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He didn’t even know Goeun had arrived at the library.

<Key point has been saved. Proceed?>

Seol-Hwi blinked at it.

Key point? New phrases made him worry. Let’s try it first.

[Where do you want to save?] ◼ Year 95 of the Heavenly Calendar, Chapter 2-1: Three Choices from the Earth Demon. [Empty Save Slot] [Empty Save Slot]

Unlike previous lives, this wasn’t coming up during a special situation.

There has to be a reason for it. Why? Everything had a reason. When the system forced him to do something it meant it would have an impact on his future—just like the choices. “Save” didn’t seem like an ill omen; rather, it was a way to keep his life moving forwards instead of starting from the beginning every time.

[Empty Save Slot]

Seol-Hwi decided to save in the second slot.

◻ Year 95 of the Heavenly Calendar, Chapter 2-1: Three Choices from the Earth Demon. ◼ Year 95 of the Heavenly Calendar, Chapter 2-15: [Becoming a Core Warrior] The final opponent after failing the martial arts island. [Empty Save Slot] [Saved]

Hm? What’s this? Time had resumed, but Seol-Hwi couldn’t take his eyes away.

The “last opponent after failing the martial arts island test”? He certainly didn’t pass the island test, but “last opponent”?

He was torn away from his thoughts by the sound of the door opening. A man slowly walked down the stairs—a man Seol-Hwi recognized.


“Seol-Hwi, was it?” The spy held out the pill to Seol-Hwi, as usual. “Take this.”

<You have obtained an Internal Energy Pill.>

“A pill…”

“Yes. Just one pill will yield ten years worth of internal energy.”

Seol-Hwi swallowed it and the effects were immediate.

Health: 20,645(↑85)/20,645 Internal Energy: 23,680(↑2000)/23,680

“Maybe…” Seol-Hwi’s gaze drifted to Goeun’s waist, whereupon he wore a sword that should be Seol-Hwi’s. However, he’d lost it in the battle with Go Wol. “The Earth Demon told me he would have a weapon delivered for me. Do you have it?”

“…Here.” Goeun tossed the sword on the ground with a dark expression.

As Seol-Hwi suspected, anything not stored in the Toolbox would return to the original owner.

“Enough questions. Follow me.”

Goeun turned around, but Seol-Hwi had no intention of obeying.

“Didn’t he give you a Flying Dragon Pill?”

“What?” Goeun halted.

“I heard from the Earth Demon that he would send one.”

Again, Goeun’s expression twisted as he reached inside his sleeve.

“Take it.”

Seol-Hwi saw Goeun’s fist flying at him as soon as he grabbed the pill—but it didn’t hit. Seol-Hwi grabbed it.


How many times had he gone through the same shit? This time was going to be different.

<Stats have risen significantly.> Health: 26,733(↑6088)/26,735 Internal Energy: 29,180(↑5500)/29,180

“What are you doing?” Seol-Hwi said, munching on the pill. “Did the First Disciple teach you to act this stupid?”

The game was up. Seol-Hwi was going to catch this bastard and skip that bloody island.

Goeun looked shocked, even more so than when Seol-Hwi had stopped his punch.

[Mind-Reading proficiency has increased.] [Passive Skill] Mind-Reading – Beginner → Basic

Seol-Hwi had faith he could win. He had experience in using his martial arts, exploiting his enemies’ weaknesses, and his martial arts proficiency and combat experience had increased. Most significantly, he could use the Great Sword now. Seol-Hwi was practically a different person.

[Status] Seol-Hwi [Flying Squad leader] Coins: 2 [Two chances] Body normal. [Stats] Health: 26,733/26,735 Internal Energy: 29,180/29,180

It was said that the more one escapes from the tragedy of fate, the more they understand reality.

[Status] Goeun [Earth Demon’s escort] Coins: 2 [Two chances] Body normal. Hostility: 77% (Warning) [Stats] Health: 15,000/15,000 Internal Energy: 12,000/12,000


Even though he only had a health in the ten thousands, his combat power had been marked as “???”; now that his mind-reading skill increased, it was showing as 190k. That was odd. It was even higher than the people who had entered the body test at dawn.

In Seol-Hwi’s experience, the higher the combat power the greater the ability.

Seol-Hwi [Flying Squad leader] Health: 26,733/26,735 Combat Power: 100,000

His combat power was surprisingly high compared to the past. Shin Birang’s was 70,000 and Seol-Hwi was still able to take him down.

Goeun [Earth Demon’s escort] Health: 15,055/15,055 Internal Energy: 12,032/12,032 Combat Power: 190,000

Goeun’s power wasn’t just higher, it was 90k higher. Seol-Hwi would have to fight him to know just how strong he was, but a difference of 90,000 was too much.

“What is this?” Goeun seemed bewildered that Seol-Hwi had caught his fist, but he pushed through it quickly. Seol-Hwi was forced to let go and take a few steps back.

But Goeun didn’t attack. Or rather…

Shit! Fuck!

[Warning! Goeun discovered a weakness in Seol-Hwi. How would you like to respond?]

It had begun. Perhaps the difference in combat power was what allowed him to find a weakness despite the distance between them.

There was no room for Seol-Hwi to escape, so…

<You have selected Defend.>

Shit! Goeun moved like nothing Seol-Hwi could’ve imagined. His sword grazed past Seol-Hwi’s collarbone almost too fast to follow. Seol-Hwi ducked, deflecting Goeun’s sword with his own.

They clashed three times—right shoulder, thigh, left shoulder. Seol-Hwi was pushed back. He then managed to strike Goeun, but he barely moved.

Damn it!

[Warning! Goeun discovered a weakness in Seol-Hwi. How would you like to respond?]

He was clearly on the defensive but yet another warning came.

<You have selected Defend.>

Goeun got right up to Seol-Hwi’s eyes, swiping his sword vertically.

<A severe hit! Goeun inflicts great damage to Seol-Hwi.> Seol-Hwi [Flying Squad leader] Health: 16,835/26,734 Internal Energy: 29,180/29,180 Goeun [Earth Demon’s escort] Health: 15,025(↓30)/ 15,055 Internal Energy: 11,952(↓80)/ 12,032

“Ah, shit…” Seol-Hwi stepped back, clutching his left arm. His hasty defense had been a judgment error—he should have spun in the opposite direction, but he panicked and got hit. Goeun’s sword bit deep enough to touch bone.

I can’t keep up with his swordsmanship…

The difference between them was clear; even after several engagements, Seol-Hwi was the one taking damage.

The Great Sword… Would it even work with his left hand crippled?

“You… Where did you come from?” Goeun asked, but Seol-Hwi didn’t answer—he was too angry. He was being pushed like this even with an advantage in health and internal energy.

I need to use martial arts. Martial arts… Seol-Hwi began gathering internal energy onto the tip of his sword. It was the only thing he could use to fight—and if he didn’t, he’d never win this fight.

“Uh…?” Goeun seemed a bit flustered by the flow of energy on Seol-Hwi’s sword. “You. You’re no ordinary sort.” He was becoming more cautious. Seol-Hwi was clearly a talented Demonic Energy Swordsman, and he’d kept his energy restrained so far.

I have to do it.

Seol-Hwi made the first move, forcefully stabbing with his sword. It was blocked by Goeun, but Seol-Hwi pulled back and sliced across.

Ah! Goeun’s face paled. His opponent was wielding the 6th form of the White Light Demonic Arts, Small Oddity Variations. That meant small changes in the form of ice, blocking his view like a fog.

Nevertheless, Goeun didn’t give up; he pressed the attack. Seol-Hwi didn’t give up either. Goeun blocked his attack, but Seol-Hwi spun around and attempted an attack at his lower body.

“Ugh!” Goeun blocked it, but the force of the impact left his face clenched from the effort. Worse, a strange coldness spread through the sword.

“Hah!” Seol-Hwi carried forward with a repeating diagonal cut. This time, as soon as he swung, the coldness was spreading through his opponent’s body.

The 3rd form, White Frozen River. Strong, cold air spreads over the opponent’s body and their surroundings. In addition, the snow and foggy air spread by the sword’s collision would slowly stiffen the opponent.

Unsurprisingly, Goeun was losing his advantage. Eventually, his form collapsed and Seol-Hwi moved in to attack.


[Warning! Goeun discovered a weakness in Seol-Hwi. How would you like to respond?]

It was unbelievable. All his techniques were connecting, but he left an opening?

▶ Counterattack ▷ Defend ▷ Run away

Seol-Hwi was mad now. He thought he finally had the upper hand, but the crisis just kept coming. He was sick of defending, so he stayed aggressive.

<You have selected Counterattack.>

Before he could do anything, he was struck—by a Sword Shadow, the stage before extracting sword energy by condensing internal energy. It went through his shoulder before he had a chance to react.

<A shocking blow! Goeun inflicts major damage on Seol-Hwi.> Seol-Hwi [Flying Squad leader] Health: 874(↓15,988)/26,735 Internal Energy: 29,180/29,180

And then the fists came flying in.

[<Stunned>] status has been disabled.]

Result: Defeat. 1


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