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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 182: High Magic Bahasa Indonesia

After the council meeting, Edward had important things to do, so he rushed back to his Gate. One of the rooms contained a gigantic gate more than 100 meters tall that looked like a Gate of Truth. The only difference was that this gate had many runes engraved on it.

After standing in front of it, the runes lit up and began to activate. A white light came from the gate and entered his head. Immediately afterward, changes started to occur inside his Soul Dimension.

Countless runes began to appear, and these runes started to build something: it was a Gate of Truth.

Using Father’s experiment, the knowledge he stole from the Eye of God, years of research, and a little bit of help from Merlin, Edward invented a way to create his own Gate of Truth.

A few hours later, a brand new gate appeared in the Empty white space. The design on the gate looked exactly like the previous one that he destroyed:

An ouroboros with a pyramid inside. Inside the pyramid was a lotus with a single eye at the center.

However, now, there was an additional circle with the word “Arcane” written in a strangle language that Edward did not know. Still, just by looking at the word, he understood its meaning.

After the new Gate of Truth was created, Edward left the laboratory and appeared on Earth. Instantly, he discovered that his senses of energy were drastically enhanced.

He could see the mana in the environment; they looked like tiny blue atoms. He could sense the tectonic earth energy on the ground that Alchemist most often used.

Along with it was the life force of the planet and long with the leyline nodes that resided on the earth. Additionally, Edward could feel a large quantity of aquatic energy from the ocean.

Since Earth was made of 70% of water, this energy was the most abundant. He wondered would be using this energy for Alchemy would have some additional effect just like life force has on Alkajesty?

Edward controlled the aquatic energy and perform a transmutation. The water underneath his feet instantly turned into a large iceberg.

“It seems to be able to amplify Water-Related Alchemy,” muttered Edward, but he did not continue to test.

He apparated and left the atmosphere. As he floated in the vacuum of space, even without relying on any spell, he could breathe properly, and his body was strong enough to block any kind of radiations and so on.

While there, he could feel ambient energy that exists in space and seemed to flow through the universe.

He tried to control that energy but failed. So, he tried a few more times. After more than an hour, he finally managed to control a small part of it and begin to take a close look at it.

“Is that cosmic energy?”

Edward has read about cosmic energy in many comics and Marvel Movies. He did not expect to discover it in his universe.

“I will have someone studying it; it could be of great use in the future.”

After taking note of this, Edward teleported to the small dimension that used to be his laboratory located in the Bermuda Triangle. He went to see his dragon, Albion.

When the Thunder Dragon King noticed its arrival, he opened his eyes while still laying on the mountains of gold.

“So, did you return after failing in your trip?”

“Maybe,” replied Edward with an ambiguous smile.

“Don’t be discouraged. Even our Dragon Clan has failed to break through the Source Wall, let alone you…Wait, you’re already a Tier 5 Wizard?”

“Tier 5 Arcanist, but yes, I’ve had some opportunities.”

“Did you find something in the Astral Realm?”

‘Astral Realm? That’s a new term,’ thought Edward.

“More or else,” replied Edward. Then, countless runes appeared in his eyes as he looked at the dragon; he was checking Albion’s soul and bloodline.

‘Just like I thought.’

He discovered that the restrictions he placed on the dragon were slowly being removed. So, it is only a matter of time before the latter regained its freedom.

Then, a 3-dimensional magic circle started to manifest in front of Edward, which shocked Albion.

“What’s this? What are you doing?” The dragon had a bad premonition. However, Edward ignored him. A few minutes after the circle was created, it entered Albion’s bloodline and soul, creating a new and stronger restriction.

“Damn it,” roared the Dragon as he tried to find his enslavement. “How can you use High Magic?”

‘Another new term,’ thought Edward. While the dragon was busy fighting the spell he cast on him, Edward took the opportunity to steal some of the memories that were previously inaccessible to him.

He then knew what the term [High Magic] meant.

In the universe, magic can be categorized into three main categories: divine magic, ordinary magic, and High Magic.

Divine Magic can only be used by the Gods and their followers. And their followers can only use it if their Gods bestowed it onto them. This form of magic is considered the mainstream, and although debatable, could be considered the most powerful type of magic.

Ordinary magic is any other type of magic, for example, Wandcraft magic that was popular in the Harry Potter World before Edward came along. The reason this magic is considered ordinary is that the Gods are immune to this kind of magic.

No matter how strong a spell is, once it touches a God, they will not be affected by it in the slightest. Even if there is a vast difference in Tier between the caster and the God.

High Magic is different as it can affect Gods and even kill them if strong enough. And Edward’s newly invented Arcane Rune Magic falls in the category of High Magic.

After knowing, Edward started to sweat profusely thinking how he wanted to fight Herpo with Wandcraft magic; that would be a disaster. Since Dragon Language is considered High Magic, maybe things would not be so bad.

Unfortunately, as soon as this thought came to his mind, Edward discovered another piece of information from Albion.

Draconic Language Magic is divided into four levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and King.

The previous magic that he got was nothing but the Beginner level, and only after the Advance level could Draconic Magic be considered High Magic.

Immediately after knowing this, Edward began to steal the Intermediate Magic from Albion’s Bloodline Inheritance.

Unfortunately for him, after getting 10% of it, a weird power came and cut off his contact with the information source.

Meanwhile, Albion looked at Edward with furry in his eyes. He could feel that the difficulty of him removing the enslavement in his bloodline has increased to Hell Level Difficulty.

Albion was indignant; a noble Dragon King like himself was enslaved by a mere human.. If he was not weak after his reincarnation, there is no way that he would suffer such humiliation.


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