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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 311: Retrieval Bahasa Indonesia

Edward had planned to visit the Land of the Sun to see their culture and magic system. But now, he had another reason to visit; however, now was the time. There were some things he needed to do before leaving.

He then looked at Lichita and said: “You can live here until I can find a solution for your physique.” Then, Edward handed her an orb that could display Asta’s actions so that she could watch her son from afar.

With this act, Lichita suddenly forgot her sad past with her husband as a bright smile appeared on her face; she was indeed a simple and kind woman. Very little could please her.

Edward used Charmy’s cotton magic to make a feast for the two before going to sleep. His Higher Life Essence was still sealed, so he was physically tired after doing so many things the past few days.

Although he could use a spell or potion to recover, he decided to sleep. It has been a long time since he felt so weak yet human. Somehow, the feeling was very refreshing.

The next day, after taking a shower and eating breakfast, he flew into the sky; no, into the stars. After reaching near the atmosphere, he looked back at the Black Clover World.

He immediately noticed that this was not a planet but a massive floating plane. Two continents floated in a vast ocean with a few scattered islands in between.

The Western Continent is where the main story takes place, while the Eastern Continent is where the Land of the Sun is located. At the ocean’s edge was a powerful mana fog that Edward could sense from so far away.

This fog was probably the most dangerous Grand Magic Zone ever in this world. Although he could not see what was after it, he could guess.

After a short observation, he continued to fly until he broke out of the atmosphere into space. He saw the sun shining brightly on the continent. An invisible barrier filtered out the UV rays and other things from outer space. If that invisible barrier were to be destroyed, catastrophe would befall the entire universe.

The power of time flashed across Edward’s eyes as he saw a few hours in the future. He saw the sun disappearing and entering another small dimension before the moon came out from that dimension.

“Fascinating,” muttered Edward. Based on his observation, the sun and the moon do not control things like weather, ocean currents, tides, or climates. Instead, they are a source of mana to the world.

All mana in nature comes from those two sources. Oddly, Edward did not sense any Solar or Lunar Energy from these celestial bodies, so he could not use the magic system from the Undead Mummy Universe.

However, he could draw mana from them to cast spells if needed with a bit of training. So, after checking whether some unknown creatures resided or were growing inside, he continued flying towards the fog.

As soon as he entered, he felt how chaotic the mana in the fog was. Even with his acute Mana Control, it will take him a lot of effort to control even a small amount.

Furthermore, as he flew deeper into the fog, numerous natural phenomena began to attack him—thunder and Lightning Storms, Wind Tornados, Volcano Eruptions, Ashe Poison, etc.

The deeper he flew, the more powerful these mana phenomena became. At some point, he suffered an attack from a Star Explosion. If he did not use his Tier 7 Strenght to block it, he would have died.

After traveling for a few hours, he finally left the fog. And right in front of him was this Universe’s Crystal Wall or Source Wall.

“If only the Crystal Wall were this easy to reach in every universe,” muttered Edward. Then, it dawned on him that he had never seen his Universe Crystal Wall from the inside. All the time he saw it was from the outside when coming from his travels. Most of the time, the World Gate or Floating City will open a tear that leads straight into the Void.

“I should check that out when I return.”

Then, Edward looked at the fog again. He had the idea of studying this fog and replicating it as protection measures for the Empire. He could artificially create one that surrounds the Empire’s Star Systems as protection and, eventually, the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

Of course, the strength of the fog has to be increased; nevertheless, it should be a great way to hide from the eyes of the Gods while the Empire rapidly increases its strength.

He did a few tests by trying to open a portal to the Western Continent, but the fog contained Space Blockage Properties, which made Edward very satisfied.

Finally, he focused on his main task. He spent a few days studying the Source Wall before starting to create a complex magic circle in space. One of the benefits of the Mana Method that he learned is that he can place Temporary Enchantments in the air without the need to add magical resources.

So, now, enchantments are used not only for forging or blessing things with magical properties but also as spells to fight and other things. The only downside to this method is that a lot of mana is required in the process, along with excellent knowledge of Enchantments.

While engraving the magic array, Edward took out a bunch of floating orbs. He stored his mana inside these orbs for the past few days before recuperating and repeating the process.

He needed a lot of mana for this Mana Method Enchantment, and his Tier 7 Mana was insufficient. Furthermore, controlling a lot of mana from the fog seemed impossible. It even blocked his attempt to draw mana from the sun and moon.

So, he had to use this method.

After activating the magic array, Edward opened a slight gap in the Source Wall. And in that split second, even less than a nanosecond, he summoned his World Gate from the Void before closing the gap.

Edward frowned as he looked at the gate in the middle of the circle. The World Gate had many holes on it while appearing as if it was melted by something.

He immediately checked the dimension inside, and as expected, most of the rooms were now destroyed. Most of the enchantments no longer functioned, and the Aether Core was almost drained of all its energy.

Luckily, Morgana’s server room was still barely intact and salvageable. However, thinking about all the magical resources stored inside that had been lost, Edward wanted to cry,

In terms of value, everything inside was probably enough to buy a small planet.

‘What a headache,’ he thought while sighing deeply. Then, he focused on how long to fix the World Gate and the time required. The first step is to create the ore, magicium. To do that, he must first make the Aether Core in this world.

This should not be a problem since he can do that as long as there is mana and souls. Finally, he needed magical resources to fix the enchantments. That’s the only real issue he has.

Some of them might not exist in this world, so he has to find a replacement for them or modify the enchantments to fit the laws of this world.

“And if everything fails, I can use the Mana Method to replace the enchantments with a temporary one. However, I need a few other Aether Cores as an energy source.”

After making a preliminary plan, Edward flew out of the fog with the gate. And once he exited, he placed it inside his pocket dimension. Then, he took out an orb to check on the Clover Kingdom.

A slight frown appeared on his face by what he saw: destruction. Whether it was the Noble Realm, Common Realm, or the Forsaken Realm, many magic knights fought, resulting in death and destruction everywhere.

“So, the plot changed,” he muttered calmly as he focused on a few specific battles.

“This is most likely Zagred’s secret doing, so he should show up soon,” he muttered before deciding to wait longer before showing up and accomplishing his goal.


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