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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 50: Philosopher’s Stone Bahasa Indonesia

Time soon passed and it was already the end of the year. Edward made sure that every student in his class could pass at least the written part of his Alchemy exam.

And how did he do such a thing?

By using magic to force the knowledge in the students that were failing his class. Although these students spent an entire week with a terrible headache, they still learned something.

As for the practical aspect of the class, he could not help them. He has provided these people with plenty of practice opportunities, and even offered them, tutoring classes, during the weekend. So, it’s not his problem if they could not pass the class after doing so much.

One odd thing that happened during that time was the fact that despite his intervention, Harry Potter still got detention and was sent to the Forbidden Forest.

After that event, Edward theorized that maybe the power of fate exists in this world, and has a correctional force that pushes events to the original timeline after being meddled with. So, he decided to test out this theory at a later date.

.. .

At the end of the year, Edward used his own marauder’s map to track the Gryffindor Trio, Quirrell, and Dumbledore. So, when the final event of the year occurred.

So when Hermione, Harry, and Ron ran into the room in the third flood after Dumbledore left, Edward placed an Invisibility Spell on him–instead of a Disillusionment Charm–and followed them. This spell was inspired by the Weasley Twins’ Headless Hats.

He watched how the Trio went through all the obstacles placed by different teachers. Whether it was Hagrid’s Fluffy, Professor Sprout’s Devil Snare, Professor Flitwick’s Flying Keys, Professor Minerva’s Chess Game, Professor Quirrell’s Troll, and Snape’s Potions Riddle.

Edward followed them without notifying them, alerting them, or intervening with their actions. Throughout the entire process, he was just thinking about why he was not invited to design an obstacle of his own.

In some way, he was a little bitter even though many other professors were also like him and did not design an obstacle of their own.

After everything went according to the original timeline, Edward took the Philosopher’s Stone from the ground after Harry dropped it. His eyes turned purple as he used his Alchemy Eye Spell to examine it.

After a few minutes of examination, he said out loud:

“I was right. The Philosophers’ Stone is a highly condensed form of magic power bound by countless souls. Magic is almost omnipotent energy. As long as you have enough of it, you can do almost anything–with the proper knowledge.

“And this stone has an almost limitless amount of magical energy or magic power. It is the reason that it can use permanent transfiguration and turn metals into pure gold, and even break Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration.

“As for the Elixir of Immortality, it should be a combination of liquified magical power combined with the power of the soul. Most wizards have a very long lifespan compared to muggles due to the magic power inside their cores. The elixir of the stone can indefinitely prolong life by nourishing the body with magic power and further strengthen the soul, however, it cannot prevent aging.

“In my opinion, using the Philosopher’s Stone only in this way is quite wasteful of such a magical wonder, wouldn’t you agree, professor?”

As soon as Edward said these last words, Dumbledore appeared inside the room while secretly holding his wand.

“And how should the stone be used properly?” asked Dumbledore while his calm eyes looked at Edward. However, despite his calmness, he still moved closer to Harry on the ground.

However, Edward ignored his action as he continued to analyze the stone. But he still answered the question: “As I said, this stone is an almost unlimited form of clean energy. Wizards can do anything with it, build an entire civilization based on its energy.

“Whether it is the advancement of magical technology, curing diseases, exploring space, solving world hunger: the stone can be the blueprint to accomplish all these tasks. Muggle scientists would do anything to have access to such an energy source–well if each country did not kill each other for it.”

“You may be correct, Edward,” replied Dumbledore calmly. “It does not change the fact that countless lives or souls were used to make such a small stone. How many people do you think would be killed when creating so many stones to power your so-called magical civilization?”

Edward shook his head; “Always the pedantic, professor. Wizards do not need to kill so many people to create a stone, just use the same method that Mr. Flamel probably used–take the souls of muggles that have died. It is better to recycle them and place them to better use than to let Death have them anyway.

“And if that is still morally unacceptable to many wizards, they can still try to find a different solution. Souls are only used to bind the magic power in the stone, they can try to find a different binding agent.

“For example emotions. Many young wizards have their first magic riot after an intense burst of emotions, so it is proven that emotions can easily bind or guide magic power. So, it is the perfect thing to use as a catalyst to create Philosopher’s Stones.”

Dumbledore sighed after hearing Edward’s explanation as he had to acknowledge that this young wizard in front was not only a powerful one but also a forward-thinking one. However, he could not agree with his sometimes utilitarian mentality.

After Edward finished analyzing the stone, he calmly threw it back to Dumbledore before saying: “Since I know how to make my own, you do not need to worry about me taking it. However, I would appreciate it if you could tell Mr. Flamel my address as I would greatly appreciate the communication between the two of us. After all, as the most knowledgeable Grand Alchemist still existing, it would be a shame for him to die without passing on his knowledge or legacy.”

After saying that, Edward walked away calmly, meanwhile, Dumbledore had a frown on his face as he held the stone in his hand. He looked at the departing back of Edward, sighed before going to check on Harry.

As for Edward, he also sighed in relief after exiting the chamber where everything took place. He was ready at any time to either fight or run away.

In the past month, he had discovered that the reason that house-elves can teleport anywhere was that their magic powers had a different frequency than humans, thus making them operating under different rules.

After a little training, he could also apparate in some places with Anti-Apparition Enchantments–just like house-elves. On top of that, the alchemy item that can allow him to use his Gate was ready to be used at any given moment.

The truth of the matter is Edward was not ready to become enemies with Dumbledore–even though he would probably be the final winner if he decided to use all the dark magic that he knows.

And it seemed that Dumbledore had a similar thought as him.

Year One is over, and the plot is beginning to take shape. From now on, this is Edward’s story with Harry Potter’s characters in it.

Pickup Line: Have you heard of Platform 9 and 3/4? Well, I can think of something else with the exact same measurements.


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