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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation – Chapter 53: The Doctor Who Treated Seol-Hwi (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Eleven people… Seol-Hwi’s eyes flicked around.

That was a huge number of people to fight. It wasn’t like he couldn’t do it, but it would place Hong Qi-Seo in danger. The whole affair was getting on his nerves.

“Where are you from?” The platoon leader seemed to have realized that two of his men were missing.

“Where? Well, not from White Dream Hall.”

Seol-Hwi kept looking around while he spoke. He had to find an advantage.

If I can take out three or four people right at the start of the fight, that would reduce the attention on Hong Qi-Seo. The next problem is… Their leader had a combat power of over a million, and the rest would not be easy to handle.

“What, you think you can really get out of here?”

[A great opportunity! Found a weakness in 6th Platoon Member 3. How would you like to respond?]

[A great opportunity! Found a weakness in 6th Platoon Member 5. How would you like to respond?]

Seol-Hwi ignored it. This wasn’t the time for a turn-based fight—he needed to find the most optimal solution. In fact, Seol-Hwi changed the combat mode.

Combat Mode <Simulation>

<Analyzing Seol-hwi’s martial arts>

<Analyzing Seol-hwi’s techniques.>

<Analysis complete.>

An endless stream of illusions scattered in all directions, striking out at the enemies. There were so many of them, he couldn’t see anything else.

He was a bit worried—was there really such a thing as the “best” way to deal with more than ten people?

<Use Martial Ghost Walking method, then slash diagonally.>

<Move sideways, then strike to the left and right.>

<White Light Body Demonic…>

But it shouldn’t be too hard. Simulation showed him the way.

Hong Qi-Seo was dragged up from the depths of despair by an astonishing sight.

Seol-Hwi struck first. The leader fell without even realizing he was in danger, and two more were dead before his head had even hit the ground.

It should be said that the White Blood squad was one of only eight battle groups in the upper halls, and even then was considered one of the best in the White Dream Hall—And Seol-Hwi was reaping their heads.


But it was the next clash which made Hong Qi-Seo’s heart shudder. Frost covered the tip of Seol-Hwi’s sword and fired off a pure white light.

What kind of technique—?

It was more than just a flashy technique. Seol-Hwi swung it at two people who were attempting to close on him, and their bodies shattered like ice as soon as the blade touched them.

The peak of martial arts was a sight to behold.



The rest of the battle was splendid. All of the remaining soldiers tried to hit Seol-Hwi at the same time and got swept away in a single slash. Some were reduced to pale corpses, others died missing limbs. One of them lost his head.

“An incredible master…” Hong was blown away. The swift swordsmanship and quick movements slipped through his opponents’ defenses in a strange way before they could land an attack. And that weird chill on his sword…

I heard he has the skills to be a squad leader… He heard that this man had the trust of the Earth Demon and was currently serving as vice-leader—but at the time, Hong had dismissed it as an exaggeration. Now, though, Seol-Hwi was handily destroying an assault group as strong as the White Blood squad.

He felt like an experienced master.

“Did you predict all of this…?” Seol-Hwi stared at his trembling sword.

The way he could control his opponents so precisely was incredible—no, “terrifying” would be more accurate. If the simulation simply accounted for the enemy’s reactions, he wouldn’t have been so excited, but it predicted their actions down to the order and timing. It was so perfect it was downright eerie.

[Simulation complete.]

“Doctor Hong.” Seol-Hwi snapped his fingers. “This isn’t the time to sit around.”

Hong Qi-Seo bowed his head.

“Wait, this…” Seol-Hwi’s stiffened. He felt an energy from somewhere. Perhaps the other platoons had gathered.

“Where’s 6th platoon?”

He wasn’t imagining it—that was Heo Gwang’s voice.

Taking them all at once would be a bad idea… Seol-Hwi fell into thought again.

Between the numerous enemies and Heo Gwang—who was just as strong as Seol-Hwi—it would be a tough fight. On top of that, he didn’t know anything about his opponents. Even if he used Simulation to handle it, what happened after that? Taking out an entire squad would definitely have consequences.

What kind of mission is this…

“Seems like this is it.”

“…Hm?” Seol-Hwi turned around.

“I know, I shouldn’t have left in the first place. If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have come. But, since their troops are dead, if I don’t die now, I’m certain Mr. Seol-Hwi will be targeted.”

“We don’t know until we try. If I take out everyone, then—”

“You know, the White Blood squad wasn’t the only one who saw me running away.”

Right. As they both knew, dealing with all of them would draw the wrath of their associated factions—not just on Seol-Hwi and Hong Qi-Seo, but on the Earth Demon as well.

“Take this.” The doctor held out the purple plant. Seeing Seol-Hwi’s confused expression, he smiled. “Please take this to the Earth Demon. Can you promise me that?”

Seol-Hwi stared at the plant.

As Hong said, even the idea of killing all of the White Blood soldiers made no sense.

“I get it, but—”

[Mission complete.]

[You have acquired the item.]

Purple Dragon Grass x1

Piece of the sect leader’s office map (1/4)

Wha— The mission… Seol-Hwi didn’t like it. The mission felt like a failure, not a success. The mission wasn’t to save him?

Now that he thought about it, the mission wasn’t to rescue him, just to reach him and gain his trust.

“I will get their attention, so you should get away. Please take this to the Earth Demon.”

While Seol-Hwi was speechless, Hong Qi-Seo got up and ran at the enemies.

“I’m here, you bastards!”

Seol-Hwi couldn’t afford to miss his chance.

“Hahhh. Hahhh.” Seol-Hwi got back covered in sweat.

Running away wasn’t hard. With Hong Qi-Seo holding their attention, he was able to show off his footwork.

“Wait. How is this…” He was supposed to be taking the plant to the Earth Demon, so why was he here? There had to be a reason.

Then it occurred to him that Hong Qi-Seo was already dead. No one knew about the herb. No one knew he had it, unless Hong had relayed the news somehow.

So that was why Seol-Hwi was in his home. The best way to live through multiple lives.

[Are you sure you want to place this in the Toolbox?]

That made him think of something else.

[Do you want to save?]

If the Earth Demon found out about the herb, it wouldn’t end well for Seol-Hwi. He only had four lives left.

◼ Year 95 of the Heavenly Calendar, Chapter 2-1: Three Choices from the Earth Demon.

◻ Year 95 of the Heavenly Calendar, Chapter 3-1: [Became a Core Warrior] Three years of rapid growth (Bonus Story).

◻ Year 95 of the Heavenly Calendar, Chapter 2-20 [Become a Core Warrior] The last part.

The first slot he was holding on to for later; the second slot was in case he missed something. Therefore, he chose the third slot.

◼ Year 95 of the Heavenly Calendar, Chapter 2-20 [Become a Core Warrior] The last part.

[Would you like to save here?]

◼ Year 95 of the Heavenly Calendar, Chapter 3-8 [Became a Core Warrior] Year One of Bonus Story.


No turning back now. He shoved the plant in his mouth and started chewing.

[Warning! You need the Extreme Yang Absorption Method to digest the Purple Dragon Grass.]

[Note: Without the correct method, it will take one year to fully digest the plant’s energy.]

It didn’t tell him what effects the plant would have, or how he would go about handling it. What he was sure of was the fact that he didn’t have the skills to properly consume an herb as rare as this.

He wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

Seol-Hwi spent the remaining twenty days alone in his room. He thought about trying to find that Extreme Yang Absorption Method, but gave up. He’d have known if there was a method like that in the sect. The techniques he knew weren’t working, either.

Also, he had 2/4 pieces of the map, but he still had no idea where it pointed. He needed at least one more piece. How was he supposed to get into the sect leader’s office in the first place?

He tried to think positively.

Can’t I just wait? He could make time pass quickly here. The day would come when he could fully absorb it—until then, he just had to believe in himself.

[Lord of the White Dream Hall, Myriad Tribulations Asura, wants to see Seol-Hwi.]

With one day left of the month, Heo Gwang’s boss wanted to meet him. Looks like Seol-Hwi’s involvement had been sniffed out.

▶ Accept

▷ Reject

Seol-Hwi rejected it.

[Cannot refuse.]

…was what it said. This damn selection didn’t take his answer.


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