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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 309: Elysium Bahasa Indonesia

As Edward looked at it, he sighed. The Blank Memory version of himself seemed somewhat obsessed with Acier. And even in the brief moment when he got his memories back, this obsession did not go away.

At first, he did not know the reason behind thinking that the Universe Will was playing tricks. But that was not true. The reason for this slight obsession is because she resembled someone else he knew: his old girlfriend back on Primordial Earth.

It was not just about her appearance but her smile, personality, and how she interacted with him; they were all eerily the same.

Before his death, they had long broken up, so he thought he had moved on from her. And over the years, he has moved on with his life and accepted his new life in the new world.

Apparently, that was not the case. Three hundred years later, she somehow popped back into his life.

Now that he had found the source of the problem, Edward thought of many issues that would arise after reviving Acier. The main one involves Henry. Edward knew that he could have saved him–albeit with great difficulty, but still possible.

And she knows this or suspected this. For now, this will not be a problem; however, once he’s accomplished the plans he has for this universe, and she is brought back to the Empire, she will one day have the ability to revive him.

At that point, his situation will be similar to Snape’s, and Edward does not think he can handle things as he did with Lily. The only reason he made polygamy legal in the Empire was to encourage birth and to satisfy his lust.

He knew this and never denied this fact. So, his male ego would never allow his wives to be in a polygamous relationship with other men. Although unfair, that’s how he felt.

As Edward looked at the soul in his hand, he muttered: “Maybe after getting some closure, I should just move on.”

As a successful playboy, he never took rejection to heart; he understood that no matter how handsome a person is, no matter how rich and successful they are, no matter how eloquent they can chat or flirt, someone will not find you attractive and reject you for a myriad of reasons.

You have to accept rejection like it was a small mosquito bite and move on.

After pondering for a while, he put the soul away, deciding to make a decision later on. Then, he sealed Megicula and removed the Tree of Qliphoph before returning to the Heart Kingdom; he did not care about the chaos in the underworld because of a Highest Devil’s disappearance.

“What happened?” asked Lolopechka.

“I sealed her,” replied Edward before taking out a golden rose, which instantly absorbed a dark aura from Lolopecka’s body. Without hesitation, she lifted her shirt to see her curse mark disappear.

“It’s gone. I-I don’t have to die,” she said as tears started to flow from her eyes. The same was for Undine, who embraced her. After waiting for these two to calm down, Edward said: “I’m leaving.”

“So soon?”

“Yes, I have many things to do.”

Undine paused for a moment before saying with a smile: “I want to say be careful, but I doubt anyone in this world can cause a real threat to you.”

“I still appreciate the sentiment,” replied Edward as he opened a portal and left. His destination was Elysia, a secluded village of the elves. He waited outside the tree for the guardian of this village, Dryad.

Not long after, a tall woman with pointy ears and a dress made of flowers appeared in front of him. After a brief look, she smiled:

“I knew I had a guess coming, but I could not foresee who it was exactly. Who would have thought that the famous Wizard King would visit how humble abode. Come in; I’ve prepared a small feast full of fruits and vegetables.”

Edward smiled at this overly enthusiastic Tree Spirit with the Gift of Prophecy.

‘She will be a great asset to the Empire,’ he thought as he followed her inside the tree. Edward did not meet with many elves but went straight to Dryad’s abode, where they had dinner.

“So, to what do I owe this visit?”

“First of all, I’m here to exchange techniques.”

“Oh, are you interested in our Ultimate Magic? Well, you’re probably the only human with enough mana to use it without the Mana Method. I’m fine with an exchange.”

Edward was glad things proceeded smoothly; he preferred dealing with very open people like her.

“The second reason I’m here is because of Elysium.”

Dryad frowned slightly after hearing this, but Edward continued: “The name of your village is similar to the supposed dwelling of God, Elysium. I wonder if you know anything about that place.”

“Unfortunately, you will be disappointed.”

“How so?”

“I was born after the massacre of the elves. Their desires for a home and a place of safety gave birth to me as their guardian and this place. As for the name, it popped in my head, so I used it.”

Edward was a little disappointed that he could not gather more information. However, it was alright since he already knew how to reach this so-called Elysium; he just wanted to gather some information beforehand.

So, after chatting with Dryad for a few hours, he left. Ultimate magic was a way for the mages to connect with their soul to increase their control and resonance with their mana.

Then, they can develop a spell unique to them that is extremely powerful. In essence, this is a technique for better mana control so that it will be beneficial to the Empire. However, for Edward, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

So far, only the Mana Method is truly useful for him as it can not only allow him to recreate his Arcane Rune Magic but also optimize it a little. As for True Magic, it has its advantage.

True Magic allows a mage to convert their mana into the real power of nature. For example, a wizard who uses Lightning Attack Spells. Their attacks are still made of mana converted into elemental properties; this is why Anti-Magic can nullify.

However, True Lightning Magic turned mana into natural lightning that exists in nature, so Anti-Magic has no effect on it. In a world where magic has a ceiling, the power of nature is truly beyond normal mages in strength.

But in a world where people can destroy galaxies with one spell, albeit still powerful, True Magic has its limits. Additionally, True Magic has limits for elements found in nature like earth, wind, fire, water, lightning, and plants.

After leaving the Heart Kingdom, Edward headed to a Grand Magic Zone. While Morgana used her ability to transform many of the Arcane Runes Spells from the Rune Arrays in this world, he began to set up enchantments in the surrounding.

He created an Isolating Enchantment to prevent others from accidentally coming into the area, even though the abundant ambient mana in the surrounding made this area unlivable,

Then, he placed an invisible enchantment that surrounded a few thousand meters and another enchantment to absorb the ambient mana in the surroundings as a power source.

Finally, he also recreated the previous magic circles that he used to summon Megicula from the underworld, using the World Tree Magic to create the Tree of Qlophoph.

However, he did not use Dark Magic to connect to the underworld but used Light Magic as the source to find another space: Elysium. After waiting a few hours, Edward discovered another sub-space full of positive energy or mana; it was like it was the antithesis of the underworld.

“Bingo,” he muttered before stepping through the gate and reaching that dimension.


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