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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 315: The Past Creeping In Bahasa Indonesia

[Wizard King: As the most powerful mage in the kingdom, you have protected it through many catastrophes while also creating the greatest era of economic, military, and cultural growth that the Clover Kingdom has ever seen. Your name will forever be remembered in the annals of history as the best Wizard King.

Buff: Medium Space-Time Affinity, High Resistance to Body Possession]

Edward closed his eyes as he felt his understanding and control of Space-Time Magic increase. The process lasted a few minutes, but he wished it was longer once he was done.

“The title of Sorcerer Supreme should provide me with a High Space-Time Affinity.”

Then, Edward walked to a room where a body was preserved inside an orb with a ring containing roman numbers: Acier Silva.


“Yes, boss,” said the little elf as she manifested herself.

“Why do you think my obsession for her comes from?”

“Isn’t it from your ex-girlfriend from Earth?”

“I know this, but why would I still be obsessed with her? I thought I moved on with my life.”

“Alright, let me activate the Psychoanalysis Mode,” said the little elf before changing to a formal outfit, glasses, notepad, and a pen. By now, Edward was used to her shenanigans.

“Do you know that powerful men often want the things they cannot have? Do you think you want her now because she is out of reach?”

Edward pondered for a moment, “There are many things I want that I cannot or did not get. So, I doubt this is the real issue.”

“Then, let’s look at the issue from another perspective. What was the reason for your breakup?”

Edward became momentarily lost in his memories. “Although there were many, the main one was our social status. I was a lowly middle class, trying to make a living in the world. Meanwhile, her family was filthy rich; I’m talking about generational wealth that they could not spend all their lives if they wanted to.”

He paused for a moment as he looked at Acier; “Her family never liked me, so it was an issue in our relationship. But the real reason for our breakup was my insecurities. She never minded my economic status and saw me for who I was. Unfortunately, I could not do the same.”

“So, have you thought that maybe, you want to show her your current self or your current success, to show her that you are more than worthy of being with her,” said Morgana as she fixed her glasses.

“So, you’re saying my obsession with her is the result of unresolved low self-esteem from my past life?” muttered Edward, his eyes brightening.

Even if his clone in Primordial Earth became successful, it was not the point that her family would care or regret their decision. However, if he could show up his Empire and power now, that would truly shock them and make them regret how they treated him.

After figuring out the root of the issue, he could not help but smile to himself while shaking his head. He was now the Emperor of an Interstellar Empire, about to conquer an entire galaxy.

He was a powerful Arcanist capable of blowing the Sun with a flick of his finger; with his current Tier, he could live for a few million years–without the Elixir of Life.

He had enough power and wealth to buy and conquer the Earth a thousand times over, if not more. So, why would he care about a small family on Earth?

As for her, he could only say some things were not met to be. One day, when he visits Primordial Earth, they may meet again. By then, they might rekindle their relationship, or more likely, they will be strangers who at some point had a significant impact on each other’s lives.

After figuring this out, Edward felt a heavy burden lifted from his shoulder.

“Thank you, Morgana.”

“I’m always here to serve, boss.”

“Alright, I need to go somewhere first.”

Edward opened a portal to leave before returning a few minutes later. Then, he finally placed Acier’s Soul inside her preserved body.

“Where am I?” she asked. “Edward?” Confusion was written all over her face. Acier then remembered her last memory when she died.

“Megicula!” she said with gritted teeth.

“She’s dead,” said Edward.

Acier sighed, “So, you really revived me? How long has it been?”

“16 years.”

“So, my baby Noelle is now a young woman. And all my other children are now adults,” she muttered softly.

“This is for you,” said Edward as he handed her an orb.

“What’s this?”

“Henry’s Soul.”

Acier trembled slightly as she held the orb in her hand.

“I just summoned his soul from the past before his death, so it is still weak and needs some time to recover. Additionally, since he died from a magical sickness, it’s best to recreate a new body for him.”

“Thank you,” said Acier with tears in her eyes.

“No need for thanks. After all, aren’t we friends?”

“You seem different from the last time I saw you.”

“Well, many years have passed, plus I’ve figured some things out. We can catch up later; I’m sure you’re dying to see your children right about now.”

“You’re right.”

So, Edward opened a portal for her to send her to the Silva Royal Castle. Edward then walked to the room next door to Sally’s laboratory.

“How are the artificial bodies going?”

Sally focused on a bunch of glass containers with green liquids inside. In each container lay an elf body that appeared to be in a deep sleep.

“With the knowledge you gave me, I have created a body perfectly suited for their souls. I cannot believe there was such a deep relation between the body, mana, and soul.

“I wonder what the soul is made of? Could I dissect one and find out? Could the soul feel pain? I want to know so bad. No, I should immediately begin to research….”

“Hey,” said Edward with a stern and slightly raised voice. Immediately, Sally paused before finally turning around to look at him and lowering her head.

“What did I say to you?”

“When doing research, a calm and composed mind is always necessary for an Arcanist.”

“What else?”

“Uncontrolled curiosity and lack of caution is the ultimate formula for disaster.”

“I’m glad you remember. Now, go to the meditation room to calm down. Once you’re done, I’ve added a few new books for you to read.”

Sally was depressed when she heard she was forced to go to the meditation room. But when she heard she could read new books, she became motivated again.

Edward shook his head when she saw how quickly the little girl ran off to the meditation room. He ignored her before continuing his own research. Two days later, he went to see Acier again.

“How is everything?”

“Better than I expected,” she replied with a smile.

“Did you finally realize I was right?”

“About what?”

“About your middle children being shitty.”

“You!” said Acier while glaring at him. Although she also did not like how these two turned out, as a mother, she knew it was not too late for them. With her here, she can bring them back to the right path.

Edward shrugged to indicate he meant what he said. However, after she nagged for ten minutes straight, he promised not to speak ill of them–at least not to her face.

“I have a feeling you did not come here just to see an old friend,” said Acier after the promise.

“Yes. There is a meeting tomorrow with all the magic knights and Captains, and I would like you to attend.”

“Is it serious?”

“You could say so.”

“In that case, I will be there.”

Edward chatted briefly with her before leaving.


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