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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 64: Blackmail Bahasa Indonesia

After his little chat with Death, Edward spent the next hours waiting until Aberforth finished talking to his sister, then he sent her soul back to the afterlife. Edward did not stop despite the pitiful look Aberforth was given him.

The next day, Edward directly teleported to someplace using the house-elf magic spell. The reason being that this place was one of the most secure places in this country; the MACUSA jail.

The highly guarded prisoner–Grindelwald– was shocked to see someone apparated inside his jail cell knowing how many Anti-Apparition Enchantments were there. He knew that only the phoenix and house-elf might have this ability, but not a wizard.

So, immediately, Grindelwald was on guard. Soon, he noticed that he was the only one who could see this unannounced visitor.

With a calm face, he said: “So, who might I owe this visit to, gentleman!”

Edward did not immediately answer, instead, he activated his magic core–demonstrating his massive magic power.

Grindelwald felt the vast magic power from Edward’s heart, then he muttered in shock: “You broke the First Limiter.”

Edward smile and finally spoke for the first time: “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mr. Gellert Grindelwald. My name is Edward Bones.”

Grindelwald frowned as he remembered that there was a pure-blood family name Bones back in Britain.

“I have never seen such a talented wizard like you, Mr. Bones. So, what brings you to see me here?”

“I am here because I require something of you.” After saying that, Edward did not waste time and handed a magic contract to Grindelwald–who took his time to read it.

The contract granted Edward access to all his magical knowledge and experiences.

“So, Mr. Bones, what makes you think that I would sign something like this?” asked–one of the greatest dark wizards that have ever lived–with a dangerous look on his face.

With the same calm look on his face, Edward said: “I could threaten you with your death, but I am an advocate against capital punishment. So, let me show you the reason.”

After saying that, Edward took out his wand and started to enchant Grindelwald’s prison. In half an hour, he placed so many enchantments in this room that would make anyone dizzy just by looking at them.

More importantly, were the effects of these enchantments. They prevented Grindelwald from using wandless magic by locking his magic power, then they prevented his voice from reaching outside to prevent him from charming the people outside.

The enchantments prevented anyone from using Polyjuice potion to impersonate him. The enchantments will prevent anyone from entering this room except for sending Grindelwald’s food.

And if the leader of the Alliance tries to escape, these enchantments will lock his soul inside this room–meaning only his body could leave this room.

In essence, these enchantments prevent Grindelwald from escaping using any means imaginable.

Just by the enchantments, he could recognize, Grindelwald knew the meaning of Edwards.

After a brief pause, he said: ” I do not understand how a talented and powerful wizard as you has never been heard before. Before I sign this contract, I would like to invite you to my cause.

“With our powers combined, we could finally lead wizardkind to be free from oppression, free to be what we truly are instead of hiding like rats in a sewer. What do you say?”

“You know, Mr. Grindelwald, I agree with many of your ideas. Unfortunately, I do not agree with your approach to accomplishing them.

“Even though you said that you do not hate muggles, your actions are still rooted in the supremacy of wizards. You failed to see the true value of muggles and what they can bring to society and wizard civilization as a whole.

“Not to mention that I can see that you have already started to let powers get to your head, and have started in a path astray from the ideologies that you preach.”

“What do you mean by the ‘true value of muggles?” asked Grindelwald. If it was any other person who said these words to him, he would have ignored them and tried to convince them that muggles will only bring destruction to the world–just like his vision showed him. However, coming from a wizard as powerful as Edward, he is willing to listen.

As for being convinced, that was something entirely different.

Meanwhile, Edward wanted to tell Grindelwald about the wonders of technology and how if it was mixed with magic, how wonderful civilization would advance, but he did not do so as he gave Death his words that he would not interfere too much.

So, he just shook his head before saying: “There is no need to say anything more. You can either sign this contract or spend the rest of your life in this life while your revolution crumbles without your leadership. I am sure that Dumbledore will not have any reservation placing these people into their places without your presence.”

Grindelwald frowned after hearing this: ‘Could he know the relationship between me and Albus?’

He then looked down at the contract in his hand, then signed it. Unlike the headmaster, he did not have the will to sacrifice his own life for the greater good.

Maybe in his later years, after spending years in prison, he might have changed. For now, however, he was not that kind of person.

After receiving the signed contract, Edward smiled gleefully, then he apparated away after removing the enchantments in the cell room.

He then spent the next three days fulfilling his end of the bargain with Aberforth, then he met with Credence to fulfill his other agreement by teaching him basic magic.

Although Edward gave Death his word not to interfere, he had already signed a contract before that, so he was also bound by his contract. Of course, he could still find ways to break it, but he did not want to.

Based on Death’s words, there are a few things that he still wanted to observe.

Meanwhile, while teaching Credence, he started to review all of Grindelwald’s magic knowledge.

Just like him and Voldemort, Grindelwald was a master of the dark arts and started experimenting with dark magic ever since he was in school. So, there were plenty of things to learn.

For once, he learned that Grindelwald used the Elder Wand to break his First Limiter. Through the power of Law imbued in the wand, he was able to break his limit. Through this knowledge, he learned a little bit of the capabilities of Laws.

Of course, Edward was most happy to finally learn the dark magic: “Protego Diabolica”.

He previously theorized that this spell was related to the Fiendfyre Curse, and he was correct. Grindelwald took that curse and modified it to a greater height.

Not only did he increase its destructive power, but also granted it the ability to determine whether a person was loyal to them. Edward was very satisfied with this ability as this would be of great help to the plans he recently made after seeing the power of wizards when they worked together when they repaired New York.

Another thing that he acquired that made him satisfied and that would be helpful to his plans was Grindelwald’s ability to charm people with his words.

Through his memories, Edward learned mannerism, linguistics, persuasive speaking, and emotion manipulation; all the things that Grindelwald used to charm wizards to follow him and his revolution.

Title: Wild Theories


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