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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation – Chapter 161: Infiltrate The Supreme Pavilion (3) Bahasa Indonesia

A bout of silence elapsed.

And this was a different kind of silence. It was the silence which came from the shock of not being able to believe what just happened and his face turning red.

“You… saw that?”


The Supreme Pavilion Lord got up.

At the same time, an intense heat could be felt spreading to the surroundings.

Flame Aggregating Demonic Martial Arts.

It was said that using them would make the people looking at the user lose their breath.

“T-this bastard… what the hell did you take?”

Sama Gwi gave up trying to hide his surprise.

Seol-Hwi calmly accepted the force that was being pushed onto him, this energy that he wouldn’t have dared to stand against in the past.

“Wasn’t it known that I couldn’t be your dog forever?”

Seol-Hwi smiled.

It was quite nice to see this man treat him differently than he had in the past. Just seeing this had given him the pleasure from growing strong.

“You seem quite reckless. So… you learn a new martial art and now you think you know everything?”

“Who said that?”


When Seol-Hwi raised his palm, a ball of fire flowed out.


As a result, the expression of Sama Gwi changed again.

What the opponent just used now was the same as what he was using! He might have to look at it closer to know how similar they are, but for now it looked similar enough.

The flame which was roaring was also blooming and giving out white ash.

That was the root of the Flame Aggregating Demonic Martial Arts.

“What are you so shocked about? Did you think you were the only one who could use it?”

“How dare you…”

Now this was enough to make Sama Gwi mad, yet he still tried to calm himself down.

No matter how lowly his person was in the past, the fact that he could do all this now meant he was strong and an opponent of equal level.

“So, let us clear things up a bit…”

He swept his long hair and continued.

“So one of the worms under me dreamed of revenge, went under the Fourth Disciple, luckily learned something I had, and now came to kill me?”

“Not all. I didn’t come here to kill you, I am just thinking of stepping on your face in an extremely slow manner.”

“Kuahahaha. I see.”

The Supreme Pavilion Lord laughed at this.

“That is why you must have been so involved. However, I don’t know what training you were put through… but doing it in person is never easy.”

“That is your opinion alone.”

“Is that so? If you have that level of confidence then I am good.”


Below the feet of Sama Gwi came the flames slowly rising like a ring.

The place it was heading for wasn’t Seol-Hwi but the office. Flickering to the edge of the wall, it soon spread around.

“This is a Complete Flame Immersion Circle. It is quite hot from the start.”

When Seol-Hwi could name the technique used, Sama Gwi frowned. No matter how much he learned one technique, he didn’t think he should be this knowledgeable.


“It is too late. There is no way you can…”


It was then–

As soon as he was in the middle of speaking, something rushed and broke the wall.

At the same time–


The ball of fire which Sama Gwi created had pierced the ceiling and soared in size.

He used flame qi in a wide area to make sure Seol-Hwi wouldn’t escape the explosive attacks.


This circle of flame was the essence of Flame Aggregating Demonic Martial Arts. It burned down everything except for where they stood.

This man didn’t even consider that his own subordinate, Heuk Bi, was outside and could die from what he did. He was just that concentrated on the opponent in front of him.


Amid the dust and wood scattered around, Sama Gwi coldly said,

“You have no basics, and how dare an arrogant bastard like you speak to… uh!?”

But his happy words didn’t last long.

When the smoke and dust cleared away, what could be seen was one person standing.

The one person was about six feet away, without having moved a single step from where he stood.

Was it because of that?

He noticed something swirling around Seol-Hwi’s body, and it wasn’t just some storm.


The storm looked like it had lightning surrounding him, protecting the owner from the explosion.

“I knew you were a crazy bastard right from the start but…”

Surely, Seol-Hwi did take damage. His clothes were burned, and there were marks of burns on his skin.

Yet despite all that, he was fine.

“You killed your own person.”

As expected at his reckless usage of power, Seol-Hwi had used the Supreme Wind God.

The moment he felt the heat rise, he immediately used it on the ground.

And the powerful vortex pushed away the flame which was burning everything down.

Even then, despite being sure that he would be alright, he decided to use the White Light Body Demonic Martial Arts which brought forth a layer of ice qi, and he used it like protective armor to block it as well.


Sama Gwi was shocked once again. Well, this was expected as he couldn’t have known what this was.

Seol-Hwi raised his sword and cut his palm.

“It is funny that for a guy called the Supreme Pavilion Lord that such a thing is shocking.”


Blood dripped down the blade and he rubbed his eyes as he smiled.

“Is it my turn now?”


As if he was fine, Sama Gwi turned calm.

“Stupid bastard. The first thing you have to deal with is not this old man.”

Seol-Hwi gave out a puzzled look.

“The hidden troops of the Supreme Pavilion. They should have heard the explosion and must already be on their way here.”

The reason why Sama Gwi didn’t hesitate to show such explosions was because of this.

The people whose job was to protect him will be coming here.

“Ah. those people. They won’t be coming.”

But then something unexpected happened.


Seol-Hwi smiled and said,

“My subordinates will be handling them.”

The place where the hidden warriors stood was not always around their Lord.

Inside the pavilion there are guards posted everywhere, and there is another place in the pavilion where the secret troops stayed.

Six pavilions built at quite a huge distance and one looking into the Supreme Pavilion.


The moment Heuk Bi was pushed out of the office–

One of the warriors had conveyed the information with a hand signal. And hearing that, their captain, Son So-dong, moved.

The way they relayed things was so quick that they reacted before the explosion even happened.

“Is it the office?”

They already left where they were stationed and looked around.


“Bring everyone.”

While moving, they began to gather more of their men and finally got close to the office with all 10 of them gathered.

It was then–


An explosion occurred which Son So-dong had witnessed.

“We move with all of our troops.”


And from here they rushed on to the roof using footwork.

It didn’t take long.


Puak! Puak!

While they were moving, at the unknown attack, four of his men had collapsed on spot.

Two of them were wounded and got up, but two didn’t respond which meant they were dead.


“Be on alert!”

Pyung Won-cheon shouted at the men.

Then qi balls shot out.

This showed that their enemies were quite strong.


So, those on the same level or higher than them had appeared now.


It was then–

Someone appeared from the space between the buildings.

It was Yorim.

“I said I could take down two, but it was just one?”

Seo Ryeong appeared right next to him.

Yorim killed one with his skill and Seo Ryeong killed another.

“If we reduce the numbers too much from the start… our training will be useless.”

“I agree.”

After that, those who revealed their existence by stepping on the roof came up.

Imugi, Yong Jin, Jeok Song, and Songhwa.


Sama Gwi took out a knife which was larger than a palm.

What is that?

Seeing this, Seol-Hwi was a bit confused. This was his first time seeing such a small knife.

From what he was informed of this man should use a longsword. Instead, this man brandished a small knife which looked more like an accessory to carry around.

Strictly speaking, this was a pocket knife.

“It must be your first time seeing this.”

Smaa Gwi understood from Seol-Hwi’s reaction.

“The world is wide and there are many weapons to use. Depending on the person and the kind of life one has had to go through, the circumstances can be adjusted quite a lot.”

He held it out.

“This is one of the results of that. For guys like you who think you are strong with some good for nothing training…”


The energy around them had changed.

This was different from when he used flame qi, this felt like something completely different.

“Entirely different!”

Spring Blade Divine Arts.


He got close to Seol-Hwi at the speed of lightning.

<Supreme Low Temperature Ice is being used.>

He used it. Seol-Hwi did not stand still and was ready to use it at a moment’s notice.


Seol-Hwi saw it with eyes wide and managed to avoid the attacks, but this wasn’t all.

During that short interval, the attack had been executed multiple times as if the blade could move like a spring.

Still, Seol-Hwi tried to dodge every single one of them.


And he rushed ahead with all his might.


He managed to get pretty close to Sama Gwi.


But was it too long? The flow of time reverted to normal without notice.


The small knife of Sama Gwi aimed for the waist of Seol-Hwi.


But Seol-Hwi was prepared for that and defended with his sword.


He then grabbed the head of Sama Gwi with his free hand and tried to slam his head down on him.


But it was never just that easy.

Seol-Hwi was not able to successfully execute his attack as he saw Sama Gwi ready to retaliate.


In the end, he threw him to the floor and backed out.


Sama Gwi looked at the sky trying to hold back any emotion he could feel.

Disgrace, embarrassment, and anger.

With all these emotions swirling around his face turned red like it would explode.

“Seriously, I should have just stepped on you…”

And at that time he heard the ridicule from Seol-Hwi.

This only provoked him more.


He got up and looked at Seol-Hwi.

“I should have realized it. You are so strong that you cannot be compared to the past.”


He threw away his small knife.

“Now I will show you.”


Was he ready to go all out?

He picked up his actual blade which was near his waist.

“I will show you the difference between us.”


Now, two forces erupted from him, one was flame while the other was something chaotic.


The feeling of fear spread within Seol-Hwi.

The fact that his opponent was ready to use two different martial arts was completely unexpected.


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