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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation – Chapter 6: Learn Demonic Martial Arts (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Seol-Hwi was confused. He couldn’t really decide which of the two choices were better.

▶ I’ve never seen that book.

But he was literally holding it.

▶ I’ve learned the martial arts in that book.

He couldn’t say that.

8… 7…

Unfortunately, time was ticking. Yet Seol-Hwi continued to withhold his choice.

4… 3…

Because he was afraid. His life could be balanced on this choice. The existence of this young man—to be precise, <Life +10>—frightened him.

▷ I’ve never seen that book.

▶ I’ve learned the martial arts in that book.

I have no choice but to leave it in the hands of heaven. Seol-Hwi chose the first one, the lesser of the two evils.

<You have selected “I’ve never seen that book.”>


“Ah, you haven’t seen it?” The young man nodded and closed his eyes. It seemed like he would leave it at that.

“I’ll look for it,” Seol-Hwi anxiously added.

“Ah, would you please? I don’t remember where I put it…” Seol-Hwi was relieved when the young man smiled brightly.

Fortunately, he’d managed to overcome this hurdle—the man didn’t pay attention to what he was holding.

“Ah!” The young man clapped just as Seol-Hwi stepped away. “I just remembered where I put it.”


“You’re holding it.” The young man’s face went serious.

For a moment, there was a suffocating silence.

Step. Step. The young man approached and Seol-Hwi could only watch.

“Hahaha.” The young man suddenly stopped and laughed out loud. “It’s a joke. I was messing with you.”


“Ah, you said you’re new here? I’ll leave you to your work. My name is Bu Il-Gi.” The young man beamed with amusement. With a light bow, he turned away and headed towards one of the numerous shelves.

Who is he… Seol-Hwi just stood there with a blank expression. He couldn’t distinguish if that laughter or behavior was genuine or not.

More than a few people were suspicious. It could be because he’d entered the Heavenly Library at such a young age.

First, this book. Seol-Hwi shuffled his thoughts aside and moved to the bookshelves. If the man wanted to talk to him again, then holding this book would put him in danger.

“…So, you came here on the recommendation of the Lord of the Supreme Pavilion?”

After two hours, Bu Il-Gi had come to stand next to him.

“Yes, that’s right.” Seol-Hwi didn’t stop organizing the books.

“That is surprising. That man really doesn’t have the personality to ask someone for such things.”

Seol-Hwi’s eyes narrowed. “That man”. Bu Il-Gi was both younger and higher-ranked than the Lord. He could infer a lot about this man.

“No. He treats me well.” Seol-Hwi frowned. He might end up in an embarrassing situation if he spoke the truth.

“Ah, he treats you so well that he let you, a warrior, go crippled for life?”

Seol-Hwi spun around to face him, but he still had his head in his book.

“Ah, I apologize. I didn’t mean to look into your file. I was just curious as to who became the new library official… haha.” Contrary to his words, the man didn’t look the least bit apologetic.

It didn’t even seem like he remembered why he’d come here. He came looking for one book, and now he was holding a completely different book.

“Well, at least it wasn’t your throat, right? Even rolling in a field of shit is better than being dead. In the future, though, you’ll lose the chance of learning new arts from the Academy.”

This bastard… Seol-Hwi’s face contorted. This man was obviously trying to bait him.

Who is he…? While the other man was busy taking his jokes too far, Seol-Hwi was delving into the core teachings of the Academy.

There were twelve institutions—four Institutes and eight Halls—at the heart of the sect. Below them were the five pavilions and the factions. That meant there were certainly people higher-ranked than the Lord of the Supreme Pavilion…

“You must be at a loss?” The man closed his book with a snap.

“Huh? What…”

“A young man who refers to the Lord of the Supreme Pavilion as ‘that man’.”

Seol-Hwi’s face darkened. Was he using some kind of mind-reading?

“No. How could I dare—”

“Enough. It’s a natural thought.” The young man casually returned the book to the shelf.

“Now tell me.”

“…Huh? About what?”

“The White Light Demonic Arts. How far did you learn?”

The young man’s eyes bored into him, shadows of deep emotions flitting between his laughing visage. Seol-Hwi couldn’t look him in the face.

Does he know? Seol-Hwi didn’t say anything. He couldn’t figure out what he could afford to divulge.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” Seol-Hwi quickly made up his mind.

“…Ah? Is that so?”

“Yes. As you can see, I can’t even use my right arm. You must know martial arts is essentially based on the yin-yang of humans and the five elements. The accumulation of energy in the dantian is only possible when the body is centered. Is there any martial arts that I, a cripple, could dare to learn?” Seol-Hwi attempted a bluff. It was even true, to an extent.

“Ah, I see. When you put it that way…”

It seemed like Seol-Hwi had fooled him.

“But if what you said is true… Then you must be making a joke out of me.”

Cold sweat ran down Seol-Hwi’s back. The more he talked, the less he understood this man. A feeling of dread was wrapping around his heart.

“Then, do well.” The young man returned to the cheerful demeanor he’d had at the beginning.

It was like having a dagger aimed at his heart.

Seol-Hwi was enormously relieved when the young man walked away. He felt like he’d barely managed to escape a crisis this time.

Huh? Why isn’t he leaving? Again, the man stopped.

No, he didn’t stop.

<Please select an option.>

What now? Seol-Hwi was shocked. The conversation was over; why was he being asked now?

But a person he’d never have expected appeared.

▶ Aren’t you the fourth disciple of the Heavenly Demon, the Earth Demon?

The fourth disciple of the Heavenly Demon, rank 30. Why would someone near the peak of martial arts appear here?

▶ Actually, I did master the White Light Demonic Martial Arts from the book you were looking for.

This is—! The second option made Seol-Hwi even more anxious. Bu Il-Gi would think he really was “making a joke” out of him!

▶ You seem to be in the same situation as me?

What… The last one made Seol-Hwi lose it. There was no point in even looking—this wasn’t even a choice!

▶ Aren’t you the fourth disciple of the Heavenly Demon, the Earth Demon?

▷ Actually, I did master the White Light Demonic Martial Arts from the book you were looking for.

▷ You seem to be in the same situation as me?

There’s no need to think about it. Seol-Hwi picked right away.

<You have selected “Aren’t you the fourth disciple of the Heavenly Demon, the Earth Demon?”>


The young man halted. Seol-Hwi stared intently at his back; he had a feeling this was going to determine his fate. It could end very, very badly.

“You’re pretty good.” The young man broke the tense silence first.

Was that good? Or bad?

“I don’t know how you found out, but it won’t change anything. I am just someone who has been dragged into this power struggle.”

Fortunately, it seemed good.

Unexpectedly, the young man’s voice seemed to have completely lost energy.

“Forgive me. I disrespected you without realizing.”

Just by being in the library and not the training hall it was obvious: the public was only focused on the first, second, and third disciples at the forefront.

“Phew.” The young man, the Earth Demon, went on his way.

And then he stopped again.

<Please select an option.>

▶ Actually, I did master the White Light Demonic Martial Arts from the book you were looking for.

▷ You seem to be in the same situation as me?

Why does this keep popping up!? Choices, again. And the ones he hoped he’d never have to choose. This nightmare wasn’t done with him just yet.

Damn it! Again, Seol-Hwi had to take the lesser evil.

<You have selected “Actually, I did master the White Light Demonic Martial Arts from the book you were looking for.”>


“Ah, is that so?” The young man responded casually. What would he do now?

“I guess you want to die.” He drew his sword and turned around. His face was openly disgusted.

Seol-Hwi immediately realized he’d chosen wrongly. But—

<Please select an option.>

Here it was.

▶ You seem to be in the same situation as me?

There was only one thing to choose.


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