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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 212: Ground Strike Bahasa Indonesia


“We have already decided on a tactic to use in this war,” said Commander Montblanc “So, let’s follow the previous plan until something changes.”

Immediately, he sent orders to deploy Team Metal Ice on this ground operation.

Black Wood Star System, an invisible ship floated on top of one of the seven planets. There were five people inside the ship, two women and three men.

All of them looked at the screen of the ship that display an entirely green planet.

“Are you telling me we have to parachute into this planet from outer space?” asked one of the men.

“Rogue, this is not the first time, so why are you bitching?”

“Shut up, Wolf. The reason I’m asking is wouldn’t it be better to just beam straight to our destination,” replied Rogue.

“This is both a mission and a training exercise,” replied Blood Sucker–who was one of the two women in this team.

“With our technology, we can directly teleport to the enemy’s planet. However, what if one day we meet an enemy that can block space. We need to have ways to secretly infiltrate their camp using other means, and this mission is to prepare for the future.”

“Wolf, why are you so grumpy recently,” suddenly said Shadow. “In the past few missions, you have been complaining non-stop.”

“I’m just tired of the constant back-to-back mission.”

“Before you joined this squad, you were told about the consequences,” added Blood Sucker.

“I know this, but I just get mad for some reason thinking about how these people at headquarters sent us to do all these difficult tasks while they get to seat comfortably at home.”

“Isn’t how the military always has been? You slaved on the battlefield so that one day, you get to seat comfortably and watch and dictate conflicts from afar,” replied Shadow.

Rogue sneered after hearing this. “Of all the generals that currently make up the top of the military today, only a handful of them has ever seen true blood in a real war, and that is only during the Demeter Invasion.

“All the others have to use their brain to get where they are. I despise these people.”

The people in the room became quiet for a moment, then Wolf said: “Well, the Empire has been in peace for many years. Besides a few small conflicts with the Atlantean and the Martians, there was no great war.”

Blood Sucker suddenly giggled, “I have always told you, Rogue, that your mouth will get you into trouble one day.”

“What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you read the mission debrief? The War Room will be monitoring this mission through Divination.”

Rogue’s face immediately became unsightly; he was just caught cursing his boss in 4K. All the other people laughed at him with glee.

“It’s time,” suddenly said the one person who remained silent during the entire conversation; she had a very noticeable presence, and as soon as she said these words, all the other people suddenly straighten up their postures.

“Yes, Captain,” replied the other four in unison.

Olivier nodded her head before pressing a button on a watch that was on her wrist. Then, a blue slim exoskeleton suit that looked like the one Master Chief wore from Halo covered her body.

She walked to the back of the ship where there were was an opening. Without hesitation, she flew from there.

All the other members also wore their suits before jumping at her. Rogue was the last to jump from the ship. He squinted his eyes before screaming:

“Hail the Empire and the Emperor. And all of you generals that have dedicated your lives to serving our great nation.”

The people in the War Room smack their lips while acting as if nothing happened; they were all fully aware of what kind of person that rogue was.

As soon as Oliver jumped off the ship, her suit immediately entered stealth mode. While entering the planet’s atmosphere, the suit did not heat up, nor was it detected by any technology.

After entering the stratosphere, she could see many drones and ships patrolling the sky. The entire planet seems on high alert. Based on her training, she began to lead her team to the previously planned landing spot.

After landing, the team quickly surveyed their surroundings to ensure that they were not ambushed.

“Captain, where are we?”

“About half a kilometer from our intended target.”

“That’s our best record yet.”

“Still not good enough,” commented Olivier. The other members were not surprised by this statement. Their team has the best records and no other Space Marine Team has ever beaten their records.

Yet, each time, their captain will tell them that it was not good enough and train them to beat their previous record.

“How is the reading?” asked Olivier.

“Temperature is normal enough for ordinary people to live. Gravity is at least five times of Earth, oxygen about 30 to 50% higher, and a small trace of mana is detected in the environment,” replied Blood Sucker.

“Could we survive if our suit malfunctioned?”

Their squad was not made of those genetically modified soldiers that can survive in any harsh environment, so Olivier wanted to be more careful.

“With a shield, we should be able to. There is a harsh wind capable of slicing any normal person as long as they stand there.”

Oliver quickly processed the information she received. The Fer race has powerful skin which allowed them to survive in this harsh environment. It can even be argued that they evolved to survive in this environment,

The high concentration of oxygen could be the reason that their races are much taller than humans on average.

After analyzing everything, she immediately led her team to their destination.

The tallest Fer race is five meters while the shortest is 2 meters. Because of this, the houses they lived in are much bigger than humans. And when it comes to their architecture, it has a metal feel or theme to everything.

Additionally, the houses have specific colors that dictate the status of the individuals. Ordinary people’s house is grey, while other houses are based on the highest level of strength of the individual who habitat.

The Fer race’s skin changes color based on their Tiers, and their houses will also use the same color of the person’s tier. When it comes to government houses and buildings, gold is usually used as a color scheme.

With the stealth technology, Olivier’s team successfully arrived at their location: the Spacecraft Launching Pad.

The technology of the Fer race is still in its infancy and Launching Pad is still required for all fleet to begin their interstellar travel. The mission of the Metal Ice Team is to infiltrate this place and blow it up to dust.

Without much effort, Olivier’s team successfully infiltrated the building. Shadow had already hacked the system and could monitor every place and every individual.

When the team prepared to place a bomb to destroy the facility, something unexpected occurred.


Title: War is Unpredictable


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