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  Draco woke up with a startle, looking around to see that he was seated casually on a bar seat of his mansion’s upstairs snack back.

His green eyes narrowed as he looked around, noticing that he was still chewing on some chips and sipping soda.

However, for some strange reason, his usually stagnant Tier 2 Control flared up and seemed to expand, causing his body and mind to shift painfully. While this was happening, Draco was not able to react to a shortsword piercing his chest, stabbing him all the way through.

He gasped and clutched his chest, turning around to gaze at his assailant. When he saw those cold blue eyes that showed no remorse for their actions, he nodded his head as if he was someone who had expected it.

”You were the last person I expected, and the person I trusted most. I cannot believe it would be you…” Draco mumbled as blood poured from his mouth.

Without saying anything else, his assailant left the building, leaving Draco to bleed out to death.

How could he have known that his victim would surprisingly enjoy a boost in Control which greatly increased his vitality?

Despite the pain, Draco was able to stay alive. With gritted teeth coated with blood, he crawled through his large mansion until he reached his pod, where he dragged his body inside and started it up. As the nanites flooded his body, he sighed with relief as his injuries were rapidly mended with the inclusion of 1st Grade NuSmoothies.

Draco did not enter the game as he had just left, he just lay there in the solution, slowly coming to grips with what was going on.

The details were starting to get hazy, but he still remembered large parts of it, how he had received a second chance, and how he had managed to make use of it to correct all the wrongs and suffering he had gone through.

”Ha…haha….hahahaha!” Draco eerily laughed, even as he coughed a little blood.

What a fanciful dream!

He never knew he had it in him to pine for such a childish wish this late in his life!

That Eva’s act of cheating was all due to a misunderstanding? That together they would capture and torture Shangtian? That instead of just another orphan, he was in fact someone who had a miraculous bloodline? That a game like Boundless was more than just that, capable to awaken some fancy power sealed within him…

Draco shook his head. He was a fucking abandoned child who had suffered all his life till he thought he found love, but found that his lover was as base as any other.

Reality was always the most bitter pill to swallow.

It was a joke to excuse Eva’s actions using that dream. Admittedly, his ex-girlfriend was truly beautiful, but that did not make her a fancy bloodline holder, merely a NORMAL woman with great genes.

Statistically, hundreds of normal women cheated on their partners every day around the world. There was no use in denying what she did to him.

Reaffirming his resolve, Draco remembered that he had just destroyed her empire. This sent a feeling of relief coursing through his veins as he relished the kind of mental and emotional pain she must be going through at this time.

Tired from the loss of blood, Draco fell asleep within the nanites.

He woke up a few hours later, feeling much better and whole. He exited the pod, washed himself up, and gussied up. These actions even felt clumsy to him, for in his ‘dream’ he had stopped needing to bathe for a long time.

”Bloodline Black Dragon. Soul Black Dragon. Lucifer Lineage?” Draco shook his head.

”I never knew I had such creative talent. Who knows, if life hadn’t shat on me, with my fascination with fiction back then, I could have become a pretty good author.” Draco muttered to himself as he wiped down.

It wasn’t that a part of him didn’t believe the story. In fact, there was a low thump in his chest at every second when the vague memories flashed through his mind, pain lancing through him when he thought of his wives and children he would never get to see again.

The Succubus Genius Zaine with which he had that tyke Loki, the innocently wicked Roma who had been the first to birth him a beautiful daughter, Rosella, as well as the sweet and pure White Dragon Hikari, whose children had not yet hatched from those eggs. Each of them had carved a place in not just his heart, but his soul, and the bitter reality that none of them existed was causing him a deep-seated pain.

And so his mind rejected it all, trying to suppress and repress all these strange memories for if he accepted them, it would only cause him agony knowing what he had lost.

Draco picked up his Holo-Tab and remembered something. With a thump of his heart that was so loud it pushed his chest, he quickly checked the news.

What he saw spooked him, as all of the major channels were reporting on his death, shocking the entire Internet for the past few hours. However, what made his heart thump even louder was a live recording of a serial killing going on near the top right side of the city.

Hundreds of police, soldiers, and civilians had been lacerated to death by a certain serial killer who was on a rampage. When Draco saw the one responsible, he immediately dropped his Holo-Tab and bolted out of his house.

He moved so fast that the reporters and civilian well-wishers who had trekked to his house in the meantime could not even see him. He was shocked by his own speed, knowing that what he had categorized as Tier 2 Control should not give him such a physical boost.

Rather, it felt much more like the crazy effects of the Tier 5 Body of Godliness he had reached, but that should be impossible. Maybe dreaming about it helped him theorize new ways forward that he didn’t know of?

Draco shook his head as he moved like a blur through the streets, he couldn’t afford to think of this now. Right now, he had to reach that place!! That place was where he would find out the truth of everything and whether what he had seen was madness or not!


In another location, a shadowy form zipped about, crazily shooting laser-like beams of concentrated light at everything around, killing men, women, and children alike without a care for their pleas, screams, or curses.

Whenever light could not do it, a wave of mental impulse would blast out, forcing people around to become dazed and slack-jawed as they turned on their loved one, ripping them apart with ease.

There was no filter, no limit to the madness going on. It was hell on earth, and the screeching laughter filled with madness from the shadowy form did not help.

It was a voice filled with hatred for everything, the world, life, humans, animals, and itself. There was no longer any point in reasoning with the being laughing in such a manner, as reason had long left them.

It was precisely because of this that the shadowy form was not ready when it was struck flying by a huge arm. It crashed through a few buildings and coughed out blood to the side, its darkness dissipating to reveal a woman so beautiful it caused those being slaughtered to lose their hatred for her.

However, such a beautiful visage was ruined by scars self-inflicted through madness, not to mention an expression filled with such cruelty that even the Demons of Hell would lower their heads in wariness.

”Hahaha! Look at what we have here, if it isn’t my used goods!” A manly and deep voice sounded from where the woman was struck, there standing a burly man with bronze skin.

His brown eyes showed glee at what he was witnessing, his laughter so uproarious that many couldn’t help but laugh along. However, almost everyone within a 3-mile radius was turned to bloodmist by the scream from the woman that was filled with madness.


The burly man folded his arms, not fazed at all by the immense shockwave from that scream that burst apart humans and buildings alone, creating a 3-mile flat plain of ruined concrete and debris.

”Tsk tsk, Eva, Eva, Eva. Here I thought you were supposed to be the smartest one out of us three. That retard Draco descended into madness when he caught us doing what adults do, which is kinda unfair, isn’t it? I mean you’re your own woman, and who you decide to fuck is up to none other than you, no?”

Shangtian shrugged dramatically. “Then again, seeing a better man above your woman, making her scream his name like a pig, is definitely not something I’ve ever experienced. I suppose it’s normal for lesser men to lose their gumptions.”


Shangtian gazed down at the gaping hole where his abdomen used to be, burned through by a huge light cannon fired from a panting Eva whose arms were shaking from the cost.

She only had 85% bloodline purity here, and her reserves were not as crazy as the ‘unlocked’ version of her bloodline in Draco’s ‘dream’. She was skilled for sure, but not even 1/10th as strong as she could be.

Just this blast she could spam in another timeline had drained her so thoroughly that her body was convulsing. Yet, she could only watch with horror as Shangtian sighed and regenerated until perfection.

”What a good attempt. That level of harm cost me a lot of Bloodline Energy to fix, almost half of my full tank.” Shangtian acknowledged with a calm nod.

”But you look like you’re running on empty. This means that you’re at my mercy, once again… lucky for you, I have no interest in your pussy after you mutilated it yourself, crazy bitch.” Shangtian stated with a look of disgust.

He raised a foot and blasted forward like a bullet, appearing right before Eva with his arm coated in a strange layer of force that ruptured space itself.

”And so, it’s best to end your life so that you can go and join your cuckold boyfriend, hahaha!”

Eva could only watch the punch come roaring towards her abdomen, a look of relief passing by her face. Despite the twisted way Shangtian put it, Eva knew she began the rampage hoping someone would kill her, so she could be with Draco.

She even prayed in her heart that if they ever got a chance to reincarnate, they could meet and fall in love again, without any complications to tear them apart.

What a beautiful dream that would be.

The world that had gone silent in the face of her acceptance of death suddenly became loud once more, as Eva heard a solid ‘pshew’ sound of skin being struck, but noticed that she felt no such action on herself.

Her eyes cleared to see that a strong body stood before her, a muscular man covered with scars and wounds from multiple battles, his wavy black hair blowing due to the shockwave.

Eva felt her blood pump, felt heat course throughout her entire body as she knew that form, would recognize it even in a crowd of a hundred thousand.

”D-Draco…” Eva murmured dreamily, unable to be sure if she wasn’t already dead.

Draco tilted his head to the side and smiled at her. “Well, well, if it isn’t my Celestial Beauty. With how powerful you are, who’d ever think I’d have to save you? I’m never letting you live this down.”

Eva fell to the ground, plunking right down on her ass as her mind quaked. She was not able to comprehend anything. Why Draco was here. Why he was alive. Why he was… he was smiling at her so warmly.

She felt like it was a dream. The dream she had longed for over the course of many years of conflict, pain, and suffering. And what a beautiful dream it was, not made real before her.

However, Eva snapped out of her daze when she saw the gaping hole in Draco’s abdomen, where Shangtian’s fist had punched through. Her heart almost exploded as she was about to react, but was stopped by the chuckling of Draco himself.

”Shangtian, you twisted motherfucker. I have so much to say to you, but let’s keep it short. Your mother’s a cunt, your dad’s a femboy and your asshole can fit a lot of things in it.”

Shangtian stood rooted to the spot, not even pulling his fist out of Draco’s body as his mind also exploded, not having expected any of what was occurring right here, right now.

”Shocked? Bamboolzed? Kerfluffled? That’s good. That tells me that my dream wasn’t a dream, and should be reality. That makes a lot of things make sense, but it also hurts me deep down.”

Shangtian’s face changed as he tried to pull his hand out of Draco’s body, but found that he could not move an inch. He also found that his energy was being drained by something within Draco.

”No rush, no rush. My bloodline is sealed, so I needed a catalyst to break it open. Your fist was coated with your Primal God Inheritance energy, and the sheer force of it cracked the seal by 99%. Just lend me some little energy to shatter that last 1% so we can have a nice chat, eh?”

Draco’s words made Shangtian panic crazily. This wizened version of him knew just how fucked he would be if Draco could unlock his bloodline. He would be finished, he and his entire Lineage!

His eyes flashed with evil as he channeled more force into his fist, aiming to overload Draco and explode him into bloodmist. However, he was left speechless when Draco moaned loudly, then blushed like a young maiden.

”B-Big Brother Shangtian… P-Please be gentle…”

Shangtian could not even follow up as a black aura exploded from Draco’s body, expelling his hand and sending Shangtian flying a few meters back. That Black aura billowed into the sky, and everyone with a Lineage bloodline should have felt that across the world.

The Incarnation of Lucifer had truly awoken. The phenomena that had occurred in the AI’s space was now on full display here.

Draco’s body exploded at various places and reformed, rebuilding itself much faster and easier in this timeline because his base body was stronger than the scrawny shit body he had in the previous – was it called previous now? – timeline.

In a matter of minutes, Draco stood with a perfect body free of any scars or blemishes, just like himself from his dream – yeah, he would stick to calling it a dream for now – his eyes flashing with confidence.

Sensing that aura, Eva felt her bloodline roar in her, a feeling she never knew existed but was thoroughly enraptured by. Draco turned to her and pulled her into his arms, Eva’s body flushing as she could not understand what was going on.

Draco smiled and pressed a finger on her forehead, and did something he and Eva had often done in his dream; ‘interface’. Eva’s eyes went blank as leagues of memories that she herself had shared with Draco in his dream flooded her mind, among all other things.

Draco was not bothered showing his back to Shangtian for he no longer feared him. And in truth, he was right not to, because Shangtian himself had turned and ran when he saw Draco’s attention was not on him.

He had no delusions of grandeur like his past self from Draco’s dream. He knew the inner workings of the world and of the trio’s power. If he and Eva teamed up, Draco would die. If he and Draco teamed up Eva would die.

So if Draco and Eva teamed up…

Shangtian didn’t finish that thought. Right now, he wanted to reach China and hijack a spaceship or any technology that could get him off this bloody planet. Staying in this world with these two would solidify his inevitable death.

Draco pulled his finger from Eva’s forehead, and the beauty blinked rapidly as she came to. The first thing she did was frown.

”I forgot how I mutilated this body due to my madness. The pain is excruciating, I can’t believe Riveting Night bore this for so many years.” Eva – most likely Evaterasu – remarked.

Draco also frowned. “And this body has been raped by that bitch Maria. We cannot exchange our Vital Yang and Yin easily this time to unlock our bloodline percentage. But there’s a way around it.”

”Yup. What do you think this is, by the way? Did time really reverse itself, or is this the Tower trying to mess around?” Eva asked seriously, looking around.

Draco smiled wryly. “You know the answer to that.”

Eva sighed with lament. Time had really reversed, meaning that the timeline where they were succeeding in everything had been destroyed. Eva was aggrieved because she didn’t even get to give birth to their baby before it was all over.

”We have lost a lot, a lot more than anyone can fathom. Those losses mean everything to us right now, but we also gained something, something we wanted dearly but could never get.” Draco comforted Eva who was about to cry gently.

Remembering that Shangtian was still feeling at his top speed, Eva wiped her eyes and smiled. “I guess we should fulfill our old dream before we return to the origin.”

The two suddenly disappeared, appearing right before the crazily fleeing Shangtian who was forced to dig his feet into the ground to stop. His lips trembled when he saw Draco and Eva standing before him, their evil black and holy white aura mixing together to form a neutral grayish aura that screamed purgatory.

Shangtian didn’t bother to beg. The hatred between them could never be written off by mere begging. As such, he roared and charged at them, determined to at least bring one down with him in death, so the other would suffer eternal pain!

However, Shangtian was brutally beaten and killed by Draco and Eva who knew more about their bloodline now than they had any right to. After draining Shangtian’s brown mass using Nidhogg, Draco stored half with Eva and the other half with himself.

The Evil Duo nodded and carried out their impromptu plan. They sat cross-legged and began cycling their Bloodline Energy as well as bloodline source through each other’s bodies, unleashing the shackles on each other and promoting their power.

What was shocking was that the two of them began turning into dust as they sat there, not able to hear an unwilling roar of anger as a red hand appeared from the void and tried to smash them to death, only to be stopped by a blue hand to wrestle with it, buying Draco and Eva enough time to forcefully reincarnate.

Hopefully, in their next lives, they would have a chance to do everything right.


Author’s Afterword: Sigh, it’s been a long journey since I started Guild Wars in 2019. After 700-odd chapters, we have finally reached the end I planned for the novel, and I’m truly happy with how it turned out.

The story of Draco and Eva will be continued in Boundless World Vol.2, where they restart everything but enter the sci-fi world! Many interesting things will be happening there, so look forward to it!

See you in the next one!









Author’s Note: Oh? You’re still here? Tsk, tsk, hope is such a wonderful thing. Today is the 1st of April you chumps, of course I am not going to end my story here. We haven’t even hit Rank 4!

There are hundreds of plotlines and storylines I still have left to follow and clear up so don’t expect less than 2,000 chapters overall.



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