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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 20: Encounter Bahasa Indonesia

After Edward said these words, a white and illusory shadow showed up in front of him. At first, it was in the shape of a white ball, then it turned into a figure; to be exact, it was a beautiful woman floating a few inches from the ground.

This woman had waist-length hair, with a scholarly, intellectual, or cultured air about her. As a result of this, she can appear to be prideful. However, her beauty more than made up for this flaw.

“Helena, how have you been?” asked Edward with a smile on his face, showing his joy at seeing her.

“I would have been better if you did not abandon me for more than 5 years.” replied the ghost of Helena Ravenclaw with a calm look on her face.

“Before I left, I specifically warned you that this would happen, so you cannot blame me for this.”

“So, you’re telling me that with your ability, you could not just apparate to see me?”

“You know that it is impossible to Apparate directly in Hogwarts.”

“So, you could not Apparate in the Forbidden Forest, then sneak in to see me? Or better yet, just make your house-elf apparate you.”

Edward smiled stiffly after hearing this, while also appearing a little embarrassed.

“Let’s not talk about the past. What matters now is that I am back and we can spend all the time together while I am a professor.”

Then, Edward took out his wand and pointed at her.

“Corporeal Body,” chanted Edward. Following this, Helena’s transparent ghost body slowly turned into flesh and blood. From her skin, all the way to her hair, and even her 10th-century clothes turned real.

After that, Edward embraced her in his arms, then gently kissed her in her soft and red lips, turning their conversations into a deep and passionate kiss.

“There is no need to focus too much on the past. Now that I am here, we can make up for all the time we missed.”

“Hmph, you are lucky that I found you very charming, otherwise, this would not be the end of things,” replied Helena with a soothing voice and a blush on her face.

Then the two of them started kissing like they were two lovers separated for countless years, and yet the passion remains between them.

However, midway through their snogging session, they heard the sounds of footsteps approaching, so they separated, reluctantly.

Edward could guess that it was Filch doing a night tour to ensure that no students were up past the curfews, but he was not happy despite knowing that this caretaker was doing his job.

So, he took out his wand, and with a wave of it, he placed a Disillusionment Charm on the two of them. Then, Edward floated in the air while still embracing Helena; then he flew to his own Professor Lounge in the castle.

That night, he and Helena spend a wonderful evening together. The two of them expressed their emotions through pure physical actions.

You would think that Helena–who was a witch born and lived in the 10th century–would be quite reserved when it comes to physical intimacy. Unfortunately, she has been slowly corrupted by Edward over the years.

In some ways, she was more enthusiastic than him.

The next day, Edward woke up early. However, he did not find Helena sleeping next to her after checking.

“It seemed that the power of the Corporeal Body Charm I placed on her ran out early. Hmm, I should probably do something about the duration. However, she did not have to leave without mentioning something to me. Is this her way of saying that she is still mad about the past five years,’ thought Edwards secretly.

After that, he took a shower and went to the Great Hall to grab something to eat. His first-class did not begin until a few days later.

However, midway through, he saw one of the first year looking around; he seemed to be waiting or searching for somebody.

As soon as Edward approached, the person’s seemed to lit up and rushed towards him with great excitement.

“Mr. Longbottom, what can I do for you?

“Professor, I would like to give you these?” Then he proceeded to hand Edward two packages.

“My grandmother sent you the first one, while I saved enough money for the second present. This is to thank you for all you have done for my parents. We know that this is probably not enough, but this is the best we can do to express our gratitude.”

Edward looked at the two gifts; one was a book, while the other was a bag of candy.

“Thank you, Mr. Longbottom. Furthermore, the price of a gift does not matter, only the intention behind it.

After that, Neville thanked him again before leaving. However, midway through, he met with Harry, Ron, and Hermione who overheard his conversation. So, they asked him about it, and Neville replied without hesitation.

“After the death of You-Know-Who, my parents were tortured through the Cruciatus Curse by Bellatrix Lestrange, resulting in them losing their minds. At one point, they could not even recognize me.

“However, Professor Bones created healing magic that cured them. Although they have not completely recovered, now they can recognize me and my grandmother, and can even function normally. The only problem is that they could not use magic yet. However, according to Professor Bones’ treatment, they should be fine in a few years.”

The Trio was surprised; not just because of Edward’s accomplishment, but the fact that Neville’s parents were through so much suffering and pain.

As for Edward, he went to eat his breakfast. However, during the whole process, he was thinking about Neville’s parents.

One time in school, he started a study on the relationship between the Mind, Body, Memories, and Soul.

According to science, memories should be located in the brain. However, as a transmigrator, he retained all the memories from his past life. Meaning that memories are also related to the soul.

Additionally, he also wondered about the correlation between the mind, soul, and memories. After months of research, he realized that the perfect subject for his experiments were the patients at the St Mungo Hospital–especially the ones whose minds became damaged through magic.

These patients often have trouble with both their minds or thinking and with their memories. So, Edward used his family connection to spend an internship at St Mungo’s hospital to study these patients. He went as far as paying a visit to Gilderoy Lockhart and learned about Memory Charm (Obliviate) from him.

And his research was a great success. He found the correlation between the mind, body, memories, and soul. To repay these people for being his experimental subject–even though it was not voluntary–he created much healing magic to help them and their families.

While Edward was eating, he received a voice transmission from Severus Snape. This was one of the magic that he also created after modifying the Sonorus Charm. It was very useful for secret conversations.

“Last night, I forgot to tell you that there were some problems with the DNA clones that your muggle company created.”

“Is that so? Then, let’s visit there later and I will check it out.”

“As you wish.”


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