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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 82: The Beginning of the Second Year Bahasa Indonesia

Edward sat on the High Table of the teachers, talking with everyone present. Because of his recent achievements, he was more famous than before, so many of his colleagues thought that he would not come back to teach.

So, after seeing him, many had many questions, and Edward responded to all of them. And it was not just the teachers who were curious, but many of the students. After all, they spent the entire summer constantly hearing news about Edward in the newspaper.

“Well, it seems that my class will become more popular this year,” muttered Edward. All the other teachers rolled their eyes after hearing this. Even many of them wanted to take his class given the option, let alone these easily influentced students.

Finally, it was time for the Sorting Hat to do its job, all the teachers and students quiet down, providing Edward with a little breathing room.

However, he received a [Mind-Link Communication] invitation from Professor Flitwick.

“So, how does it feel to steal Dumbledore’s title of the greatest wizard of the 20th century?”

“Just like the headmaster does not care for such a title, I do not as well.”

“But, you have to be at least a little proud of yourself?” asked Filius with a smirk in his voice.

“Of course, who does not like to be praised?” replied Edward. “Adding to that all the beautiful women of the magical world that have sent secret invitations to me over the past month, well, let’s just say that celebrity life has been very kind to me.”

Professor Flitwick sighed as he said back: “How many times I advised you to find a proper girl to marry.”

“I am afraid that this will be the only time that you are disappointed in me, Professor.”

Flitwick sighed to himself but did not say anything. “On a more serious note, do you have to do what you are doing?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” replied Edward. “However, I can guarantee you that my method will be the most efficient and the one with the least resistance and casualties.”

Professor Flitwick was silent for a brief moment, “Well, I already decided to side with you, there is no need to regret now.”

“I can honestly tell you that you have made the right choice. And as I promised you before, I would never force you to do something that you did not wish to do.”

“I know.”

“So, how are you enjoying my library?”

A deep sigh ringed in Edward’s mind after asking this question. “I never expected that you have so much lost knowledge, that you have created so much new knowledge, and I keep wondering how much wizardkind would develop as a whole given access to all this knowledge.”

“This is the reason that I’m doing what I’m doing. By sharing my knowledge in the hope that even more can be created, thus creating a perfect cycle that drives wizard civilization forwards.”

“I agree with you on that,” replied Professor Flitwick. “However, I discover that I only have Level 2 clearance, what about the higher levels? What exactly is there?”

However, Edward did not answer him, just smiled at him, so the professor did not mention the topic again. Currently, there are only two people with level 3 Access–Bellatrix and Snape–and it is still temporary. And the reason for that is because he controls their lives. As for the Death Eaters, despite their ‘loyalty’ they only have level 1 clearance.

The only person with level 4 clearance in his library is his aunt and little Susan. But even she did not know this as she was too young. And that level of clearance does not only grant them access to his library but also has a safety protocol. As long as any one of them is in any form of trouble, a special Alchemy item he gave them will send a signal to the World Gate–which will then activate all its powers to save their lives by teleporting them away.

If that cannot be achieved, the Gate is even designed to initiate a self-destruction sequence in an attempt to save their lives. After all, Edward only has one family, and the Gate can still be rebuilt.

In the future, Edward will grant people a higher level of clearances, but that is only when all his plans come to fruition and the entire planet is completely grasp in his hand.

After finishing his talk with his favorite professor, Edward noticed that his cousin was not in a good mood, and she kept giving him angry glimpses. So, he initiated a Mind-Link Communication with her:

“Little Susan, what’s wrong?”

“I have not seen you for most of the entire summer. And you did not even send me a few letters.”

“Well, as you can see, me and aunty Amelia have been very busy recently.”

“That’s not an excuse to not even write a letter explaining the situation.”

“Well, you are right. How can I make it up to you?”

“You cannot.”

“How about I take you on a vacation during the Christmas break to any countries of your choosing,” replied Edward.

“You mean that?”

“Of course.”

“I can accept your term if for the entire break.”

“I can only do 3 days.”

“I do not see any sincerity with your actions,” complained Susan.

“Alright, for the entire break,” added Edward helplessly.

“That’s more like it.”

“Okay, I will tell you another good news,” said Edward. “This year, you can do your best to win the cup for the Hufflepuff’s House, and I can guarantee that the headmaster will not intervene.”

“Really? In that case, this year’s House Cup belongs to our house.”

“I always warn you to not be too cocky, otherwise it is easier to make unintended mistakes,” warned Edward.

“I know.”

Then, the two chatted for a while about a lot of miscellaneous things before disconnecting the connection. By then, the Sorting Hat ceremony was over and it was time for everybody to eat their food.

After a quick check, Edward realized that all the people from the books were still sorted in the same place as the canon timeline. However, there was still a major difference: Harry Potter and Ron Weasley were at the Gryffindor’s dinner table.

With Edward taking Voldemort’s diary and erasing Dobby’s memory, the house-elf had no reason to stop Harry from attending Hogwarts. So, he and Ron were not forced to use a flying car to arrive at school.

‘It seems that Death did not lie to me. The [Correcting Force of Fate] did not manifest as usual to place everything back to the original timeline.’

Title: Plans In Motion


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