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“Did you think of something?” asked Hermione. She knew that her husband had countless wild ideas inside his mind, and inspiration often came to him at any moment.

“Indeed. However, let’s test a few things first. Attack as if you wanted to destroy them.”

Edward first used the Severing Charm (Diffindo) on these people, severing them into two pieces. Immediately afterward, their bodies reconnected by themselves as if nothing occurred.

“Magic?” asked Aguirre asked in Spanish, finally removing his focus from Frank. Nevertheless, what responded to him was Hermione’s Fire-Making Spell (Incendio).

Aguirre and his men were instantly turned to ashes. Nevertheless, in just a few seconds, they returned to life. A bunch of snakes appeared to form Aguirre’s body along with his armor.

Bees formed one of them, trees formed the second one, and swamp magically appeared to form the last one.

“Ava Kedavra.” A green light came from Edward’s wand before hitting one of the four, but nothing happened. He was not surprised by this outcome as these guys’ souls did not exist in their bodies.

Now, it also seemed that they did not have any life force that anchors their souls to their bodies. The more immune these people were, the more excited Edward became.

He looked at Frank and asked: “How did you previously deal with them?”

“I trapped them in a place far away from the river, then the forest essentially took care of them.”

After pondering for a while, Edward once again used a spell. However, the four of them evaded so they were not hit. Unfortunately for them, they wit hit by Hermione’s Body Locking Charm.

Then, their bodies completely froze.

“It seems that they are not immune to magic. Just unkillable,” she muttered.

Edward nodded his head before using the Gouging Charm and creating a wide and deep hole into the ground and dropping the four of them. Immediately afterward, without access to the river, their bodies turned into statues and they entered a state of suspended animation.

“So, what idea did you get from them?” asked Hermione.

“Their bodies are fused with the environment, so, although these guys have no mana or understanding of spell, they can still use spell-like abilities.”

“If we study them, we might be able to create many nature-like spells, even create the concept of druids that can borrow power from nature,” said Hermione with a twinkle in her eyes.

“You’re right but I do not care about that. What I care about is those two that are made of honey and swamp; their bodies are completely made of elements,” replied Edward.

“You want to use them to further your study into Elementalization.”

“Yes,” replied Edward. “One of the reasons that Dragons are one of the most powerful species in our universe is because they are considered Semi-Elemental Creatures. Every single cell in their bodies contained mana.

“I’ve tried to replicate this process but even in my Half-Dragon Form, man can only be stored in the tissues, no further than. Not to mention that my cells cannot generate mana like theirs.

“Additionally, I have theorized that Albion should have the ability to completely turn into a Thunder Elemental.

“Although he denied that fact and I could not find anything in his memories, I still believe in my theory.”

Hermione nodded her head before saying, “Elementalization might have a great impact on Aura Masters. Maybe it is the next step after Elemental Awakening.”

“That’s a great idea. However, I’m thinking about something even better. What if we could use Mana for the Elementalization process?

“Turning our entire bodies into Mana? Becoming Pure Energy Lifeforms?” said Hermione with a slight surprise. “If successful, the benefits would be endless. As pure mana lifeforms, our control over mana would be unparalleled compared to all magical species. This process can also help in quickly reaching higher Tiers as Arcanists.”

“That’s exactly what I’m thinking. However, I still think it would be better if we could revert to our bodies of flesh; becoming existence between flesh and energy. After all, flesh life forms still have their advantages.”

Just the discovery of these two people made the trip to this world worthwhile. Edward wanted to quickly study these people, however, he knew that this was not the time, so he controlled his excitement.

Then, he looked around with a bunch of people looking at him and Hermione with weird looks. Obviously, they have heard their conversations.

Truth be told, all these people could not understand what they were talking about. Only Dr. Lilith had an inkling because of her background as a scientist. Nevertheless, these people still understood the fact both Edward and Hermione most likely possessed or has seen the mythical creature known as dragons.

“We are just talking about a novel,” said Edward without any embarrassment, while continuing his conversation with Hermione.

“Have you noticed anything odd about how they were able to cast their abilities?”

“Yes. They did not have or use any kind of mana,” replied Hermione. “It seems that they were borrowing energy from the forest itself, similar to Gate Alchemy.”

That’s what Edward thought as well, however, he was not completely sure. Afterward, the two chatted for a brief moment before stopping; they had a preliminary.

Suddenly, Edward seemed to have sensed something. He waved his wand and a bee was attracted towards him. He looked at it with a frown, he then used the Nature’s Voice Spell to communicate to the bee.

“Does any of you know a German person with blond hair, about 1.7 meters, with a mustache?”

“It should be Prince Joachim,” replied Lilith. “He has been chasing after us from a submarine.”

“Well, according to this bee, he is the one who released Aguirre and his men, tasking them to finding you guys and the arrowhead.”

“In that case, we must hurry. The tree must not fall in the hands of the Germans.”

Edward had no opposition to this. So, after making sure that Aguirre and his men were sealed deeply underneath the ground, he left; he would return later and established a laboratory here to study these four.

Then, the group headed to their destination. During the two days voyage, Edward and Hermione enjoyed the beautiful sight together. She fell in love with Proxima, which was a wild jaguar that Frank adopted and raised; she wanted to raise one of her one.

Meanwhile, Edward could see that Lilith and Frank were getting quite well; it could be even be said to be falling in love.

Soon, the group arrived at their destination. In front of them was a valley with tall walls forming an enclosure. On top of the walls, water fell down from another part of the river.

After a quick observation, the group realized that the next step in finding the tree should be underwater. After searching, they discovered an ancient mechanism. After activating it, the water on the river seemed to have receded and an ancient ruin was discovered.

The group understood that this mechanism was the arrowhead referred to when it said “turning water into stone.”

Frank drove the boat inside the ruin and they saw a gigantic tree at least a few hundred meters in size.

“The tree looked dead,” commented MacGregor.

“There must be a way to activate,” said Lilith, and Edward agreed with her. He was more and more interested in this tree. Normal trees do not grow to such a size, only magical trees.

However, he could not find any hint of mana from this tree.

After searching the ruins, the group found a mural depicting the origin of this tree. According to it, “a broken-hearted warrior climbs to the highest peak and shot his arrow into the moon. From there, the Moon learned real pain and began to weep. Where the Tears fell grew a sacred Tree.”

Edward had a pondering look on his face after translating the mural. Legends or myths usually have some truths. So, based on this, there is the possibility that some creatures fell from the moon, and its essence became this magical tree.

Or, the moon itself contained something that resulted in the creation of this tree. Unfortunately, he has no future knowledge regarding this world and cannot come up with an explanation.

So, he decided to contact Morgana and have her survey the moon and see if she can find anything.

There was an indentation on the mural, so the group placed the arrowhead inside. However, that did not work. Lilith quickly figured out that the solution to their problem is in Edward’s previous translation, the part that said: “to mend a broken heart.” She realized that the arrowhead was in fact a heart, and after trying to break it into two, it was easily separated, revealing a small purple orb.

She immediately placed the orb in the indentation, then, a magical scene occurred. Glowing purple lines came from the orb and spread throughout the entire tree. And everywhere it passed, the tree would become alive as petals rapidly grew on it.

“What a beautiful sight!” said Hermione.


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