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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 48: Bloodline Bahasa Indonesia

Hermione had a look of regret on her face after not being able to sense the magic cube inside her body. The ability to be able to control magic so easily was quite fascinating. However, she soon calmed down after seeing the strange and confused look that both Ron and Harry were given her.

After pondering for a while, Hermione suddenly asked: “Professor, since you talked about purifying Norberta’s bloodline, does that mean that the concept of bloodline exists?”

Edward gave a brief look before answering: “That is correct, Ms. Granger. I have just recently discovered it myself.”

“Then, doesn’t that mean that the pureblood concept of blood supremacy is real?”

The room became silent after she asked that question as everyone then looked at Edward–waiting to hear his answer.

“Well, the answer is both yes and no.”

Everyone then looked at him with a look that seemed to say, “Are you playing with us? What does that even mean?”

Edward smiled before explaining:

“After discovering the wizard’s bloodline, I theorized that the Ancestors of us wizardkind were ordinary muggles. But after injecting the blood of magical animals or through rituals that allowed them to share a bloodline, the first wizards were created. After years of procreation, wizards have developed their unique bloodline.”

Edward has been doing some research on that topic. He tried to plant magical beasts’ bloodlines on a few muggle prisoners, but the result was a disappointment. He concluded that maybe the bloodline of modern time magical beasts was not the same as back then.

However, today he was inspired after seeing Norberta. After purifying these magic animals’ bloodlines, he will try to transplant them again.

In one of his experiments, he even tried to remove a wizard’s bloodline and planted it in a muggle, but even that also failed.

Back to the topic, Edward continued to explain:

“As for the idea of bloodline purity, the truth of the matter is that ancient wizards probably knew that by marrying with other wizards with powerful bloodline or talent, their descendants have a higher chance of becoming talented. So they proceeded with that idea.

“And at a certain point, the idea of inter-marrying to create a powerful bloodline probably became a very normal thing among wizards. However, although this process can also create powerful bloodlines, it was fatal for many wizard families as after a few generations, their descendants would become infertile, thus ending their family’s blood inheritance.

“As for the current pureblood family supremacists, they are nothing but a bunch of idiots that twisted the ideologies of their ancestors. None of them know anything about bloodlines, but use the concept to oppress the rising power of both half-blood and muggle-born wizards.”

Hermione nodded as she was probably the only one who truly understood Edward’s meaning. After pondering for a while, she then asked:

“Professor, what you said still proves that magical families like the Weasleys or even Harry’s family will have a great advantage over my family, who only awakened their bloodline in this generation.”

Harry quickly raised his hand before saying: “I didn’t even know that my family was a magical one until I came to Hogwarts, so there probably nothing special about my bloodline.”

As for Ron, he raised his shoulder before also saying: “There is nothing special about my family as well.

“All three of you are wrong,” replied Edward calmly. “All of your bloodlines are special in different ways.”

All of them looked at him with surprise on their faces, and Edward did not let them wait for too long before explaining.

“From my research, I know that the Potter family is somewhat related to the Peverell Brothers.”

“Are you talking about the ones from the Tale of the Three Brothers?” asked Ron with a surprised look on his face. His mother used to read this story to him and Ginny.

Harry was also surprised as the professor once told him about the Three Brothers and their encounter with Death.

“That is correct,” replied Edward. “To be precise, the Potter family is related to Ignotus Peverell. Your ancestor was someone who was able to hide from Death. No matter how he did it, his wisdom and cautious nature make him a very powerful wizard–not to mention his talent.”

“As for the Weasley family,” said Edward as he looked at Ron. “It is a very particular bloodline.

“Forget the fact that all of you inherited some form of talent for quidditch–whether it was Charlie, the Twins, Ginny, or even you Ron–all of you inherited some form of it.

“Then there is George and Fred’s talent for Alchemy. Although I do not know whether it comes from their bloodline, it is worth mentioning. However, this is not the most particular part of your family bloodline.

“According to my research, the birth rate of most family wizards is very low. Most families only have one magically gifted child. If they have more, there is a high chance that some of them will be born as squibs.

“The highest number of magically gifted children in a wizard family is usually three, with a few outliers. However, your Weasley family has seven children and not a single squib among them; that itself makes your bloodline very remarkable.”

While the other people were pondering about Edward’s words, Ron had a genuinely surprised look on his face. He never expected that it was a good thing for their family to have many children, as it was seen as a burden by him–most of the time.

Edward did not lie to Ron. He was also curious about this phenomenon, so he secretly took some of his blood and studied it.

He discovered that the Weasley family bloodline was very active and was easily passed on. This is the reason that they all have the magic ability and red hair. Of course, he also guessed that there was something special about Molly–however, he did not research it.

According to Edward’s estimate, if the Weasley were financially capable, they could create a very powerful family by birthing many children.

After everybody calmed themselves down with this news, Hermione asked: “Professor, what is so special about my bloodline?”

“As for you, Ms. Granger, your talent in magic is very high. Not only do you have almost perfect memory, but you should also notice that compared to most muggle-born wizards and even pureblood wizards, your talent is way superior to them.

“In your entire year, I imagined that only my cousin Susan can probably compete with you in terms of capability. And that is because she has received intense magical training from me at a young age.”

After hearing this, Hermione was not happy; instead, she had a frown on her face as the name Susan brought a lot of frustration to her.

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