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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 2: The Interview (1) Bahasa Indonesia

After Edward entered the store, he had a brief meeting with the store clerk to review the sales in the past few months. Well, the result was as good as before, if not better.

The Ageless Potion that he created is actually a money printing machine. The purpose of this potion is to actually revert a woman’s face or visage back to a younger age of their choosing.

This potion allows older women to return to their youth, while younger ones can remain at a certain age for a longer period of time. Adding to that, this potion has some beautification effect; using it is like having a permanent social media filter from his past life.

Of course this potion has restrictions. It cannot increase the lifespan of anyone that drinks; it only lasts 6 hours before someone has to drink another dose. Over use of the potion can build resistance, however, Edward invented another potion that clears out the build up resistance.

With a monopoly in these two potions, plus the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Cards and Disks, Edward is a rich man in the magical world. Of course he did not do all of this because of his family circumstances, but because he needed a lot of money for his research and experiments.

After checking that everything was alright with the store, Edward used the Floo Powder to teleport himself to Professor McGonagall’s office. Then, he saw the green-robed waiting for him.

“Professor McGonagall, it’s been a while since we met,” said Edward with a smile on his face. However, the professor did not respond with a smile of her own.

“Five years to be exact, Mr. Bones. No one has seen you for more than 5 years. If it was not for the few scattered letters that you send, many people–including me–would have thought that you were dead in a dark corner of the world.”

“Professor, you should have more faith in me. I think few things in this world can actually send me off this mortal coil.”

“That is not the point, Edward. You suddenly vanished after graduation. Many people were worried about you.”

Edward–still with a calm smile on his face–responded in an apologetic tone, “Well, there is a reason for my absence. First, I got lost in my research. Then I got myself into a little trouble.”

“I am well aware of how engrossed you can be when doing magic research. However, that is still not reason enough to behave in such a manner. As for your so-called ‘little trouble’, I do not believe that anything that can cause you trouble to be of such insignificance,” replied McGonagall as she directed him towards the Headmaster Office.

After spending the entire journey apologizing to her, they finally arrived in front of the Headmaster Office. After the Vice Headmistress used the password, Edward saluted her before entering in.

The first thing that he noticed inside the room was the Phoenix Fawkes. He approached it to play with it.

“So, Fawkes, have you thought about my proposal to abandon the professor and become my companion? I promised you that your life will be much better in the future.”

“Not interested,” replied the phoenix with a nonchalant look. An answer which was nor surprising to Edward.

“It truly is a fascinating spell, isn’t it?” suddenly ring a voice in the room. “Nature’s Voice, allowing the user the ability to communicate with animals. Honestly speaking, I believe that this is one of the best spells you have created.”

“Professor Dumbledore,” replied Edward as he turned around to face the headmaster. “You looked as healthy as ever.”

“Thank you. Do you want the usual?”

“If you do not mind.”

Then, with a wave of the professor’s hand, a cup of tea appeared on the seat opposite him. After sitting down and enjoying their tea for a few seconds, Dumbledore looked up and down at Edward with his deep eyes under the small glasses.

‘Has he already reached that hurdle?’ he thought secretly to himself. ‘This is faster than me and Gellert, and even faster than Tom.’

After secretly sighing to him, Dumbledore than asked, “So, Mr. Edward Bones, where have you been the past five years?”

After taking a sip of his tea, Edward replied, “After you refused my application to be a professor at Hogwarts, I followed your advice. I traveled the entire world. I went to the United States, visited the Amazon Forest in South America, Toured the Pyramids in Egypt. I even went as far as visiting the Soviet Union and China. And I did not only visit the magical side of these worlds, but the muggle side as well.”

As a matter of fact, Edward lied, or did not tell the whole truth. He did indeed visit all these countries, but it was not for a vacation. No, it was to steal knowledge.

You could say that in the past 5 years, Edward became the greatest international thief in both the magical and muggle world, leaving countless legends both true and false.


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