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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation – Chapter 87: Dreadful Manner (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“Intruders have invaded….”

“Then what happened to the sect leader?”

The whispers could be heard. Since the strangers were walking out of their sect leader’s room, such a reaction was normal.

However, Seol-Hwi paid more attention to Sang Cheon-jang than the warriors gathered around.

“Captain. How did that bastard get here?” Yong Jin approached him and asked if he noticed it too.

Even if they hadn’t met at the residence of Geum Man-jung at the time, he would have known the existence of this escort, Sang Cheon-jang, with the data window.

-It is fine. Because I hired someone I knew. As always, aren’t there people who can be bought? Haha.

In Seol-Hwi’s head, the scattered pieces were coming together.

Gorgeous silk robes. The disciple of Goo Jong-myung, he must have been the person Geum Man-jung had bought.

After all, the guy who planned this was Sang Cheon-jang. Considering the relationship between the Supreme Pavilion Lord and Goo Jong-myung, they weren’t just any people.

“You! What did you do to the sect leader?”

A man with his long hair tied up. He was the one man in the colorful uniform of Mount Hua, with a plum blossom on it, Lee Gu-myung. And when Seol-Hwi didn’t say anything, Sang Cheon-jang said,

“What did I say? It was hard to get rid of doubts from the moment Geum Man-jung was threatened. After all, they came here for money.”

Was this his plan?

Seol-Hwi frowned.

They “intimidated” Geum Man-jung, and now he is turned into a murderer for killing Baek Yang-chun.

“How dare you kill the sect leader! I will never let you go! What are you all doing?! Block the path!”


Lee Gu-myung firmly gave out orders, and disciples of the Blue Dragon Sect followed his words to block the surroundings with iron bars.

Seol-Hwi just watched this quietly. He could slowly understand what was happening.

The one who suggested the “deadline” to them. After that, Sang Cheon-jang appears here and mentions the name of Geum Man-jung.

The reason is to announce that he had no hand in this but that merchant did. And it must also be the plan to hand the sect of Baek Yang-chun over to Lee Gu-myung, a member of Mount Hua.

The Mount Hua with connections. And Mount Hua’s former disciple Baek Yang-chun. Now the sect has a reason to go after revenge and profit from it.

“You will not be able to get out now!”

Seol-Hwi looked at Sang Cheon-jang, who had just shouted. It was because of the words he saw.

<‘Sang Cheon-jang’ event is being held> *Mission: Remove Sang Cheon-jang -On success: Increase in combat power -Reward: Blood Hand demonic arts

“You all are poisonous rats!”

The shouts of Lee Gu-myung continued as well. And then words appeared one after another.

<‘Lee Gu-myung’ event is being held> *Mission: Remove Lee Gu-myung -On success: Increase in combat power -Reward: Plum Blossom sword technique book

It’s difficult to get out of this situation now anyway.

Seol-Hwi’s worries about trying to escape with his people vanished for a moment.

To be honest, he wasn’t that confident, but somehow he thought he could take down at least one person into the underworld with him.

So he thought of how to do it.

That was how much he wanted the Blood Hand demonic martial arts.

As the representative martial arts of his sect, it creates a wide range of flames.

It is the origin of the Flame martial arts that the Supreme Pavilion Lord uses.

If I have that…

But, Seol-Hwi thought he could change his skills by acquiring this.

This is because he was able to create new martial arts by combining two different martial arts. If so, what kind of martial arts will emerge by combining the Blood Hand demonic martial arts and the Fiery Bare Handed martial arts?

If I can get the Plum Blossom Sword technique too…

The battle he had with Baek Yang-chun remained stuck in his mind.

It is a martial art he had never seen and thought of. And if he could get it, he wouldn’t have just a high-level technique, but Seol-Hwi would also increase the understanding of the sword techniques he already has.

“Captain, what do we do?” Yorim asked with a stiff face. They all knew how bad this situation was.

“Run…” Seol-Hwi said, turning his gaze away. And he spoke his next words softly.

“There is no need to die here. Once I give the signal, you move.”

Actually, he had no intention of using his subordinates in this fight. The choice of coming here was his own, so they did nothing wrong to deserve death.


“Captain! What do you mean?! We need to fight together!”

“Oh my, do you think we are the kind to run by letting our captain take the fall?”

Seol-Hwi couldn’t say anything.

Yorim and Jeok Song smiled.

“I have always been waiting for such a situation.”

Yong Jin too.

“Let’s show them the power of our command unit, Captain.”

Even Seo Ryeong was ready.

“I wanted to have a normal life someday, but… how can life be this simple?”

Imugi’s words were harsh, but they showed his resolve.

All of them…they unexpectedly came under his leadership, and now they were standing by him during this crisis.

“You all…I will never forget this.”

Seol-Hwi was determined.

After this fight, he decided to not take such risks with his team. Of course, he would have to get stronger for that to happen.

At least one target.

Seol-Hwi made a promise to himself.

<In the case of turn-based combat, you need to choose the combat for your subordinates too.>

What is this now?

A new window appeared to Seol-Hwi and shocked him.

<There are a total of 4 combat modes for your subordinates to follow.> ▶ [Concentrated attack] Description: This is a method of ignoring defense to intensively attack the target. This makes the subordinates pour out their maximum power to that one target. ▷ [Individual Attack] Description: First, protect themself from the dangers around them. After that, attack the enemy according to their own judgement. ▷ [Secondary Attack] Description: This is a way of assisting Seol-Hwi from behind. Unless there is an emergency, they focus on the safety of Seol-Hwi. ▷ [Random Attack] Description: You can issue any order to the subordinate.

When a new fighting style appeared, Seol-Hwi immediately knew what to do.

Concentrated Attack.

In situations with no escape, this was the most effective one.

<Who do you want to focus the attack on?> ▶ Sang Cheon-jang ▷ Lee Gu-myung

He didn’t have to decide for long.

Combat method of subordinates <Concentrated Attack: Lee Gu-myung>



As soon as the decision was made, the eyes of his subordinates changed, and Seol-Hwi felt it too.

Just then, three or four men who appeared to be warriors of the Blue Dragon Sect appeared.

Seeing that they all had combat power of over 500,000, they must be the talented ones. However, this was a mistake.

<A great chance! Seol-Hwi discovered a gap in the Blue Dragon Sect’s disciple_1. How will you respond?> <A great chance! Seol-hwi discovered a gap in the Blue Dragon Sect’s disciple_2. How will you respond?> <A great chance! Seol-hwi discovered a gap in the Blue Dragon Sect’s disciple_3. How will you respond?>

A sudden thought flashed into Seol-Hwi’s head.

Right! There is something in the toolbox to restore my health.

Seol-Hwi hurriedly opened the toolbox.

▶ Use toolbox

And he chose it.

▶ Recovery

On the list.

▶ Full Body Recovery Pill

▷ Golden Spear Medicine 3

A pill he hadn’t used, so he chose it. And the result?

<Health and internal energy partially restored.>

<Seol-Hwi> Health: 330,00(200,000↑)/ 1.2 million Internal energy: 2.4 million (110,000↑)/ 2.4 million

His health recovered about a third, and his internal energy was fully restored.

What good will this do?

And for the gap with the disciple_2, he chose again.

▶ Use toolbox

This time he used the Golden Spear Medicine.

<Health is slightly restored.>

<Seol-Hwi> Health: 330,00(0.1 million↑)/ 1.2 million Internal energy: 2.4 million/ 2.4 million

This barely even worked, so using it was a waste of time.

And the last gap…

▶ Approach the opponent.

Seol-Hwi chose to approach.

<East, South, West, North. Which location would you like to move?>

That said, he chose east. And there was a reason.

As soon as his eyes flashed, Seol-Hwi appeared right in front of the man. His eyes looked at just one disciple, but he could feel all three of them, and Seol-Hwi immediately attacked.

▶ Wind God Sword


The actions were simple. Raising the sword down, right, bottom, and forward.

However, the storm that it produced was something no one could ignore.




They couldn’t even think about defending.

The airflow generated by Seol-Hwi ripped their clothes apart, and they were thrown into the sky simultaneously.

In addition, the wind swirling violently around them had lightning interspersed, which shocked their bodies.


And the three disciples fell down and didn’t get up again.


In front of such overwhelming power, the warriors were all shocked. Some of them were trembling, and others were slowly taking steps back.

“Now!” Seol-Hwi shouted to his team.

As if waiting, his subordinates leaped and rushed to Lee Gu-myung.

The rest of the fight had now begun.

Turn-based. A combat style that takes advantage of the opponent’s gaps.

Seol-Hwi has been using turn-based quite a lot. And at one point, he realized it wasn’t an effective method.

The reason why was that there was no way to make the impossible possible, unless he went with AI or Simulation.

But it felt good this time. And it wasn’t all useless.

Being able to use the toolbox for recovery first off. And appropriately attacking according to the situation to reduce the variables.

And he felt it this time.

The best combat style to use should be turn-based.

<A great chance! Seol-Hwi discovered a gap in the Blue Dragon Sect’s disciple_14. How will you respond?>

He could show amazing movements and attacks with enemies less skilled than him.

What made his attacks even more powerful were the shoes that Elder Baekhon had given to him.

And that made this attack easier to use. The Four Peak Demonic Martial Arts.



A storm of energy raged in all directions.

The warriors who were gathered around him in 100 meters were swept away. They couldn’t handle it.

Seol-Hwi’s movements were as fast as lightning, his martial arts were overwhelming, and his internal energy was infinite.

Wheik! Wheik!

The storm of energy blew away all the warriors. However, the advantage didn’t continue.

<Warning! Sang Cheon-jang has found a gap in Seol-Hwi. How will you respond?>

This is because Sang Cheon-jang, watching from behind, finally intervened in the fight.


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