar face might we have found out here in the middle of nowhere?” Max asked since Nico was deliberately not thinking about it so she wouldn’t give herself away.

She tossed a data tablet at Max with a smile and sat down to wait for him to play the recorded message.

[This message is for Commander Keres of the Terminus Trading Company. Your dear Uncle requests a meeting in the Rae 5 System to discuss the settlement of refugees and a new business venture. Please Respond.]

The voice was clearly Lu Chen, or Uncle Lu, the head Mecha Technician from Comor. What he was doing out here with a ship full of refugees was anyone’s guess, but it sounded like he had some sort of plan that would lead them to new toys.

“Did you already respond?” Max asked.

“But of course, I couldn’t leave Uncle Lu hanging. He will be coming to the city in two days, and he will meet us here at Terminus once his ship has landed and unloaded its passengers.” Nico informed him.

“What would he even be flying anyhow? I don’t recall him having a warship in the Comor docks.” Max asked.

“I think that he grabbed a load of refugees in the cargo hold of his yacht, but I can’t be sure until they’re in range of the System Scanners, he might be traveling in a Cargo vessel as well,” Nico replied with a shrug.

“Well, that’s one more VIP guest for the Wedding. I wonder who else we can get together on such short notice?” Max laughed.

“You would be surprised. I managed to get one more General that Yaakov used to work with to come our way for the wedding.

Officially he is on extended border patrol, searching the zone for escaping Rebels and any sign of Klem that went off course and landed on the uninhabited planets. Just because humans can’t live on most of them doesn’t always mean that the Klem won’t survive.” Nico replied.

Since most of the General’s family had turned Rebel, his side of the aisle would be filled with his Regiment. It would be good to have at least one or two old friends there, who could fill the role of best man.

It was likely that General Ming had been asked to do the honors since Yaakov had known him for a while as well, but an old friend would be a welcome addition.

“Any other surprises that I should know about?” Max asked Nico before she could leave.

“Nope. That’s about everything.”

Her thoughts told a very different story though. She had spent most of the day today reprogramming the Food Replicator they had isolated for experiments. Soup and Sandwiches were no longer the only things it could do. Terminus could now produce a full three-course chicken or steak meal of officer’s lounge quality, as well as a red wine of questionable vintage.

Max didn’t think she had time to have anyone test the wine’s flavor yet, but she had at least scanned it and found it was nontoxic and 12 percent alcohol. The soldiers would love her for that one since the replicators were so much easier to supply than the regular kitchens.


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