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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 78: Restless Bahasa Indonesia

Gabriel decided to execute his plan at night and also when he was going to execute the theft… He decided that it was better to do it tonight itself!


Eliana located Garrick, who was one of the best students in the House of Light and also the student she placed most focus on.

Other than being a good student, he also had another identity. He was the heir of the Raini Family, which was one of the Major Families in the city. One of the Head Priests in the Church of Light was from the Raini Family as well, and so was Yann.

If she sent anyone else to bring Yann back, she couldn’t trust them not to tell everything that happened in the Academy under the pressure of the Raini Family.

She also couldn’t send a teacher to bring Yann back suddenly as that could also raise suspicions. At any cost, she didn’t want the Raini Family to find out what happened here. Because if they did, the Church was sure to get involved.

Thus, she selected the only person she believed could bring Yann back safely without telling the Raini Family everything. It was Garrick Raini.

“Yes, Teacher?” Garrick was slightly surprised to see Eliana approach him so soon. “Did you find the Killer?”

“We’ll discuss that later. But first, listen to me carefully. I want you to go on a mission for me. If you finish it successfully, you’ll receive appropriate Credits.”

“Mission? At this time?” Garrick glanced back at the Dorm. “Ah, alright. What’s the mission?”

“It’s a simple mission. I want you to go to your home and bring Yann back. However, no one outside must find out what happened at the academy… Not even your family!”

“My brother?” Garrick frowned. Someone was killed at the academy. Instead of focusing on that, the Acting Dean was asking for his brother to be brought back. This made him suspicious. Why? Why at this time? Unless…?

“Don’t tell me you think my brother is behind this murder?! He might be an idiot, but he isn’t that big of an idiot. There’s no way he could be involved in this!”

“Calm down. We don’t believe that your brother did it. However, we believe that your brother can lead us to the real killer… He is innocent, but…”

Eliana told Garrick about the conflict his brother had in the city right before the Admission Process to the academy and how that was the last conflict in which Hawrin was involved.

Hearing that his brother wasn’t being called in for the reason he initially thought, Garrick somewhat calmed down. His brother wasn’t a culprit, but he was a witness.

“I’ll bring him back.”


Throughout the morning, there were no training classes. All the students were kept inside the Dorms as the teachers went through everything. However, in the afternoon, finally, the first-year students were called out again.

The First Year batch of the Mage of Lights came out of the Dorms again. They could see that the body was removed by now. All the blood marks were also taken care of. It was as if nothing had happened here.

Gabriel looked up, observing the window. The window was also replaced by now. It was evident that these people had been busy erasing the evidence of what happened here.

A middle-aged man stood before all of the students.

“I’m sure you all already saw me. I was here this morning as well.” The middle-aged man flashed a bright smile. “I’m called Noel. I am one of your teachers. And I’ll be teaching you the Defensive Spells throughout the years.”

“As you all know, defense spells are absolutely necessary to protect yourself. I’m sure you already know what could happen if you don’t have good protection.” Even the man couldn’t help but glance at the window above as he spoke. “What could be a better example to teach you the importance of a good defense than what happened this morning.”

“Anyway, you are all Mages of Light! You have the purest and the most versatile element, which is also known as the ruler of elements! The Element of Light has many uses if you can utilize it well. It’s as good on defense as it is on offense. Even the passive spells are unique. That’s why this element is unlike anything else.”

“Throughout the years, you’ll learn how to use your Element better. And by the time you graduate, you’ll be the best Mages that the world has ever seen… That is if you focus on your training. So I’d advise you not to be lax!”

Even as Noel explained, the students still looked confused. Most of them couldn’t believe that their classes were continuing as usual even after what happened just a few hours ago.

Even Noel didn’t feel comfortable with this. That’s why he had suggested that there should be no classes today. However, his suggestion was soundly rejected by Eliana, who told him that everything would continue as it was planned.

Just because someone was killed, they were going to seal the entire academy. The killer was going to be found sooner or later. In the end, Noel had no choice but to come here.

He acted as if nothing had happened as he gave his introduction.

“Anyway, now that we are done with the introduction, I would ask you to follow me. The actual training of yours will start from tomorrow. But today, you will be shown just how important mages are to this world and how much the mages before you have achieved to make this world a better place!”

“Today, you’ll be taken to the Museum of Elements!” Noel declared.

His declaration came as quite a surprise to a lot of students who didn’t know that they would be taken to the Museum of Elements this soon.

As for the ones who already knew how the academy worked, they didn’t find it surprising. Every year, the first class of the first-year students was held inside the Museum of Elements to teach them about the history and what they could achieve if they continued walking the right path.

It wasn’t strange for them to be taken there. Gabriel also didn’t find it surprising since Riya had already told him about it. He was finally going to enter the Museum of Elements! He was finally entering his destination!

Noel took all the first-year students to the Museum of Elements. The security during the day was just as strict as it was during the night. It was only because they were with Noel that they were allowed to even pass through the security. However, that was just the external security.

Gabriel took his first step inside the Museum Building. The entrance was not too big, but it wasn’t too small either. Students could walk in five lines without hitting the shoulders of the one beside them.

Both Gabriel and Lelin were in the lead of their respective line. The other lines were being led by Caen and the Princess. As for the last line, it was being led by a student that Gabriel didn’t know.

‘This feeling…’

As soon as Gabriel entered the Museum of Elements, he felt a strange feeling course through his body.

His dark ring also started getting restless inside his Gloves. He didn’t understand why it was the case. It shouldn’t have happened just because of the Ancestral Staff of Darkness being here! It was something else… Something that could even make his ring restless…

Lelin also clenched his fist, taking a deep breath as if trying to calm himself down.


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