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Killrog’s green skin suddenly turned red along with his eyes, then, he broke free from the restriction of the gravity spell. On top of that, Edward could feel that his mana became violent, and as it traveled throughout his body, it drastically increased his stats.

Killrog rushed towards Edward with at least five times the previous speed, By the time he reached less than a meter from him, a sonic boom was heard.

In Killrog’s eyes, the Caster in front of him remain motionless as he moved faster than the latter could react. He swung his sword with tremendous force.

‘With this strike, he should be gravely injured. However, the vitality of a Tier 5 Caster should be more than enough to keep him alive.’

As the sword was a few inches from its target, Killrog felt a powerful force that pushed more than a dozen meters away.

Arcane Rune Spell: Almighty Push.

Killrog was forced to insert his sword on the ground to offset the force of that attack. So, he left a trail in his way before stopping, his breath elevated. If he was not in a Rage Mode and immunity to pain, he knew that he must likely have already fallen.

Realizing that he was facing an elite caster with plenty of battle experience, diverse spells, and great reaction time, Killrog decided to take things more seriously.

To him, the more powerful Edward, the more valuable he was.

Suddenly, red blood came out of Killrog’s body before forming a red armor that covered all his body.

Orc Magic: Blood Armor.

Then, the sword in his hand suddenly lit up and he disappeared. When he appeared again, he was standing behind Edward, once again swinging down his weapon.

This time, Killrog was very concentrated; his beast-like instinct was activated to the fullest. So, the moment he felt the gravitational force from his opponent’s body, he used the Flash Enchantment in his sword to teleport away before reappearing in the same spot again, dodging the attack.

However, after swinging his sword, he discovered that Edward had also disappeared and appeared behind him.

“I’m quite surprised. From what I know, any magical weapon with space-related enchantments is not only rare but also very expensive. How did you get access to one.”

Killrog did not answer this question as he knew that this time, he was in trouble. One of the most deadly and difficult people to deal with in the universe are casters who mastered instant Space Movement Spells.

It is very difficult to get close to them, and they can get away when things go south.

Despite this, KIllrog never thought of running away or giving up. He is a warrior and disdain running away from the battle. Additionally, an Artificer was too important to the Pirate group.

Not to mention that he came here personally to take the Artifer back. If he did not succeed, this would damage his prestige as a captain. Then, the Vice-Captains who are also Tier 5 can use this opportunity to mutiny and usurp his power.

‘Since we both have a Flash Step Spell, the victory will be to the more strategic person and the person with the better reflexes. With all my experiences and being a warrior, I should have an advantage.

‘After all, no matter how powerful this caster is, he is still an Artificer. He has to spend a lot of time learning and forging weapons; he should lack experience and training compared to me who has been on the verge of life and death constantly for many years.’

Killrog swung his sword and a blue slash rushed towards Edward, who just created a magic shield to block the attack. Immediately, he activated his flash spell to move, however, he discovered that it did not work.

‘Damn it! Dimensional Anchor Spell?’

As soon as these thoughts came to his mind, he felt a sense of danger and moved out of the way. Unfortunately, it was a little too late as Kilrog saw a black and thin thing pierces his body.

Luckily for him, he acted in time to move his organs around to reduce the damage of this attack.

As he looked back, he saw that it was his own shadow that turned into a spear and attacked him. And for a moment, KIllrog was frustrated. He had never met a Caster with so many varied spells that can be used instantly.

Most Casters will focus on a few spells or categories of spells like Elemental, Necromancy, or Illusion, and focus on them. Plus, they usually only have a few spells that came be used instantly.

But not his opponent.

‘What kind of magic system is,’ complained Killrog, who immediately decided to use his number advantage to win this battle. He knew that this was not the time to be pedantic and let his pride as a warrior be his downfall.

Regrettably, when he looked at his men, he found that all of them were down on the ground, passed out with a satisfied smile on their faces. Meanwhile, the female companion of his opponent was standing in the middle of his men, watching the current battle.

‘Should I try to use her as a hostage? No, this will not work. With a Space Spell, the Caster would be faster than me. Plus, this woman is not an easy opponent since she could so effortlessly take out all of my men.

‘In that case, I only have one last choice.’

Killrog placed his hand on the pelt that covered his crotch and took out a metal plate and injected his mana. Immediately afterward, a strange wave came from the disk, making both Edward and Fleur frown deeply.

“Do you feel it,” said Killrog with a smirk. “This is a rare Anti-Magic Weapon that can null all the mana in the surrounding. I only acquire it after killing a Tier 6 Mage. I lost countless fleets in the process.”

Although KIllrog’s mana was also nullified, as a warrior, his strength is tremendous compared to a weak human Caster. So, he was very confident.

“Interesting,” said Edward as he felt the mana inside his body. His mana was not nullified like Killrog said, but was drastically weakened. Maybe because of the crystallization, Edward felt that his power was reduced by at least 2 tiers.

Additionally, he found it very difficult to mobilize and use; it was as if a great resistance was felt every time he tried to.

Not wanting to waste any more time on this battle, he instantly mobilized the Aura inside his body and rushed towards his opponent, creating sonic booms behind.

Before Killrog could even react and understand what was happening, Edward appeared next to him and punched him in the temple. He lost consciousness and passed out.

Edward waved his hand and the disc on the latter’s hand folate in the air. He placed a few cleaning spells on it before putting it away. Finally, he pointed at Killrog and a black magic circle appeared.

Arcane Rune Spell: Soul Enslavement.

To Edward, this pirate group was perfect for Dumbledore’s new business and could help in doing some shady things that the business cannot do officially.

While enslaving the Tier 5 Orc, Edward felt some resistance and he knew why. As a warrior, his Will is powerful enough to resist enslavement. And if he was conscious, the resistance would be greater.

Edward could have used his own will to confront Killrog. However, this would take too much time, so, he placed another illusion spell on him that showed him achieving his deepest desire, thus lowering his Will.

That way, the process was easily completed. Then, Fleur did the same to the other pirates. This is one of the reasons that Edward asked him the pirate leader if he was a believer of God.

If he was, he would not easily try to enslave him as the souls of believers belong to their Gods. Once something happens to it, they will be aware.

Once Killrog was awakening, he knelt on one knee to acknowledge his allegiance. So, Edward ordered him to bring the two back to their lairs where he also enslaved the other pirates and Vice-Captains.

Two weeks later, after everything was done, the two finally returned to Earth.


Title: Project Uranus


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