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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 205: Variants Bahasa Indonesia


Ever since he discovered the Multiverse, Edward has been worried about one thing: the other versions of himself. He’s not talking about the Edward Bones of the original Harry Potter universe that died very young, but the version of himself that also reincarnated.

At first, Edward thought that he might be special and do not have a counterpart in the multiverse. However, his talk with Merlin confirmed that this was not the case.

Once he learned this information, he immediately had a feeling that he would meet other versions of himself in the future.

And he knew how scary of a person he could be. As a person, Edward knew how shady or evil he can be. Many of the things he has done can classify him as a dark wizard.

And his current self is still very tame and restrained. However, he could imagine that there are versions of himself that are not. Versions of himself that do absolutely anything for power and knowledge.

Versions of himself that do not have a family to restraint them, versions of himself that truly felt into the dark side, versions of himself that have no problem doing taboo experiments to strengthen themselves, versions of himself that wants to conquer or destroy the multiverse.

Sooner and later, he will meet these people. And he is sure of one thing: they will all want to compete for who is the original.

Edward of course believed he was the original, and he has two points to back that claim: the first is the old man Merlin. He did not doubt for a moment that the old man did not have the ability to travel to the multiverse and choose any versions of himself to interact with.

But he chose him.

The second reason is the Void Tear that he discovered in Rowena’s timeline. Old man Merlin’s implied to him that his luck was the reason he discovered it, that he was destined to find that tear–which is the only existing one in the entire multiverse.

Although Edward does not have a deep understanding of destiny, luck, and causality, however, from the many novels he read in his previous life, he knew that such concepts were real factors that can affect a person’s life.

He was sure that many if not all those versions of himself will want to travel to other universes. However, without that Void Tear, it will take them thousands if not more years to accomplish this on their own.

Even if some of them also establish an Empire or force to help them, it will still take a great deal of time. So, he still had an advantage.

Nevertheless, Edward still wanted to prepare for when it is finally time to meet these guys. He has a plan that requires him to go to a specific world to acquire something.

Right now, he hopes that the Akashic Record will allow him to freely choose which universes to travel to, but he will not place all his hopes on it. Maybe he can also use the power of the Main God Space.

Rowena, Hermione, and Luna understood Edward’s meaning. As the people closest to him, they understood how scary of a person he can be. Not only because of his unparallel talent for magic but also because of the ideas in his mind.

Ideas that he always has a way to make come true. Becoming an enemy of such a person is truly a terrifying thing. Not to mention a version of him that has no bottom line, no restraint, and no empathy.

“We will get ready and depart soon,” said Rowena in a serious face.

“It would be fun to meet an evil version of myself,” said Luna with a smile. “I bet we could be friends.”

“There is no need to hurry. You guys can take your time to prepare before leaving,” replied Edward. “Additionally, you can take this opportunity to solicit many of the great wizards and witches throughout history like the other founders and others that appeared in the chocolate frog card.

“As long as they are willing to leave their timelines and abide by the Empire’s rules, they will be more than welcome…Not just wizards, but also muggle scientists, mathematicians, philosophers like Albert Einstein, Nicolas Tesla, Isaac Newton, and many others from all over the globe.

“They would be of great use to the Empire.”

“That’s an excellent idea,” commented Hermione. “I will make a list.”

“I just remember, I need you to help me do one last thing,” suddenly said Edward.

“You seems to have a lot of demands,” replied Rowena as she squinted her eyes at him.

“How about I repay you with my body?”

“What a cringe thing to say,” she replied. “However, I accept your offer.”

Edward smiled before muttering, “It’s about time that Herpo’s problem was permanently solved.”

After that, he went with Rowena to work on a small project, meanwhile, Luna began to prepare for her Multiverse Voyage. Hermione had her own things to study, while Fleur and Bellatrix were still in the process of advancing to Tier 5.

Three months later, while the Empire was secretly preparing for war, something happened that disturbed Edward. He suddenly appeared outside of Earth’s atmosphere with a shield surrounding him, looking in the distance.

He could feel a strange power a few dozen light-years away, and a look of confusion appeared on his face as this power felt very familiar. And he was not the only one who noticed that power.

In the Afterlife, Herpo immediately sensed that power when it appeared and observed it from a distance.

“Death Authority? How is that possible?” he muttered as he quickly checked once more. However, he could feel that this was indeed a [Death Authortity] that was completely different than his.

Immediately, he became excited.

“If I could absorb it, not only will my power increase, my chances of breaking from this hell-hole will drastically increase.”

As he prepared to rush to the destination of the [Authority], he paused.

‘How could such a thing that is beneficial to me suddenly appear here? Could it be a trap?’

He looked at Edward and noticed the confusion on his face, still remaining suspicious. However, when he saw the Gate appearing behind him, Herpo knew that if he did not act immediately, he might forever lose that chance.

So, he rapidly took out the remaining faith he had and sacrificed it to gain a moment of freedom. Without hesitation, he teleported to the asteroids where the [Death Authority] was sensed.

No matter what, he could not resist the temptation nor this opportunity.


It seems that some people are a little confused regarding the last chapter. Yes. I was referring to novels like [Reincarnation Paradise] and [Terror Infinity] when referring to Lord God Space or Main God Space.

As for how Edward knew about them, it was because Merlin told him that some timelines were isolated and he theorized based on his past life knowledge that these groups might be responsible for it.

Title: Herpo’s Fate


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