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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 271: You Forced Me Bahasa Indonesia

“Army of Undead?”

The name of the spell couldn’t help but remind Gabriel about the story he had heard before regarding the Saint King. According to the story, just as the Saint King was going to be killed in the battle, an Army of Undead had entered the City, forcing the Demigod to escape and the battle to stop.

“Is this the spell Karyk used to create that Army of Undead? This kind of spell…”

Even though the spell wasn’t classified in a tier that he understood, just the name and the idea of this spell itself were enough to remind him how useful this spell could be in real battles.

“If I can have an Army of Undead, that might be able to make things safer for me in the future. With a powerful army of Undead, if one day I had to go against Avilia, I wouldn’t necessarily be pushed back against her Army of Summoned Beast.”

The thought of having a personal army that was going to listen to his every command and never betray him… It was exciting, especially for someone like him who found it hard to trust people around him.

Gabriel went through the description of the spell.

“So it’s not just one spell but divided into two independent spells that don’t rely on each other…”

After going through the entire page, he understood a few things, especially about this spell. Even though he had gained one spell in reality, in technicality, he had two new spells.

“I see. So the first tier army of Undead gives me the ability to turn anyone I killed into an Undead Soldier. This isn’t a bad spell at all. The Undead lose their memories as well. That means they can’t hold a grudge against me for killing them. Moreover, other than being surrounded by the Aura of the Dead, they are no different than a real person…”

“If I can find a way to hide their auras, wouldn’t that allow me to…?”

Under the first tier spell, he could also see some restrictions and warnings about this spell. According to the Warning, the chances of successfully turning someone into an Undead depended on his Spiritual Strength, and there were chances of failing.

“I don’t know how much energy a Core Tier Spell consumes, but there’s a good chance it’s more than a High Tier Spell. I’ll have to be careful when using it.”

He moved into the Tier Two Army of Undead spell, which was even more fascinating.

According to the description, he was allowed to enter the Realm of Undead and select one Undead for his army there every time he used this spell. It was his responsibility to make that Subordinate be loyal to him though.

Unlike the First Tier Spell, which was used in the World of living, which made the dead into the Undead, the second tier dealt with the ones who were already Undead, so it was left to him to make them surrender and accept him as their King! Once an Undead accepted to be his subordinate, the spell was considered to be a success, and the Undead was always loyal to him.

Unfortunately, the second Tier Spell was also more dangerous, and there was a chance that the caster could be killed in the Realm of Undead if they weren’t careful.

The Tier Two Army of Undead was definitely more powerful since it worked on beings that had been Undead for a long time. The chances of success in making a King Tier Undead into his subordinates were low, but it wasn’t impossible as it all relied on his skills.

Under the description of the spell, there was also a warning.

[Warning: Don’t use this spell until you reach the Peak Tier Soul Strength]

“The Army of Undead… Fascinating…”

Gabriel closed the book after going through the spells. He hadn’t expected the spell to be so useful yet so risky at the same time.

The spell allowed him to slowly form his army, and if he wanted, he could make his army with the strongest beings, one by one. The beings were always loyal to him, which was the best part.

“If I make an army, Raphael can be their Commander. I don’t think I’ll need to work too hard to handle them. But before even thinking about using a Core Tier Spell, I need to solve my problem first. And then…”

The Forbidden Book of Necromancy turned into a speck of light, returning into a ring around his finger.

Gabriel got off the bed and cleaned up all the used Spirit Stones before going to take a shower in the room.

He left his clothes back on the bed since he intended to wear the same clothes again that were useful in hiding his aura. He only kept his gloves on as he entered the shower, closing the door of the shower room.



A loud sound was heard as a fist smacked on the armrest of the Royal Throne.

A dark-haired man was sitting on the throne, having long dark hair. There was a beautiful crown on the middle-aged man’s head.

A broken glass of wine was lying near his feet on the ground, which was broken only recently.

“How could it be? Are you telling the truth?” The man roared in rage.

A young woman was sitting on the middle-aged man’s lap, having barely any clothes on her body. Even she was scared as she heard the Emperor, who was always so gentle, scream like that.

Before the Emperor, the Saint Knight was present, still on one Knee. He had just finished telling the Emperor everything that had happened before, especially about the appearance of a new heir out of nowhere.

“That bastard Callum! Despite knowing his real identity, I let him stay here, and he dares to side with my enemies?! He thinks I’m scared of him?!”

The Emperor was furious. He pushed aside the woman who was sitting on his lap and stood up.

“No matter what, that boy can’t be allowed to live! I don’t care if he’s telling the truth or lying! I don’t want to give that bastard a chance to pull another trick! After what he did today, I’m sure he’ll already have a lot of support in the public! That sneaky bastard is using people’s emotions. This kind of person can’t be allowed to live!”

“Albetron, make sure that boy doesn’t see the sunrise, no matter what you have to do! If possible, try to avoid Callum and kill the boy without being seen. But if it’s not possible, kill Callum as well!” The Emperor gave his command.

“Until now, I didn’t take any action against him because he remained within his limits, and I was worried about the possibility of more Dark Mages behind him, but I can’t ignore him anymore! Callum, don’t blame this Emperor for being ruthless! You forced me!”


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