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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 319: Clashing with the Saint Knight Bahasa Indonesia


Lerian was about to step out of the hall when he heard the voice of the Holy Priestess.

“I’ll wait for you there.” He didn’t turn around and walked out of the hall, as if he already knew what she was going to say.


“Are you the envoy from the Church of Flames?” the Saint Knight blocked the path of the envoy.

The person before him was one of the Priests of the Sacred Church of Flames. For him to be here and this close to the room with Gabriel… The Saint Knight knew that he couldn’t let him go forward and see Gabriel.

“I am. Take me to your Emperor. My time is precious,” the man arrogantly stated.

In his voice, there wasn’t much hostility, but it was clear that he was looking down on the people from this Empire, including the Saint Knight.

Despite being displeased by this behaviour of the man, the Saint Knight sighed in relief inwardly. It was evident that he didn’t know about Gabriel or what he did. He was most probably here for some other reason. But still, he couldn’t let him meet Gabriel since he wasn’t sure if Gabriel’s aura could be sensed by him or not.

“Lord Envoy, His Majesty can’t meet you today. Our Majesty’s health has been bad recently so I’m afraid it’s not good to meet him. How about you tell me what you’re here for? No matter what it is, I’ll help you.” The Saint Knight stood between the room and the Envoy.

The Envoy couldn’t help but snort. “So the rumours I heard about your Emperor are really true. He’s really a coward who doesn’t even dare come out. Don’t worry. I’m not here to hurt him. Even if he’s scared, there’s no need to make excuses.”

The Envoy didn’t look like he was willing to leave. In any case, he was under orders from above. He didn’t want to leave without meeting the so-called Emperor.

“This is not an excuse. Please show some respect.” The Saint Knight didn’t know why this guy was being so stubborn. All he had to do was tell him what he was here for, and he would’ve done it! There was no need to even go through Gabriel in this time of emergency.

“Do you ants think you deserve my respect?” The middle aged mage of Flames scoffed disrespectfully. He placed his hand on Saint Knight’s shoulder to push him aside.

“Hmm?” The Envoy frowned, unable to move the Saint Knight even an inch. Even though he was strong, but his main strength was in his magical prowess. His physical strength wasn’t as good. On the other hand, the Saint Knight focused more on the physical strength.

The envoy couldn’t move him aside that easily.

“Don’t force my hands. You’re really lucky to survive a calamity recently. Don’t push your luck because this time, you won’t be that lucky!”

The members of the Church of Flames were already angry and irritated after what happened recently and to see a mere knight disrespecting him, he couldn’t help but get angry.

The situation was getting heated. The Saint Knight also stepped back a little, holding his sword firmly. “Lord Envoy, I don’t want to go against the Church of Flames, but if you want to break our rules and disrespect us, then I would be happy to accompany you even in death!”

“You! Good! Very good! Looks like you really don’t know the difference between earth and heaven! In that case, let me enlighten you!”

The Envoy was already angry and seeing him blocked by a person on his way and even threatened, he was furious.

‘Wait…’ Despite his anger, he found something strange. These people… If they really didn’t worry about death, then why didn’t they show themselves before? Now that he really thought about this, there was no need for the Saint Knight to block him, was there?

Even if the Emperor was really sick, all he had to do was escort him and let him see with his own eyes? Why would he take the extra effort to block and even risk offending the Church of Flames?

Something didn’t add up! He could feel that there was more to it than met his eyes. It was as if the Saint Knight was intentionally trying to block him, as if he wanted to hide something! The more he thought about it, the more things appeared out of place.

He had seen which room three Saint Knight came out of. He had a feeling that the room was the one which supposedly belonged to this mysterious Emperor!

He didn’t attack the Saint Knight. Instead, the corners of his lips crept up as he took a glance behind the Saint Knight. More than fighting the Saint Knight and getting delayed by him, he wanted to see what was in the room.

“Fine! Since you don’t want to accept our blessings, I will leave!” He suddenly turned around and started walking away, as if he really wasn’t intending to fight.

The Saint Knight couldn’t help but frown seeing all that. The man who was just about to attack him… Why would he suddenly turn around and leave?

He stood behind in confusion. How could a person change his mind really fast? Did he really have such good control over his emotions? Or was he commanded by his higher ups to not attack anyone here? That seemed to be the only option that made sense for now.

He didn’t think that someone like a member of the Church who already had such strength would scheme against him.

Unfortunately, just as his mind was distracted, the Envoy abruptly turned around. A ball of fire, as big as a person’s head shot out toward the Saint Knight.

The sudden incoming attack stunned the Saint Knight who could only raise his Sword to block the attack at the last moment.


The Saint Knight’s body flew back, amidst the explosion. Since he wasn’t ready, he didn’t even have a battle stance which made it impossible for him to keep his feet planted.

While the Saint Knight crashed on the wall in the distance, the Envoy of Church rushed ahead toward the room. The path between him and the room was already clear for him by now!

The Saint Knight stood up, even as his body was aching all over as he rushed ahead as well. Unfortunately, the envoy attacked again to delay him.

The Saint Knight this time was more prepared. His Sword came slashing down, cutting the attack on two halves, destroying it!

Unfortunately, that much of a delay was enough for the envoy to reach the room.

The Envoy of the Church pushed the door open and entered the room…


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