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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 110: Battle of the Century (II) Bahasa Indonesia

Both Edward and Dumbledore raised their wands at each other, and light came out of their wands to clash in the middle. The light from Edward’s wand was blue, while the one from the headmaster was yellow.

Sparks flew where the light met, creating a burst of wind that blew away all the dirt in the ground. This confrontation only lasted for a few seconds before the two stopped at the same time.

In this brief test, they gauged the mana of their opponents and realized that they were somewhat evenly matched. So, the real battle finally began.

Edward waved his wand to create more than 20 Ice Spears in the air, which then rushed towards the headmaster. Not being outdone, Dumbledore created 20 spears of his one, but the flame elements.

A massive exploding occurred after the spears clashed, creating a large amount of steam in the surrounding, obscuring the views of the two.

Instantly, Edward activated an X-ray-Vision Spell to locate Dumbledore, he waved his wand to control the steam in the environment to rush towards his opponent.

However, the headmaster was prepared as a shield appeared in front of him blocking the burning stem. However, he also knew that his shield would not last long, so he waved his wand upward, creating an Earth Wall in front of him, blocking the attack.

Without pausing, a light flew from Edward, and after hitting the wall, it slowly turned into mud, rendering it useless. Nevertheless, the headmaster had bought himself enough time.

A vast amount of water was summoned from his wand, turning his surrounding into a river. Then, under his control, a tsunami large enough to destroy a city rushed toward Edward, wanting to swallow him whole.

With a wave of his wand, a gigantic Earth Wall also appeared in front of him; the wall as high as a skyscraper. So, when the tsunami hit it, the water was separated into two and did not even touch Edward.

Seeing that his attack failed, Dumbledore prepared for his next move. However, the earth wall suddenly turned into metal, and a spark of electricity flashed from it.

In just a split second, a large amount of lightning traveled from the wall through the water, heading towards Dumbledore. Without having much time to react, he instantly apparated away from his original position.

Unfortunately for him, as soon as he appeared in his new spot, a pillar made of lightning rushed from the water towards him. Without much options, he once again apparated away. However, no matter where appeared, a pillar of lightning will instantly rise from the water.

‘Is this the reason that he did not place Anti-Apparition Charm in the surrounding? Because he can predict where I’m going to appear?’

With his mind running quickly, Dumbledore apparated again, however, he instantly placed a shield around. The Pillar of Lightning pushed him upward, but he still resided it for a while, then taking the opportunity, he waved his wand, instantly freezing all the water and stopping the lightning.

Dumbledore’s breath was heavy after stopping this attack. Nevertheless, he still did not have the time to rest. He saw Edward create a giant hammer from the ice in the surroundings.

Pointing his wand at it, a massive tornado appeared and blew the Ice Hammer away. It crashed on a forest on this island, creating a massive crater. Additionally, many trees instantly turned into ice afterward.

Dumbledore’s tornado did not stop there but rushed towards Edward with the utmost momentum. Not only was it powerful, but it was also very fast. With no choice, Edward erected a barrier around him, yet, he has still pushed away a few dozen meters.

On top of that, he could feel the tornado slowly grinding his shield. So, he tried to Apparate away, however, the headmaster blocked the surrounding space; Edward could feel that even the House-elf magic was also blocked.

Fortunately, he still had the Phoenix’s ability. Turning into a flame, he appeared away from the center of the tornado. However, no long after he appeared in his new location, the tornado followed him under the control of Dumbledore.

So, Edward pointed at it and created a large tornado of his own. The island trembled after the two tornadoes clashed, creating massive winds. Trees were instantly uplifted from their roots and flew away. Fortunately, this was an inhibited island, otherwise, the people there would also be flown away.

As for the two of them, they were intact during the confrontation, with shields surrounding them. Edward used the power of gravity to remain in place and not be blown away, while Dumbledore used earth magic to glue himself to the ground.

While his wand was still creating a tornado to clash with the headmaster, he raised to make a clenching motion. Suddenly, Dumbledore felt a tremendous weight around him and his shield. Cracks started appearing on the floor he was standing on.

Identifying this power as gravity, he raised his hand and powerful force came out from his body to resist.

‘Telekinesis?’ thought Edward. He was not surprised that the headmaster could use Telekinesis as even young wizards could control things with their minds. He even saw Grindelwald–who was camouflaging as Percival Graves–flip an entire car with a wave of his hand, and he could do the same.

He was slightly surprised at how Dumbledore could use it to block his gravity magic. Nevertheless, he focused soon focused on this battle.

He waved his wand upward, forcing the two clashing tornadoes to fly upward, then with his left hand, increased the gravity on the headmaster, he tapped his wand on the air, then the space trembled.

Dumbledore’s eyes widened for a moment. He saw the space around broke apart into many space circles. Then, speared appeared from them; these spears were of different elements: flame, ice, thunder, etc.

The headmaster immediately wanted to apparate, but the space around him was also blocked; he secretly sighed as he realized Edward’s deep understanding of space magic on top of elemental magic.

However, it did not take him long to realize the reason. From his interview with him a few years ago, Dumbledore believed that Edward was trying to travel to other dimensions on his own. So, his research on space magic is probably very deep.

Dumbledore knew that this time he was in deep trouble. With the power of gravity restraining him and the inability to apparate, he did not believe his shield could stop all these Elemental Spears. Nevertheless, he still remained calm.

As soon as those spears rushed towards him, the frozen ice under his feet opened up and Dumbledore buried himself a few hundred feet beneath the earth. However, he still felt the tremor of that previous attack.

Following this, he created a tunnel to appear above ground a few meters from his original location. Dumbledore looked solemnly at Edward, knowing that his current tactic was not working.

He waved his wand to control the ice in the surroundings into 10 giant soldiers wearing full-body armor and holding weapons.

“Transfiguration?” muttered Edward to himself.



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