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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation – Chapter 4: Let’s Start from the Beginning (4) Bahasa Indonesia

It was a natural thought. A straight conclusion from common sense. This man couldn’t have appeared right in front of them if he hadn’t known their time of arrival.

“…kuak.” Seol-Hwi felt his entire body shudder. The pain was so excruciating he could no longer see the face of Goo Jong-Myung.

“Well, since you already know, I’ll tell you.” Goo Jong-Myung whispered into his ear. “Just think about it. One side is known for putting on appearances and the other side is known for getting rid of rude people. Aren’t they a perfect match for each other?”

“…uh… eh…”

“Now that I look at you, you are a unique one. Someone who protests against his superiors. —Uh? What’s this…?”

The sheer pain had ruptured Seol-Hwi cornea, blinding his with dripping blood.

“Kuhahaha! A guy who wields demonic energy is acting like this! Haha! No, thank you. Because of you, my worth has gone up.” Goo Jong-Myung raised his sword high. “But you need to go.”

Please… Seol-Hwi prayed. He didn’t want such a fleeting life. Dying like this was a tragedy.

“Goodbye, Flying Faction squad leader.”

Please, just one more time… He prayed even as the sword fell. Once more. If only he had one more chance, he really hoped to live a different life.

Fuck you! Where are you? Please!

And then his agony was gone.

The only thing he could see was the ceiling, painted with the blood of his subordinates, and—

—the words.

<You have one chance remaining.>

It was awkward at first.

▶ [R1] Restart from Beginning.

▷ Continue

▷ Restart from Save Point.

But not any more – he was asking for this. Seol-Hwi no longer had any doubts.

10… 9…

Because time was running out.

I can’t start over from the beginning. Even if he went back to the past, there was no guarantee that this wouldn’t happen again; he couldn’t leave the Demonic Sect, nor did he have the strength to repeat it.

So what could he do? How could he survive?

The last option stood out to him.

▶ Restart from Save Point.

Save point? The moment he looked at “Save”, an explanation was presented to him.

Save point: A recorded point in life.

[Empty Save Slot]

[Empty Save Slot]

[Empty Save Slot]

<No recorded Save Points. Returning to previous screen.>

What does that mean?

▶ Restart from Beginning.

▷ Continue

And now the “Save Point” option was missing.

I’m running out of time. The timer is—!

▷ Restart from beginning.

▶ Continue

<You have selected “Continue”.>

Seol-Hwi nervously awaited his fate. In front of him, new words slowly popped up.

<Cannot continue. Explanation will be presented only once.>

<Opponent’s martial arts are overwhelming, and the situation cannot be resolved through negotiation. Continuing is impossible.>

<Let’s review the situation.>

“I guess there is quite a good one here.”

Time reversed. The moment Goo Jong-Myung arrived he went stiff as stone and his subordinates were staring at him. Surprisingly, he could see his own figure stopped in front of the window.

<Let’s examine the topography from a little further away.>

Suddenly, his vision went through the roof and into the sky, as if he was flying like a hawk. Hundreds of things could be seen in the vast acreage spread out in front of him; the building they were in was as small as a fingernail. Seol-Hwi felt like a god peering down from heaven.

<Twenty warriors of Mount Hua are located to the east and west. In addition, about thirty men are patrolling roughly 5000 meters to the south.>

When did so many people come?

<Even if you run away, there is no chance for survival. Let’s return to the previous situation.>

“I guess there is quite a good one here.”

As before, it stopped where Goo Jong-Myung spoke but there was something new this time.

<The opponent’s attacks are composed of 12 types.>

<Seol-Hwi’s attacks are composed of 2 types.>

Seol-Hwi had no idea what was happening, but this time he was willing to accept it without understanding.

<The opponent cannot be defeated by attacks. Returning to previous screen.>

▶ Restart from Beginning.

Only one option left.

<You have chose “Restart from Beginning”.>

Temporary Save Points: Starting from “Private meeting with the Lord of the Supreme Pavilion”.

Seol-Hwi opened his eyes. A faint light filtered into the training hall where he sat.

“Haaahhh…” Seol-Hwi stared at the white stone floor.

Apparently he’d been killed, but he was still alive. No signs of wounds, and his clothes were the same as he remembered.

“Maybe a ghost…” It was possible – this was the second time this happened. He couldn’t escape even if he tried.

“I would do anything, if there was a way to survive…” Seol-Hwi knew he couldn’t just constantly repeat this. He saw “One Chance” very clearly.

He sat blankly.

“I can’t stay like this.” If he kept sitting around, Jeok-Myung, captain of the Black Moon squad, would come for him.

Seol-Hwi stood and hurried away.

Seol-Hwi was standing in front of the Supreme Pavilion manor’s back gate. He’d come here for the mirror.

Coin 1 [Last Chance]

It was clearly different from what he saw reflected in the river.

What do I do now…? He wanted to run away, but he would inevitably be pursued by his sect. Even if he were lucky enough to get rid of them, he wouldn’t be able to live in the central plains anymore.

“I need to find a way.” He grimaced. There were enemies in every corner; he had to fight an opponent he couldn’t beat or avoid.

Seol-Hwi started moving.

To the Supreme Pavilion.

“Squad leader Seol-Hwi of the Flying Faction is here.”

“You may enter.”

As expected. Seol-Hwi moved into the main office.

“You’re here?”

Inside were Sama Gwi and the other pavilion master, just as he’d expected.

Unlike before, Seol-Hwi immediately prostrated himself.

“The squad leader of the Flying Faction has arrived, by command of the Master of the Supreme Pavilion.”

No one spoke for a second.

“This is the one I told you about a while ago. Seol-Hwi.”

Just the same as he remembered.

“He seems polite?”

That was the first time he’d seen this reaction.

“Haha. You think so?”

Things have changed! Seol-Hwi’s expression brightened. He wasn’t yelled at. Was it because he’d bowed? It wasn’t a big deal, but for Seol-Hwi it was a huge change.

“Hmm, anyway. You.” Sama Gwi changed the topic.“Have you thought about taking a position in Cheon-Il?”

Cheon-Il? The same as before. If he took the offer, he would be sent on the scouting mission like last time.

Seol-Hwi pondered for a moment and then slammed his head against the ground.

“No, Supreme Pavilion Master. How dare I think of stepping into such a precious place? It isn’t suitable for me.”

“Oh, really?” It seemed like Sama Gwi was surprised—even the other man looked subtly shocked.

“Well, it’s fine. Since I was planning on giving you a mission, this—”

“My Lord. Actually, I have something to tell you.”

And he waited.

<Please select an option.>

▷ [Follow the given mission]

▷ [Receive another mission]

▶ [Cut off your right arm]

Seol-Hwi pondered the last option. He knew he would inevitably die if he chose the first two, and he wanted to see what changed.

<You have selected “Cut off your right arm”.>

“What’s this? So suddenly?” Sama Gwi was immediately flustered.

“I have been looking back at myself. How dare I say I want to learn martial arts to get stronger, or enter My Lord’s office without fear? I just reminded myself of my true values. I deserve to die many times over for this. I want to show my loyalty to My Lord.”

Silence reigned for a moment. Strange emotions twisted through the air.

“You are more interesting than I hear,” said the master of the Wu Tian Pavilion. Sama Gwi’s fingers continued to drum against the table.

“Then let’s see it.” Sama Gwi threw a dagger.

Sama Gwi. Dang Cho-In…1

Seol-Hwi brought the well-sharpened blade to his right arm. Goosebumps crawled over his skin. He clenched his teeth. He shut his eyes.

Just once. If he passed this, he could see things change.

“Kuak!” Seol-Hwi tightened his grip.

Suddenly, Sama Gwi held the dagger.

“…Enough.” Once blood spilled onto the floor, Sama Gwi stopped him. He shook his head as if he’d seen something bad. “Tch tch tch. Delusional bastard. What kind of things are you showing to a guest?”

Seol-Hwi’s hand trembled. Fortunately, his arm was still there. The tendon was cut, but he could still move it.

“Hahaha! What did I say? Isn’t he a funny one?”


“Hehehehe!” The two old men laughed. “What an interesting guy! This is a first, since the founding of the sect. Hehe…”

Seol-Hwi didn’t feel humiliation or shame. Rather, he was calm.

“Hnng. Hnng.” Seol-Hwi clenched his teeth. The only thing on his mind was not showing any weakness.

“Go try it.” Sama Gwi threw a plaque at him. “Didn’t you say you wanted to be in the Cheon-Il? Go.”

Ah! Is this it? It seemed the third option was his chance at life.

“Thank you! I will never forget the grace you showed me!” Seol-Hwi bowed his head.

“Right, right. Don’t forget, you bastard. Haha.”

“Hahahah! Puahahaha!” Both men laughed.

“Then I will depart.” Seol-Hwi slowly stood and turned around. He shut the door with one hand.

“I will never forget this,” Seol-Hwi swore as he walked away. He stared back at the manor and grit his teeth.

“I will never forget.”

He gripped his right arm – cut in half, crippled.

“You fucking bastards.”


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