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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 125: Inspection (III) Bahasa Indonesia

9th Tower, the Council delegates walked inside to see someone waiting for him. However, that person was not dressed properly and only had a regular shirt and jeans with a lab coat on.

“Tower Master George Weasley, where is your brother?”

“I’m Fred.”

“Sorry about the mistake.”

“No problem. As for my brother, our shop is having a week-long discount, so he’s attending to it.”

The council members were speechless after hearing this.

“Oh, did you guys come up with a new catalog of joke objects?” asked Edward. “Show me!”

Immediately, George showed Edward a holographic image describing some of their new inventions.

“Oh, a potion that allows people to taste color? That sounds interesting. I’m sure you guys went through the proper review before selling them right?”

“Of course, Professor. We are law-abiding citizens.”

“Yes, said the guy that just lied to officers of the Empire by taking his brother’s identity.”

“Professor, why can you always tell us apart when even our mother cannot? We even developed special magic to make us indistinguishable.”

“For one, I always assumed you guys were lying about your identity. Plus, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

“Do tell.”

“Hehem,” suddenly coughed Amelia lightly.

“Alright, let’s get back to business,” said Edward. Then, George led the group to show his result. So, he led them to a room that was generating massive amounts of electricity.

However, all the electricity was directed to another connected room that had a massive floating Crystal Ball with blue light in the middle.

“As you all already know, our task was to create a magic item that could convert other energies into mana. After many experiments, we discovered that electricity could be converted into mana.

“Although a large amount is needed for even the smallest amount, with nuclear power plants, the amount of electricity generated is nothing,” explained George.

“Excellent,” added Edward. “Although the solar system has plenty of leyline nodes that generate mana, we can never be too sure whether one day they will stop. However, with this method, we will not have to worry about mana in the future.

“Let me see the data for the experiment.”

After receiving and reviewing the data, Edward said: “It should be possible to also convert solar energy into mana if you change the enchantments a bit.”

On the spot, he designed the basic enchantments to accomplish this, then he said: “You guys can finish the rest.”

“Professor, I was planning to take a vacation,” complained George.

“Then do so, but get back to work after that. However, if you procrastinate longer than necessary, the Royal Guards will arrest you to send you back.”

Ignoring George’s angry look, Edward and the delegates headed for the next inspection.

8th Tower.

“Cedric, how have you been? How is the wife?”

“Everything has been fine, professor. As for Cho, she just transferred to a new team, so she has been busy with Quidditch training.”

“That’s good. Now, let’s begin.”

Nodding his head, Cedric led the team to show them his result. What appeared in front of them was a gigantic spider with twelve legs. For the spider eyes, there was only a giant red glowing orb.

“In front of you is the 8th generation AG-23 Spider Golem. It comes in three modes: Water, Earth, and Sky.”

After Cedric Diggory said that, the spider started to fly under his command. Then, he led it to the large ocean that was inside the room. The spider’s legs entered his body as it floated on the ocean, acting like a boat.

Finally, it dove deep inside the water, resurfacing a few minutes later.

“It can serve as both a weapon and a reconnaissance drone.”

Many modern and magical weapons including laser cannons appeared from the spider’s body. Some of the cannons shot elemental magic, and one was enchanted to shoot Bombarda Spell.

“It can scan a planet’s basic conditions, search for lifeforms, minerals, and plants. It can even serve as a mining golem–although not as efficient as one, its multipurpose abilities more than made up for that.”

Controlling the holographic screen in front of him, Edward asked: “Can they be mass-produced?”

“Yes. With the recent 3-D Printing technology that is enchanted with the same enchantment as the Room of Requirements, as long as the necessary materials are available, they can be mass-produced.”

“This is indeed a great invention. With this, the Space Fleet’s next expedition will be much safer,” commented Edward.

5th Tower:

“Neville, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine, thank you for asking, professor.”

“How about your mother and father? Your grandma?”

“Father and Mother are fine, they are now working at St. Mungo’s hospital. As for grandma, she is quite healthy. A-and she asked me to hand over some tea she personally made for this Inspection.”

“Tea? You can hand over it to me now,” replied Edward with a smile. After doing so, Neville said: “She wanted me to thank you for supporting my promotion as Tower Master.”

“There is no need to thank me. You are one of the most talented herbalists of the Empire. You deserve that title. Now, show me the result.”

Inside a very large room that was expanded with the Extension Curse, an enormous tree stood in the middle. The tree was as tall as a 10 story building, the leaves on them were entirely blue. In the dark, they might glow.

Powerful energy could be felt coming from them. As soon as the delegates walked into the same room as the tree, the wizards amongst them instantly felt like their mana was alive.

Their minds became clearer, and using magic became easier for them.

“After years of studying, with the combination of genetic engineering and herbology, the Mana Tree was finally created. After being planted on a leyline node, they absorb mana from them and release it on the surrounding through photosynthesis.

“More importantly, the mana in the surroundings did not dissipate after being released, but remained active in the environment.”

“Excellent job, I knew that I could count on you, Neville,” said Edward. “What about the effect of the tree on the nodes? Have they shown any sign of activation?”

“Yes, they do, however, the process is very slow. According to our calculation, even the node with the least concentration of mana would take more than 500 years to activate. As for the more powerful one, an estimate of over 100,000 years is the smallest number we could calculate.”

“That’s indeed too long,” replied Edward. “Could the process be accelerated if the tree was planted all over the world at the same time?”

“It’s possible,” replied Neville. “But there is not enough data to support this claim.”

“Then study.”

“As you wish.”

‘This should be enough to placate Death and not make him act rash. As long as he has hopes to activate the leyline nodes to escape, he should continue to remain patient as he has been in the past few decades.’

So, the group headed for the next Tower for inspection.

5 chapters.



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