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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation – Chapter 12: Three Lives Presented by the Earth Demon (2) Bahasa Indonesia

The Military Academy was located at the very heart of the sect and was supervised by its very highest ranks. Naturally, that meant it was a long way from the Supreme Pavilion—and that meant he had to walk the entire way alongside this new man.

Hostility: 77% (Warning)

-A subordinate of the first disciple of the Heavenly Demon. Double Agent. Spy.

Seol-Hwi kept checking it over and over. If this was true, it could considerably boost his standing with the Earth Demon.

When did the first disciple even plant spies? No… it couldn’t be that, right?

He had his concerns, but the system had never lied to him. Even if it wasn’t true, he was in no position to dig up the truth.

“Here.” Goeun stopped and pointed towards a majestic, five-story, octagonal pavilion. “Now that I have guided you, I will leave.”

Goeun’s manner of speaking annoyed Seol-Hwi enough that he hadn’t talked to the man at all on the way here.

▶ Give me one more of the Flying Dragon Pill from the Earth Demon.

▷ Is there anything you want to say to me?

▷ [Expression] Smile.

Flying Dragon Pill? Wasn’t he already given a pill? Seol-Hwi found that perplexing, but that wasn’t what caught his eyes.

[Expression]? What is that supposed to be? An action, rather than a conversation, was interesting.

What should I choose?

3… 2… 1…

<You have selected “Is there anything you want to say to me?”>


“What?” Goeun’s footsteps halted. “What do you mean?”

“I… was just curious.”

“About what?”

“The Military Academy is a place for the chosen. That means not just the promising talents, but also first-class warriors who have proved their skills.”


“The Earth Demon knows my skills, and giving me the pill means this place will be difficult to survive. That’s why I asked.

“…Is it fine if I go in just like this? Will I make it simply by increasing my internal energy?”

“Hmm.” Goeun pondered for a moment with his eyes closed.

“Right. It won’t be easy.” He untied a strap from his waist. “Here, take this.”

Hm? To Seol-Hwi’s bewilderment, Goeun was handing him a sword.

“Only the most suitable are chosen by the highest ranks of the sect to enter this place. You will learn various skills and the sect’s secret ranks,” Goeun said. “Just because the Fourth Disciple cared, do not forget to be grateful.”

“Yes…” The pressure Goeun emitted made it difficult for Seol-Hwi to say anything more.

When Goeun had left, Seol-Hwi grasped the sword’s hilt and pulled it from its sheath.

[x1 Short Sword obtained. View abilities? Accept/Reject]

[Weapon – Sword]

Health +2

Internal Energy +2

Attack +5%

Agility +2%

Traits: Strangely uplifting

“Haha…” Seol-Hwi could get used to this.

Seol-Hwi looked down at the short sword strapped to his waist.

Seems pretty good… Although the outer surface was made of simple iron, it was gorgeously engraved with the figure of a dragon and had a soft jade color that caught the eye.

Since I don’t know how to use it, should I put it in the Toolbox? It would be troublesome if they asked him to give it up later.

[Do you want to open the Toolbox?]

Seol-Hwi raised the sword and gently placed it into the window in front of him.


Medicinal Herb x1

Confectionary Bar x1 (Bitten)

Map x1

Short Sword x1 (New)

“Now it’s good.”

Seol-Hwi passed through an endless line of gates to reach the entrance desk; now, he pushed open the last door. He saw an enormous space with an old man sitting at a table in the center: an Academy Instructor, responsible for supervising the tests here. Their skills were just below the Lord of the Supreme Pavilion; however, they took orders directly from the highest level. No one could touch them.

The man raised his head as Seol-Hwi bowed his head before him.

“Seol-Hwi. Right?”


“I see,” he said drily. He held something out. “Take a look and choose.”

Four pieces of bamboo were woven together, each with something written on it.

Body, Speech, Writing, and Judgment.

What? Seol-Hwi shook his head.

So, his choice here would determine the contents of his exam: Body will test and train the body; Speech will deal with words; Then, writing…? Judgment had to be staying calm.

It seemed like he should pick the path he was most confident in, but Seol-Hwi had no idea what the test would be like. He couldn’t settle on a choice.

“I have to do it.”

The white-haired instructor stared at him.

“I will take this.”

“You chose… Body.” The instructor nodded. He picked up a sheet of bamboo and handed it to Seol-Hwi. “You need to collect six of the ‘Body’ bamboo sheets. You have one day, and then the test is over. Proceed through the back door to the far right.”

Seol-Hwi was flustered. There had to be people who received the same conditions; that meant he had to kill six people to get their sheets.

“There are a lot of things in there. Books, which everyone wants. Treasures that might help you fight. Weapons to kill with. If you look around, you can find a lot.”

“Ah…” Seol-Hwi immediately understood that searching would be a high-risk, high-reward option.

“You should go now.” The instructor shut his eyes and settled back into his chair.

The scenery behind the door was captivating. It was dotted with beautiful trees, a pond, piers, and stone walls, like a walled garden.

And the buildings, too… Two- and three-story buildings, decorated with colorful sculptures. Red roofs, blue roofs, yellow roofs, green roofs: numerous buildings peeked out from between the trees like a rainbow.

“Is the slaughter going to begin?” Seol-Hwi kept his eyes peeled as he crept forward. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but he didn’t even know where to start. Was it a test, not training? He had no information on his opponents, either.

The danger is too great. He ducked beneath a stone wall just to be safe. This place would soon become the grounds for a battle to the death, like a colosseum.

I need to be strong. What excuse did he have if he couldn’t become strong even after all these chances?

Seol-Hwi heaved himself up and cast his senses over his surroundings.

Nothing. Did he come early? Were the others already prepared to ambush him?

Maybe I should move there first? The closest red pavilion. It seemed like three-story buildings had their first and second floors closed.

Let’s go. Seol-Hwi made the best of his footwork and arrived in front of the red tiled door in short order.

“Phew… Thank god…” It seemed like no one was around.

[Warning! An unidentified energy source has discovered Seol-Hwi. How will you respond?]

What now!?

▶ Counterattack

▷ Defend

▷ Run Away

9… 8…

Nothing was certain in this situation. He’d had a similar message once—

▷ Counterattack

▶ Defend

▷ Run away

—But the options were different now. He had to make a decision, and not a single one made sense to him.

▷ Counterattack

▷ Defend

▶ Run Away

2… 1…

In the end, Seol-Hwi chose the safest option.

[You chose “Run Away.” Resuming.]

Seol-Hwi kicked off as soon as time resumed—but not soon enough.

“Kuak!” A long cut ran across his body from his shoulder blade to his waist.

“Pity.” A shadow appeared. He seemed disappointed that his opponent had survived.


Seol-Hwi [Leader of the Flying Faction]

Body normal


Health: 103 (↓102)/205

Internal Energy: 1,220 (↓1,030)/ 2,250

His stats had dropped massively.



Body normal


Health: 680/685

Internal Energy: 470/550

The assailant’s stats were lower than Seol-Hwi expected.


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