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Seol-Hwi was ready to use flame qi by gathering it at the tip of his sword.


As expected, Goo Jong-myung noticed it and pushed Seol-hwi away.


Seol-Hwi suddenly moved back five to six steps.


He looked at the sword and Goo Jong-myung’s puzzled expression. It was hard to believe.

This man blocked his sword with two fingers. This means this old man was on a whole different level compared to anyone Seol-Hwi had ever faced before.

And this was his first time ever coming across this man and managing to live past him.

“W-what was a bit odd?”

Goo Jong-myung licked his finger which bled a little.

But that was all.


Seol-Hwi felt confused and his mind felt messed up.

Even the time bond and flame qi didn’t seem to work. All it did was inflict a slight cut on his finger. This meant the opponent was truly on another level.

Seol-Hwi had no idea on how to deal with this situation.

“Will you not come? Then shall I come for you?”


Goo Jung-myung finally took out his double-edged blade from his waist.

Just pulling it from his sheath exuded the weirdest pressure.

For a warrior who was an expert, the energy which radiated from his body increased when he was pulling his sword out.

The sword was the body and body was the sword, this meant that he was one with the weapon he used.

And this should not come as a surprise considering how the man blocked his attack with two fingers and also how his movements were not slowed down despite the time bond.

This monster-like person was coming to fight in earnest.

I cannot win this.

The situation was grim. There wasn’t the slightest chance of even getting a significant wound on the opponent.

Yet, Seol-Hwi did not give up.

He could not give up the chance to fight with this man who had killed him countless times. If he was not able to win now, he would be able to prepare for the next time.

What he could do now was to get information to make things a bit easier in the next encounter.

The old man disappeared from his eyes.

Seol-Hwi raised his qi senses. For now he could just focus here.

<Supreme Low Temperature Ice is being used.>


Seol-Hwi’s eyes widened as he promptly let the technique start. As soon as the time bond was initiated, he could see the sword coming.


There were two swords coming in succession and both for Seol-Hwi’s head.


Fortunately due to time being slowed down, Seol-Hwi managed to barely escape it.

After that a third sword qi flew in, and reading the direction, he evaded it at once.


He felt goosebumps and Seol-Hwi realized that something was happening.



The sword which he avoided was turning and coming back for him.

A sword was like an arrow, it traveled straight ahead when thrown and never came back.

No… was that a sword technique?

In the end, Seol-Hwi had to roll to completely avoid it.

At that time, the time bond was released.


Seol-Hwi, who managed to escape, doubted his eyes.


White light–

A mighty energy which surpassed the sword was forming on the sword of Goo Jong-myung.

“Hehe, you are like a rat. You avoid everything, so try avoiding this.”

Seeing the sword change, Seol-Hwi realized that this wasn’t something to avoid.

Finally it was his last resort, Seol-Hwi realized there was no other way.

<Incredible Airflow is being used.>

The countless currents of air circulated around Seol-Hwi’s body.


The air currents around the body of the sword of Goo Jong-myung moved to Seol-Hwi.

And when it came close, the direction of the qi twisted.



The airflow couldn’t guide everything properly. To be honest it was so fast that Seol-Hwi couldn’t even react properly.


A large explosion occurred where the attack passed. The ground clearly showed traces of being destroyed.

Seol-Hwi looked at it and was stunned.

“Ho. Look at you?”

This time, Goo Jong-myung looked surprised.

What he used now was the Way of Nature Movement.

A new technique of Mount Hua which was fast and intense, and for a short time exerts power like steel.

It was used with the intention to destroy the opponent, but now the opponent was fine.

“Are you using some kind of tricks? I cannot let you live… uh?!”

While holding the sword in his hand, his expression changed to show he thought the situation was absurd.


Suddenly the opponent began to run somewhere.


Goo Jong-myung clicked his tongue seeing that. He shook his head from side to side and bent his knees.

“A light footwork huh…”

Unfortunate for his opponent, this was one of his most known things.

He isn’t human!

Seol-Hwi was ready to run away from Goo Jong-myung.

No matter how much pride he held, he had to have a minimum level of strength to fight that man.

Furthermore, that man was of Mount Hua.

The answer was to never deal with someone who can handle the time bond.

A little more…

Seol-Hwi was running with all his might until he was completely shocked at what had happened.


A strange wind blew past him and a monster blocked his path.

“Got you.”


Seol-Hwi couldn’t believe his eyes.

Right now, he had run with all his might to escape…

He was moving several times faster than the normal movement of his.

“You thought you would run like…”


Seol-Hwi changed directions and ran again. Seeing that, Goo Jong-myung laughed as he gathered energy at the tip of his sword.



Seol-Hwi ran and ran, trying to escape from death.

And at one point he felt someone or something was approaching from behind, almost within close distance.


The distance was closer and the sword energy was fast.

No, it had to be something like that, but even if he knew, he couldn’t avoid it.

Yet, Seol-Hwi had one last card to use.

<Thrift Wind Sword is being used.>


The air flow created in all directions moved violently. It extinguished the bright sword qi of Goo Jong-myung at once.


Dozens of vortexes appeared from a wide area to protect him.


This time even Goo Jong-myung was surprised.

When the whirlpool began to grow around Seol-Hwi and came to him, he had to do his best to defend against it.



The Thrift Wind Sword was quite a powerful move.

It was a wave of energy which blew away all the opponents Seol-Hwi faced up until this point.

Nevertheless, this man was Goo Jong-myung.

“Ugh! Eeik…!”

The wind came at him, but he didn’t run from it.

And he used this body enhancing technique which turned the body light and moved fast.

That was why those who had become top warriors used it like this. On the other hand, there are those who use this to turn their body heavy.


Eventually, the raging wind calmed down and Goo Jong-myung managed to endure it even if his appearance was a mess.


His hair scattered and his robes had been torn to pieces.

The young rat tried to run and the moment he followed, he came up with something.


It happened again, another whirlpool.

“You bastard!”

For the first time, Goo Jong-myung had lost it.


Seol-Hwi was out of breath and now had a look of shock on his face. He finally found what he was looking for.

The recreational room-.

A recreational place.

As soon as he reached the spot, he hurriedly opened the door and threw the sword and blade inside.

And he took off his shoes as well.

“Even if I die I need to save them.”

There was no way to survive once he was noticed by Goo Jong-myung. Even if he tried to run, the opponent was three times better than him.

So Seol-Hwi only had one choice.

The moment the owner dies, the weapons are back.

He was going to push them into the toolbox for safety reasons, but then after seeing Goo Jong-myung here, he realized he needed them.

“How can I… I can never get away from anything…”

He put his equipment in the shittiest of places.

And they will be safe now.

Those who are in a hurry to poop will never look for weapons below their ass, so the bathroom was the best place to put it.

And now he took a deep breath and opened the door.

“…Maybe you had to use the bathroom?”

Goo Jong-myung had arrived there.

“A bit so, elder.”

Seol-Hwi was calm. Even if he died here, his weapons will still be there.

Very dirty but they can be retrieved… he felt it.

“Now. You are relieved, so do you want to be roasted or boiled?”

“…For real. Huh, this is.”

At those words, Goo Jong-myung lost it.

He moved. A strange speed. The words which almost fooled them. The final desperate fights.

It was annoying but he thought this guy, this rat was fun to mess around with, so he expected a lot, but it turns out he had to use the bathroom.

It was to the point where he thought the guy was running from him in fear.

“Did you think of asking me to spare you?”


Goo Jong-myung sighed and raised his sword.

Be it embarrassment from overthinking it or disappointment, he had no intention of letting this man live.

“Right. If you are going to kill me, kill me at once without pain. If possible, go for the neck…”

When Seol-Hwi pointed at the neck, he frowned.

“I was intending to do that, but… since you said you wanted it, now I don’t want to do it.”

Goo Jong-myung said, “I will cut the limbs off and then painfully end you.”

“The senior is too savage for me. Do whatever you want. Can I ask one thing before I die?”


“Ah, okay.”

Seol-Hwi closed his eyes.

Ah, fuck, the belt.

He remembered the last item he still had on him. The golden belt on the waist.


“Too late.”

Goo Jong-myung was already swinging the sword so he unbuckled his belt and threw it.

He couldn’t remember anything after that.

Last life ■95th Heavenly Year. Chapter 2-1. Three Lives presented by the Earth Demon. □98th Heavenly Year. Last day of 7th month. □98th Heavenly year. Self Story_Fateful Day.

Three choices were displayed before his eyes.


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