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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 19: Contract Bahasa Indonesia

Later that night, Edwards left his room and headed to the Forbidden Forest. After arriving there, he saw a magical mark guiding him somewhere, so he followed it until he discovered Snape waiting for him.

He still had that same expressionless look on his face, while wearing a dark cloak making him look like a bat.

“Edward bones, it’s been more than five years, and you have yet to show me the final proof.”

“What are you worried about? Didn’t I already show you that my words were true?” replied Edward with a rather calm look on his face.

“Yes, but we are still missing the final piece of the puzzle. Do not forget that you are also under a magical contract.”

“Fine, I’ll show it to you.”

Then, with a wave in his hand, Edward and Snape disappeared from the Forbidden Forest.

—Scene Break–

When Edward was in his 6th year, he had an interesting conversation with Snape in his office. At that time, Severus had only been teaching at Hogwarts for a few years.

After entering his office, Edward handed him a piece of paper; it was a magical contract.

After reading the contract, Snape sneered before saying, “Are you fooling with me, Mr. Bones?”

According to the contract, once Snape signed it, Edward would have access to all his magical knowledge–including both Charms and Potions. All the spells and potions created or improved by Snape would belong to him.

Snape would never accept such a thing.

Edward was not mad at the professor’s words. He knew that Severus Snape was a very talented individual. And as such, he must have his pride and dignity.

“Professor, there is no need to be angry. Just wait until you hear what I have to say.”

“Go on Mr. Bone. However, I hope that you will not waste both of our time,” replied Snape with a cold look on his face.

After organizing his words for a few seconds, Edward then elaborated:

“When my parents died, I became fascinated with death. I started to wonder whether there was any kind of magic that could bring death back to life. Unfortunately, there was none. Or at least, none I could use.

“So, I decided to create one of my own. I have studied the concept of death for many years and I have discovered something fascinating.

“Death can be divided into two aspects: the body and the soul. Once either of those two things has a problem, then people or animals die. After further investigation, I realized that the majority of deaths are due to the body as there is very little magic that can affect the soul. Well, to be precise, the soul is one of the few nearly immortal things. Even the Killing Curse does not affect the soul.

“After this discovery, I started to wonder if I could recreate the body of my parents, then place their souls back into their bodies, maybe I can bring them back.”

Snape’s breathing became rapid for a few seconds before he managed to calm himself down. “That is preposterous. Even a Grand Alchemist like yourself should be aware that it is impossible to recreate a perfect body, let alone the issues regarding the soul.”

Edward nodded his head:

“You are correct. Even with all my knowledge of alchemy, I cannot do such a thing, yet. However, the science and technology of muggles can do such a thing. Through DNA cloning, they can perfectly rebuild a human body.

“Of course when I visited the muggle world, this technology was years from being perfected. However, after I controlled some of the smartest of them and forced them to work together, the speed of the process has greatly reduced.”

(AN; The first cloned sheep was created in 1996, while the first human was in 2002. However, there is no proof that a real human clone was created in 2002.)

Severus took a deep look into Edward’s eyes. Unfortunately for him, the other party’s Occlumency was even more profound than him.

“Even if what you say is the truth, what about the issue of the soul?”

Edward smiled before continuing:

“Professor, it is quite easy to determine whether I am telling the truth. All you have to do is visit the muggle company that I am in control of.

“As for the issue of the soul, well. I also investigate this aspect as well. And the answer I came up with was one of the Deathly Hallows, the Resurrection Stone. With it, I could summon the souls of my parents from the clutches of Death itself and bring them back to life in their new bodies.”

“Your story is still absurd, Mr. Bones,” replied Snape. “Any wizards can tell you that the Deathly Hallows are nothing but a tale told to children right before bed.”

“You are wrong, professor. The Hallows are real and I know the location of all three. Two of them–the Elder Wand and the Cloak of Invisibility–are in the hands of headmaster Dumbledore.

“As for the last one, well, because it is currently protected by a very powerful dark magic, I could not take it. However, it is only a matter of time before it becomes mine.”

Snape took a deep breath before saying; “Your story is interesting and all, Mr. Bones, but what does it have to do with me?”

“Oh, professor, there is no need to feign ignorance. I know a lot of things that I should not know. For example, your rivalry with James Potter and his group, the fact that the Invisible Cloak used to belong to James himself before he entrusted it for Dumbledore after his death.

“More importantly, I know of your love for a certain green-eyed little witch. So, I am confident that you are fully aware of what I am implying.”

Snape stares at Edward while secretly holding his wand, pondering whether to take drastic actions. However, he did not do so.

That night, he apparated to a secret company in the muggle world. After checking that Edward was telling the truth, he signed the contract the very next day.

—Scene Break—

Back to the present time, Edward apparated him and Snape to the Gaunt’s Family Shack, where the Resurrection Stone was located. After spending more than a half-hour to temporarily disable all the protection that Voldemort placed on the house, he retrieved the ring.

As soon as Snape saw the ring, he recognized the stone on top of it. He has spent the past seven years researching every single detail about the stone.

With a look of yearning, he reached out to take it. Fortunately for him, Edward caught his hand before he managed to touch it.

“Do you want to die?”

“Forgive me,” replied Snape. “I simply could not resist myself,”

“Well, you would not be the only one.”

After that, the two of them left the Shack and Edward reactivated all the previous protection.

Outside of the Shack, Edwards looked deeply into Snape’s eyes before saying:

“Severus, you are not to tell anyone about this!”

“I know how to keep a secret.”

“Severus, you seem to not understand,” replied Edward with a deep bloodlust in his eyes. “I have my plans for this ring, and if you were to ruin them by opening your mouth, then I can guarantee you a one-way voyage to meet your lovely Lily. Do you understand me?”

Severus’ heart skipped a beat as he took a half step back. The only time has seen such powerful bloodlust was in the eyes of his former master. So, he knew that Edward was not joking when he said these words.

“I will swear an unbreakable oath that I will not reveal anything.”

“That’s good.”

That night, Edward returned to the castle after Snape swore the oath. However, while walking back to his room, he felt someone shadowing him.

“I know you are here, so you might as well show up.”


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