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After telling Snape that he would be on his way, Edward began to think about the situation. He thought that he was in some other movie or book that he had never seen before but now the Mummy showed up.

Such a situation could only mean two things: whatever movie that Dr. Houghton and Frank were in is a spin-off of the Mummy series, or this is a world where multiple universes are fused.

If it is the former, then it should be fine. However, if it is the latter, this universe should have many surprises. After coming to this conclusion, Edward closed his eyes and entered his Mind Palace.

He found himself in a massive library with countless books; there was so much of it that a small planet could probably be filled with these books. Edward was proud of the size of this library; this was a display of the vast knowledge he has acquired in his life.

Although he could change his mind palace to resemble that of a computer to make things easier, he did not do so.

With a wave of his hand, entire sections of the library rapidly moved until it stopped into one particular section labeled [Earth’s Memory]. Then, with his thought, a book labeled [The Mummy] came into his hand.

He reviewed the entire book. Based on his memories, Edward knew that there were more than 5 Mummies Movies, the original trilogy, the reboot in 2017, and the spin-off of the Scorpion King which had a few movies.

Unfortunately, he only saw the trilogy. As for the others, besides seeing a few trailers and glancing at a few passing information online, he did not know much.

After opening his eyes, Edward said with a serious face, “This world is not as weak as we previously believed.”

“Did you find something?” asked Hermione.

“Yes, this world has Gods, and many of them.”

After reviewing his memories, Edward knew that at least 3 gods showed up in the Mummy Trilogy: Osiris, Anubis, and Set.

The first movie was relatively tame and did not show much, but in the second movie, it is revealed that both the Scorpion King and the High Priest Imhotep received their powers from the God, Anubis.

When Edward first saw the movie, he did not think much about it. However, as he reviewed things now in the real world from his current perspective, he saw many issues that were not stated or obvious.

The second movie touched on things like fate and destiny when it came to the O’Connells and their child, Alex. However, Edward saw more; he could see that the final battle of the movie between Rick, the Scorpion King, and Imhotep might actually be a battle between Anubis and Osiris.

In the final battle, Rick discovered a mirror that showed that the “scepter” that his brother-in-law Jonathan carried all along with him was the Spear of Osiris, capable of killing monsters like the Scorpion King.

In the movie, the appearance of the scepter is shown constantly as it travels all over the world until it reached its final destination through a series of coincidences led by Jonathan’s greed.

As a movie watcher, Edward remembered how he complained that the scepter plot was lazy writing and not properly explained. Although he understood that the writers were trying to show the power of destiny and so and, it was still bad writing to him.

However, now, he speculated that this was not destiny but the power of Osiris guiding his chosen champions.

‘Given that they are both gods related to the underworld, could it be that Anubis revolted against his father Osiris and tried to usurp complete control of the underworld?’

Edward quickly shook his head to remove these distracting thoughts. All of these were his conjectures and have no real substantial evidence to back them up. Nevertheless, he decided to be careful and check the situation of the Gods in this world.

Then, Edward looked at the Tears of the Moon. In the mural at the entrance, there is a story of a warrior who shot the moon, then it learned pain and cried. The tears then became this sacred tree.

At first, Edward thought that some creature or thing felt from the moon. The mural was the way that the ancient people of the Puka Michuna tribe viewed the event and described it.

However, now, he had some doubts. If Gods really existed in this world, there is a chance that some Moon God or Goddess was injured and when its divine power fell to Earth, it created this tree.

If some, this tree would be more valuable than previously anticipated, Thinking about this, he quickly contacted Morgana.

“Control a few Golems and sent them here. Study the tree in depth before transporting it back to the city.”

Immediately, he told her about some of his guesses and theories. Then, Edward left. Since he could not wait for Morgana to arrive, he closed the entrance to the tree and placed a few basic hiding enchantments in the surroundings to prevent others from finding this location.

Then, he apparated to Egypt with Hermione. Unfortunately for them, the space was blocked preventing them from instantly arriving at their destiny. A powerful curse enveloped the entire country and even passively blocked the space.

In the end, Edward and Hermione had to fly to their destination; they used mana crystals to replenish their mana so that they could arrive at the destination at the fastest speed.

Cairo, Egypt:

Edward looked at the sky that was all dark despite the fact it was the afternoon, he knew that Imhotep’s curses had already begun, and with time, he grew stronger.

Currently, he was only Tier 2 while the mummy was Tier 3, and once he was in the desert, he could use Tier 4 powers. So, he rushed to the hotel where Snape and Lily were located with the main protagonists of the Mummy:

Rick O’Connel, Everlyn, and Jonathan Carnahan.

“What’s the situation?” asked Edward directly.

“These reckless people woke up a cursed mummy that has been sleeping for thousands of years. Right now, the creature needs to kill and absorbed the life of the people who opened the chests that contained his lover’s remains,” said Snape.

“How many of the Americans are still alive?” asked Edward

Snape was surprised at how he knew about the Americans, however, by now, he was used to the Emperor having mysterious and unpredictable means.

“Only one of them is dead.”

“What about the Egyptologist?”

As soon as his words finished, he heard a scream outside. Edward and the other people rushed to the window.

They saw a man with a hood standing in front of a dried corpse with a black book in his hand; he turned around showing his disgusting face with holes in his cheeks. He opened his mouth and countless flies flew from his mouth, biting the people around him.

“We’re too late, he already got the Book of the Dead,” said Edward as he looked at the book in Imhotep’s hand with desire. “Plus, his power has increased again with the release of a new curse.”

“What’s our next step of action?” asked Lily. Edward looked at her and he gave her a weird look. She had two guns in her hand and a look of excitement flashed across her eyes.

Although he did not know what made the usually serious Lily act this way, he knew that this was not the time.

“We need to return to the Hamunaptra and acquire the Book of Amun-Ra. With it, I should be able to control Imhotep or weakened his power.”

He then looked at the three protagonists who were looking at him wondering who was this guy that seemed to be the boss of the two powerful wizards that they met.

Edward walked to O’Connel, “Let me see your hand.”

For some reason, Rick showed his hand on instinct. However, he soon regretted it however it was too later as Edward was looking at a tattoo on his right hand.

Edward knew that this tattoo represented the fact that he was part of the Medjai–a secret group tasked with guarding Imohotep’s tombs for thousands of years and preventing his resurrection.

He also knew that it was this tattoo that guided him to discover the true use of the scepter that turned into the Spear of Osiris and killed the Scorpion King.

“Take these three and we will fly to Hamunaptra under the cover of the darkness.”

Each of them needed to carry one person with the exception of Hermione. As soon Edward said these words, Snape rushed to be O’Connel’s carrier as he gave the latter a deep stare as if he wanted to kill him.

“What’s wrong with him?” asked Hermione.

“He’s been acting like that ever since I said Rick was handsome,” replied Lily with a sigh.

“Well, he is indeed handsome,” replied Edward. “That kind of ruggedness, heroic and gun-slinging charm is very attractive to many women. Anyway, he’s not more handsome than me. Right?”

“Of course, my dear, in my eyes, you’re the most handsome man in existence,” replied Hermione as she caressed his hair.

“I will ignore that slight pause before your answer.”

Edward walked next to Jonathan and held him by the back of his shirt. Then, he turned into a shadowy figure as he flew into the sky. The others followed him as Snape carried Rick and Lily carried Evilyn.


Title: The Two Books


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