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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 180: New Projects Bahasa Indonesia


After dealing with his phone calls, Edward looked at Grindelwald and asked: “Did you find the people who instigated the revolt?”

“Yes. They belonged to a radical anti-Imperialism group. I tracked many of their secret bases in many different planets in our solar system and have eradicated them. However, I noticed that their operation was funded by someone or a group of people.

“Unfortunately, these people were very good at erasing their traces.”

After saying that, he looked at Amelia, who added more to the topic.

“Since your departure, a group of corporations has been using their financial means, threat, and dark magic to influence many members of the council.

“They have been trying to pass laws regarding lowing taxes, Nobility Titles, and the rights to privately own planets. I believe that they are responsible for the fundings of these radical groups.”

Edward reviewed the information that Amelia sent him, and a deeper frown appeared on his face. Their actions have begun to affect the foundation of the Empire.

One of the reasons that the empire has been flourishing so well is because it is a meritocracy. As long someone contributed enough, they can rise in both status, strength, wealth, and many more.

However, many of these corporations have begun to take credit for their worker’s contributions for their own benefit. Edward will never allow this to happen, otherwise, the Empire will crumble at a rapid rate.

“Why don’t you deal with these people?” he asked.

“The main reason is that there is not enough evidence to back these accusations; these people are very good at cleaning their tracks.”

Edward understood her meaning. As the most powerful elder of the council, she still has to follow certain laws and regulations. However, he does not.

“Don’t tell anyone about my return. I will attend the Council Meeting three days later and deal with these people.”

Edward knew that these people were dying to know what other universes are like and what he experienced, so he showed them. He uploaded his memory and experience in a private server of Skynet and have them experience it themselves.

Of course, a few private things were left out.

So, all of them closed their eyes for a few minutes before opening their eyes.

“The wonders of the world never stop amazing me,” said Flitwick with a big sigh. He was not the only one who felt that way.

After everyone reviewed the memory, all of them gave Nicolas Flamel a strange look before averting their eyes. In the information that they just learned, they knew that someone with the same name as him was involved with the Philosopher’s Stone.

All of them were not stupid and guessed something. However, since Edward did not mention this topic, they did not bring it up.

Then, all of them began to review the knowledge Edward brought back from his voyage. Besides Nicol who was interested in Gate Alchemy and Snape who was interested in Alkahestry, all the other members focused more on the Arcane Rune Magic that Edward invented.

“So, we, wizard, finally have a way forward,” said Rowena as she read the information on becoming Tier 4 and Tier 5.

“Not just wizards, but mages too,” added Hermione. “With this new system, most if not all the problems that mages faced will be solved.”

The creation of mages has always been very important to her as it was a way for her to allow her parents to use magic.

“I can even use it to deal with the issue of Bloodline Rejection,” commented Fleur.

Edward nodded his head as he could see that each of them could find inspiration from the knowledge he brought back.

“Nico, what do you think?”

“The Gate Alchemy seemed to be an advanced form of Transmutation Magic. With it and the new form of enchantments you created, we can finish Project Uranus in two years or less. If there is more manpower, it can be done in 6 months.”

“Indeed,” replied Edward as he sent new schematics that he developed for the Floating City to Nicol; it was a better and more powerful version of the old ones.

Nicolas was intrigued and began to study it.

“What about you aunty? What do you think?”

“The Gate Alchemy is a system that can be generalized to the people. As long as someone has a soul, they can have a Gate, meaning that we will enter an era where every individual in the empire has some sort of extraordinary power.

“However, that is not necessarily a good thing. Once people have power, their inner desires will also be augmented. So, we need proper regulation to ensure that things do not go out of control.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve been prepared for this possibility.”

Then, Edward sent all of them a new document with the title:

“Project Pangea.”

“This will be our main next project in the next few months, so I need you guys to become knowledgeable in Gate Alchemy. Additionally, I will organize a symposium with all the Tower Masters and other influential wizards of the empire to help.”

“I’m glad that you already thoughts of everything,” nodded Amelia. With the current plan, no matter whether it is wizards, mages, or other extraordinary beings, it will be easier for them to be managed.

Amelia read the information about the destruction ability of Tier 5; she could imagine what kind of catastrophe these people could make if they went rogue.

“There is more,” suddenly said Edward as he sent them another blueprint with the title: Project Akashic.

After everyone read the entire thing, a solemn look appeared on their faces; everyone became quiet. Finally, Flitwick said:

“Is this a little too dangerous? If something goes wrong, there will be catastrophic ramifications.”

Many people agreed with Flitwick.

“This is the reason I’m showing you all of this,” replied Edward. “I want your help to deduce the possible danger that I overlooked and come up with ways to reduce them.”

Many people immediately understood that there were no ways to change Edward’s mind. Without them, he will still take the risk.

The only person slightly excited was Rowena.

“Does this Akashic Record truly exists? Does it really contains all the knowledge in the word?”

“They do exist. However, I do not know if they contain all the knowledge in the world, but there should be more than we can imagine.”

The meeting continued for a few minutes before everyone was dismissed. Edward could see that many of the people present wanted to become Tier 4 Wizards as soon as possible, and even Tier 5.

So, he dismissed them before warning them that they should probably practice [Aura] to strengthen their bodies before trying to reach the higher stages, otherwise they risked failure.

Then, he waited for the Council Meeting three days later.


Title: Arcanist


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