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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 255: Set and Nick Bahasa Indonesia

Edward’s next course of action was to go see Nick, the protagonist of the Mummy 4. Although it was still three years before the beginning of the plot, he wanted to be prepared.

During this time, Nick was in the military and was deployed in Iraq. After Morgana acquired this guy’s location, he teleported to the barracks where he was located.

The moment he saw Nick, Edward felt that something was wrong with him. His body had a strange vibe or aura surrounding it. If it was not for Edward’s keen senses, he might not have noticed it.

As he looked at Nick in his invisible state, he decided not to immediately contact the latter; his instinct was telling him this was the best move. Recently, after he began to purify his mana, he has further developed the pre-cognitive ability that he received from modifying his bloodline to that of the Thunder Bird,

Adding to that his Cosmic Awareness Talent, he knew to trust in his “feelings” or “intuition”.

So, he decided to use other methods. He turned into a commander of the division that Nick was a part of and organized a health inspection or check. All the soldiers were inspected including their bodies and blood.

During the process, he was able to secretly study Nick’s body and his discovery somewhat surprised him. From Solomon, he learned of the plot of the Mummy reboot, so he knew that at the end of the movie, Nick’s body was occupied by the Egyptian God of Death, Set.

However, he managed to subdue Set’s will or consciousness while retaining his power. Edward thought it was because of Nick’s powerful will and his love for the female protagonist that allowed him to achieve such a feat.

After all, emotions like love are some of the most powerful forces in existence.

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Nick’s body itself is unique. The best way to describe is that he is the perfect anti-divinity vessel or the perfect divine sealing vessel. As long as any gods take over his body, their powers will be drastically reduced.

And as long as his will is enough, it is easy for him to even suppress the soul of the god, completely inheriting their powers.

“There is no way that his physique is natural,” muttered Edward as he watched the result. He knew that only a person with a great deal of knowledge or understanding of divinity could create such a masterpiece.

He knew that he could not.

‘Could it be Yahweh?’

Edward immediately thought about Anubis. His plan at resurrection was foiled by mortals just Set, and even the Gods behind the Dragon Emperor had the same fate.

Edward thought that it was infighting between the same pantheon with Anubis and his father Osiris, but now, there is a chance that Yahweh is being all of these things, secretly planning the downfall of all the gods that survived the War of Heaven.

Immediately afterward, Edward began to investigate Nick’s background to see if there was something abnormal. But nothing was found. So, he went further to trace his bloodline back to ancient times using Time Magic.

And he did discover something. During Solomon’s reign, there was a group of people under his command referred to as Demon Sealing Priests. During the war, demons and other gods would send powerful beings into the mortal world to cause chaos.

The Demon Sealing Priests were created to seal these entities in their bodies and prevent them from wreaking havoc in the world. Nick was a descendant of one of these priests.

Edward immediately knew that something was wrong. Why would these priests seal these demons and not kill them? He did not believe that Yahweh did not have a way to kill them.

Additionally, why did he seal them inside their bodies instead of magical artifacts or some special place?

“Could it be he has been planning all of this for so long?” muttered Edward. “If that’s the case, that means he might be very adept at using time magic or prophecy.”

Edward had long suspected this since Dolus told him that Yahweh’s goal was to become omnipotent and omnipresent.

In general, Gods are limited by their Authority or Divinity. For example, a God of Fire can most use fire-related ability and control things related to it. They cannot use the power of the other elements or powers related to other authorities.

Of course, the gods have many innate abilities that are guaranteed the moment they become gods. For example, high magic immunity, basic teleportation, and a few others,

That’s how Godhood worked in the Harry Potter universe from what Edward knows. As for this world, he hypothesized that it might be similar.

“This Nick is more valuable than even Set,” muttered Edward. Bu studying him, he could create a powerful Anti-Divinity Weapon to use against the gods in his world. And even develop Anti-Magic Weapons to deal with some powerful magic races.

This kind of weapon would be quite advantageous to the future conquest of the Empire of the entire universe, and also to deal with Godly beings from other universes in the future.

Thinking about the endless benefit that this guy can bring him, he was excited for a moment before calming down. He immediately organized the army to set up a new required vaccination.

And in the process, slip something into Nick’s body to wait for the right occasion to activate.

There were still three years until the plot began, Edward had to wait and not interact too much with the people involved in case something went wrong. In the meantime, he worked on something else while purifying his mana,

Back in Earth-234, he had a new idea for nanorobots and began to develop them, however, he soon realized that it would be best to wait until he returned to the Floating City to make them as the material and laboratory needed for the process were not attainable on that Earth.

So, once he finished with Nick, he returned to finish them. Three months later, he took the city to return to Earth-234. To be precise, he used his spell there while the others use the city to follow him.

As Edward walked in the streets of London, everything was empty. The buildings, the cars, the parks, the forests: there were no living people or animals. The only exception to this was the ocean that he did not touch.

“Morgana, you can begin,” said Edward.

Not long after he said these words, a shadow suddenly covered the bright sky. If anyone were present to see this, they would have thought of a kind of mosquito plague attacking London.

These were nanorobots that were even smaller than mosquitoes. Not long after appearing, they quickly surrounded a building that was more than 300 meters tall.

A few seconds later, that entire building was gone; it appeared to the naked as if it suddenly disappeared. Right after that, this black plague that looked like a mass of shadow headed to another building. And just like the first one, this one also disappeared after a few seconds.

Then, the plague separated into many groups. Oddly though, their numbers did not decrease.

Each group would attack either a building, a car, or anything technology machine in sight; it could something as insignificant or small as a microwave or remote control, to a particle accelerator.

Everything was attacked and mysteriously disappeared.

Meanwhile, a screen appeared in front of Edward. As he looked at it, he nodded in satisfaction. These things did not disappear. The nanobots deconstructed all these things to their basic components using Transmutation before teleporting them to a pocket dimension for storage.

For example, after a car is eaten, all the metals that were used to make them were transformed to their original shape before being processed and then sent to the pocket dimension. That goes for the rubber used for the tires, or the leather used for the seats.

This was a way Edward developed to better gather resources.

An hour later, the entire earth was essentially devoured by him. There was nothing except forests or mountains. All technology products were deconstructed and taken away as material.

Then, Edward began the next phase of this plan. The nanorobots had an enchantment that allowed them to absorb metal energy from the things that they swallowed, then used that energy to split themselves.

Under Edward’s command, the nanorobots rapidly split before beginning to deconstruct the entire planet, layer by layer, crust by crust to the inner core.

In just a month, the entire planet was deconstructed or decomposed into basic materials, leaving nothing in sight, not a single matter.

“A month is a lot longer than anticipated,” he muttered while thinking of better ways to either improve this new technology or create a better one. And he had an idea.


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