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“Before I elaborate on my plans,” said Edward. “I would like to warn you that you will probably be the ruler of this planet as I do not wish to deal with these political nonsenses. As long as my goals and requirements are met, I will not interfere–unless necessary.”

Amelia gave him another deep stare before saying: “So, you want me to do all the work while you enjoy all the benefits?”

“Don’t make it sound so bad. I will be more focused on advancing magic and technology, so my role is way more important in this situation as I will be the guiding light for the development of Earth’s civilization.”

“Why do I feel like your level of narcissism has dramatically increased in the past few weeks I have not seen you?” asked Amelia. “Now that I look closely at you, you appear to be more handsome than I remember, and taller!”

If Edward was not sitting down, she would have already noticed the more than 10 cm increase in height.

“One of my magical experiments was successful, hence the slight change in appearance, but this is not the time to talk about this. If you want, I will tell you all about it later.

“Back to the topic, If you are going to be the true ruler of this planet, there is certain knowledge–especially from the muggle side–that you need to know.”

After saying that, Edward waved his hand and a small mountain of books appeared somewhere in the room.

After looking at these books, Amelia said with a slight irritation in her voice: “I should remind you that most of our Bones family–besides you–were Hufflepuffs. So, what makes you think I will take my time to read all these books? Even if I did, how long would that take?”

“Although these books are the most basics that you need to learn, do not be discouraged as I will give you plenty of help.”

He then took out a beautiful crown or diadem.

“Is that…” asked Amelia in wonder.

“Yes, Ravenclaw’s diadem, said to have the ability to increase the wearer’s intelligence. I made this one for you to increase your study ability and management ability.

“Nevertheless, you will not be alone. I have created a Think-Tank with some of the most intelligent muggles from different fields on this planet. Their sole purpose is to plan out the fastest way to conquer this planet and the best way to govern it. They will be both your teacher and advisors.”

Amelia nodded as she could imagine the shady things his nephew did to get all these people in one place. “What about your parents? What are you going to do with them?”

After a brief silence, Edward responded: “You know better than I do. With the way their values are, they would never accept some of the things that I am going to do. Although they would still support me, they would not like it. So, I am going to revive them only after everything is done.

“By then, it would be too late for them to try to convince me otherwise. And if they want any form of status or power in this new world that I am going to create, I will be more than happy to give it to them. However, based on their personality, I imagine that they will just enjoy a relaxing life after being revived.”

Amelia nodded her head in agreement with him. “So, what is the first step of your plan? I am guessing it is to take control of the Ministry of Magic?”

“You are correct,” replied Edward, then he took out a glowing tube, a green stone, and a contract.

“This is the Philosopher’s Stone and this is a potion that can increase a person’s lifespan made from the stone. I will supply enough of it for you to draw in people, and further strengthen the loyalty of the ones that already follow the Bones family.”

Amelia’s eyes shined, “So, you finally succeeded? I thought you said that the stone was red?”

“This one is very special as I added the Youth Potion to it. Thus, not only can it grant immortality, but also eternal youth.”

Amelia nodded calmly despite the excitement in her eyes, then she continued asking: “Did you dilute it?”

“Of course. This one can only increase five years of lifespan, and appear one year younger. Enough for people to feel the effect and want more.”

“That’s fine. I’m guessing this paper is a contract that forces people to be loyal to us. However, you should be aware that using force is not always the wisest method.”

“I know that,” replied Edward. “Human beings are inherently rebellious. Force them to do something, they will fight back. However, convince them to do something willingly, then they will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives.

“This contract only allows you to discern who is truly loyal to you and who is just pretending. That way, you can easily determine who to trust after the people sign it.”

Amelia nodded, then the two of them discussed the next step of action.

“In that case, we will begin a week later,” said Edward, before leaving the mansion and apparating somewhere else.

–Scene Break–

A burst of flame appeared in a dark and creepy fortress, and from the flame, Edward walked out leisurely without being harmed in any shape or form. Then, he slowly walked in a certain direction.

As he went further into the fortress, an eerily cold that seeped deep into his soul could be felt, and soon, the reason for this phenomenon was discovered: Dementors.

Hundreds if not thousands of them.

After feeling the exuberant emotions from Edward, they all rushed to meet the uninvited guest who dared to trespass into Azkaban. Many of them were excited at the prospect of finally having a proper meal. After sucking most of these prisoners dry, these Dementors were not happy with their daily meal, so they were very excited at the prospect of sucking the soul of this new prey.

As for Edward–despite being surrounded by so many Dementors–had a calm look on his face. He took out his wand and waved it.

A Patronus Charm did not come from his wand, but a dark light that enveloped all these Dementors. Following this, all of them aligned themselves in two separated rows while leaving the middle road empty.

They looked like well-trained soldiers at a military parade, and Edward looked like their army commander.

Although Edward admitted that Dementors were indeed truly foul creatures, he did spend a lot of time studying to understand the soul. His research came to new heights when he discovered manuals and books written by both Raczidian and Ekrizdis.

These two were some of the most dangerous dark wizards that ever lived, and some of the research that they conducted made Voldemort’s Horcrux look like child’s play.

Ekrizdis used to live here in Azkaban and this place was his magical experiment laboratory. He is the creator of Dementors.

After discovering his inheritance, Edward realized that many of the “dark” things he did were quite cute–especially when he saw how Dementors were created.

As for Raczidian, he created a way to control Dementors like they were his slaves. Oddly enough, both these ancient wizards were very narcissistic and wanted their knowledge to be passed on to later generations, so they created maps to guide people to find the place they left their research.

However, these guys were still twisted, dark wizards. The place that they left their knowledge was full of terrible traps and enchantments. While going through these traps, Edward saw the bones of so many people; he even wondered how many maps did these people leave behind and whether this was just a twisted game for them to kill wizards of future generations.

Luckily for him, these guys did leave much of their dark arts research and even used magic to preserve them for a very long time.

After controlling the Dementors, Edward headed straight for a particular cell. He looked down at the crazy and disheveled prisoners on the floor, then said: “Bellatrix Lestrange?”

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