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Draco left the club with the twins in tow, their faces fearful and their complexions pale. They walked behind him with their hands held before them, twiddling their thumbs with discomfort.

There was an uncomfortable silence as they moved forward. Even the twins wished that some crony would try to assault Draco, or even try to step on him because of them, giving them a chance to flee.

However, no such thing happened.

What a joke!

Even if This Hoodlum Daddy wanted to snatch you two away, I would need to survive first! Based on the feeling this guy is giving off, approaching him carelessly would mean death, much less provoking him!

Draco walked with the girls from the low-end distract to the middle class area, which took them over 2 hours of non-stop walking. Thankfully, in this futuristic day and age, the general fitness of everyone was higher than 40 years ago.

Especially considering these twins who had been drinking 2nd Grade NuSmoothies like they were tapwater. If they were like those cultivators in the novels, then it could be said that there were little to no impurities in their bodies.

Draco, since he had been working on his fitness, was a little below the current average but he could still walk for days with his Body of Godliness.

Draco hailed a taxi, which was driven by a standard auto-driving AI that was very simplistic. It could not hold a candle to the AI that ran Boundless. None of the current AI in this world could.

As he sat in the middle, the two twins sat on either side of him quietly. There were silent for a while before the monotonic voice of the cab AI spoke.

“Please select your destination.”

When Draco didn’t reply for a whole minute, the two twins looked at each other uncertainly before Jada spoke carefully.

“Um… Mr.Draco…? Where are we going?”

Draco, maintaining that unconcerned look, spoke lazily.

“No idea.”

Both Jada and Jade blinked, rendered speechless and dumbfounded.

No idea…?

Wait… since we left the club, he hasn’t even checked what was on the chip… did that mean he didn’t even know what the mission was…?


This handsome Control master was so troublesome!

Sigh, it seems like us sisters are going to have to babysit him on this one…

Just by acting a little silly, Draco dispelled the tension the twins felt from him. Also, he had withdrawn his aura, so all he looked like was a devilishly handsome f.u.c.kboy, which was a killer to girls like them.

Similar to how a guy would remove his coat and lay on his back for a pretty girl to walk over him, a girl would smile and give out her number or more to a handsome guy if he asked for it.

Truly, being attractive was playing life on ‘Just for the Story’ mode!

“Can I have the chip you were given, Mr.Draco?” Jade asked gently. Her voice was smooth and extremely pleasant to hear, despite being practically toneless.

Draco flicked it over to her and she caught it deftly. After all, if she had a stat for dexterity, it would be too high!

Jade brought up her holo-screen and tapped the side of her head, activating her cyber contacts, which flashed with a cyan glow. This special piece of tech allowed one to view their holo-screen and understand the data on it.

So Jada and Draco who sat by her, couid stare at the screen all they wanted, they would only see gibberish of the highest order.

A holo-keyboard popped up and Jade began typing furiously on it, her hands flashing up and down so quickly that Draco didn’t even try to stress himself by following it.

One should know, with the Void of Perfection, it was the same as having a domain where everything within was under your scrutiny. He could even feel the heartbeats of the twins, the process and make-up of the cyber taxi and even see beneath their clothes if he wanted.

Of course, he didn’t because he wasn’t a rampant pervert.

Yet he was disinclined to follow her swift hands, which should tell you just how rapidly they were moving.

After a few seconds, Jade put away her equipment and entered a destination into the screen before them. The AI acknowledged their choice and began moving out after confirming payment.

Of course, Jade paid for that since Draco didn’t seem like he was about to.

What a joke!

Overpowered or not, Guild Leader of Umbra or not, the fact was that Draco was even poorer than a college student at the moment!

Heck, the whole reason he was even doing an assignment on behalf of Parkins was because he needed money.

This was the fastest and most discrete way to make money based on certain skills. Fixer jobs always paid well, but had a high difficulty and mortality rate. There was also the question of the trustworthiness of the employer.

Obviously, Draco knew Parkins and the twins from his past life, so he had no qualms about that. In fact, for him to find out the close kept secret of the twins showed that he was more than just a casual acquaintance to them previously.

Jade remained quiet, working on something or the other on her holo-screen. Jada wasn’t so stiff though. She began to play with her hair as she spoke to Draco casually.

“So, how did you master Control?”

This was a question anyone who had heard of Control but hadn’t had the chance to speak with someone who mastered it would ask. Even Jade’s swift fingers paused.

Draco glanced at Jada and smiled. “I did 100 pushups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and a 10 kilometer run everyday.”

The twins froze a second, eventually sharing a look.

This fellow!

If you don’t want to say anything, then just don’t! Who do you expect to believe you when you said something like that?

If that was all it took to master Control, then wouldn’t every musclehead in the world be a Control master?

Jade took it as it was, but Jada was unsatisfied.

‘This fellow, I don’t believe you can resist my charms! If I can’t even resist yours, how dare you resist mine?!’

Jada’s eyes gleamed with playful intent and at that moment, Sublime and Fyre would have nodded their heads. A fellow sister had been born onto the Dao of Playing Others To Death!

“Is that so? So all I need to do to follow this workout and I can master Control?”

Draco felt there was something wrong with her tone and guessed Jada was up to her mischief again. How could he not know this mean girl’s mindset after one whole lifetime?

As such, he answered lightly and carefully. “Haha, that was just for me. I don’t know if it would hold true for others.”

Jada frowned a little but smoothened out her expression immediately. This fellow was too smart! But still, This Queen will play you to death!

“That should be so. What do you think about prostitution?”

Hah? Both Jade and Draco looked skeptical. This question was so random that even Jada’s twin couldn’t see where she was trying to go with it.

Draco wanted to see just what nonsense Jada was trying to achieve with all this.

“I have no qualms about it. Everyone has to carve out a piece for themselves in this world and as long as that method does not severely inconvenience others, it should not be a problem. I sincerely doubt prostitution falls under such a label.”

Draco’s answer was honest this time. After all, he had grown up in such a lawless area, as well as having been in charge of an organization that dealt with prostitution.

He had led various male and female p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.es both in the real world and Boundless, having discovered that selling one’s body didn’t really change their talent or utility.

Of course, such a thing was seen as improper in terms of morals and propriety, but that was a subjective matter. Draco’s opinion was formed from purely objective reasoning.

Jada looked satisfied by his answer, which made Draco feel a bit of worry.

“So that is to say, you wouldn’t mind being with a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e? Or being a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e?” Jada asked slowly.

Draco frowned and Jade put away her holo-screen as she stared at her twin quietly. Just what was she up to?

Draco thought for a bit and answered honestly. “My partner being a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e is impossible, because there would be no need for that. If she was a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e before becoming my partner, she would become an Empress afterwards.”

“There would be no need for me to become a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e either. However, if a situation calls for me to be one, I could play the role temporarily.”

Of course, that was subject to Eva’s approval. Even then, Draco would never give up his v.i.r.g.i.nity in this life to anyone but Eva.

In Boundless it was different. Whether with this NPC or that player, it was all digital. Only the feelings of the act were carried across and not the physical effects of it.

In an extremely rough and technical sense, it was like FIVR role-play p.o.r.n at best. You were technically jerking your mind off by simulating the feeling of s.e.x, not actually having it.

However, in the real world, it was different. Even if Eva was obsessed with him, Draco would’ve found it hard to forgive her if Local Lord had pressed himself on her in the real world.

However, it had all been digital, which coupled with the other facts and circ.u.mstances, made it negligible.

The main reason he wanted to save his v.i.r.g.i.nity for Eva was that he planned to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e her during their first intercourse. His Vital Yang and her Vital Yin would intertwine, allowing their child to be the best possible descendant of the Lucifer and Amaterasu bloodline.

Giving it to some random girl was absurdly foolish, especially since his bloodline was still sealed.

Since it was Maria who stole his v.i.r.g.i.nity in his past life, it was no wonder she had become so fixated on Draco. Vital Yang from such a fellow was more than just a normal creampie.

Jada’s smile deepened further.

“And how much would Brother Draco pay for a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e of his liking? How much would Brother Draco charge if he were a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e?”

Draco had an inkling of what she was trying to do. This girl…

“If I was pressed to pay for one, no amount is too much depending on whether she suits my tastes and how much I have available. If I were to charge… I doubt anyone could afford it.”

Draco’s smile was arrogant and c.o.c.ky, making Jada’s heart skip a beat. Then, when she thought about it, her face became red.

Of course, taking into account his handsomeness and his Control mastery, he had to right to name any price he wanted. In fact, most of the girls out there who were wanted by many and acquirable by none would cling to his thighs, swearing never to let go until he gave them one round.

Of course, Draco mostly based his estimate on his bloodline’s worth, not his Control or anything else.

Jada’s eyes became hot as her gaze toward Draco became possessive. Draco’s expression shifted when he saw that, his mind whirring quickly as he tried to figure out why she changed so suddenly.

When he factored in everything Sublime and Maria taught him, he realized that there was only one reason…

When he thought up to here, his face became strange.

According to Sublime Notion, one thing that got a girl – especially a pretty girl with high self-esteem – extremely interested was a guy with high value, who was unobtainable by her!

It would spark their greed and l.u.s.t, making them want to possess you! Of course, after they did, they might lose interest instantly, so one had to continue being hard to acquire in order to tone up their desire.

Thinking that, Draco sent a grateful message to Sublime in his mind as he smiled.

Jada took a deep breath and tapped her pad, turning around to show the screen to Draco after a while. When both Draco and Jade saw what was there, their expressions became horrified as they realized what Jada was trying to do!

It was her total asset value! She was worth around $267,583!

“Would this be enough to buy your for one night?”

Her question made the other two realize their speculations were correct. Jade was surprised that her usually carefree and arrogant sister would even suggest such a thing, and with such a serious expression too.

Draco was shocked because of a similar reason. He knew Jada very well and this tsuntsun young miss did not have a dere side to her!

(Authors note: I’m assuming everyone googled the terms from the , hence they understand what ‘Tsun’ and ‘Dere’ mean individually.)

So far, she had been unable to act tough because of Draco’s status, but to go straight into the dere end of the spectrum like this…

‘F.u.c.k! This King is too GOD DAMN HANDSOME!’

When the zookeepers put the sign ‘do not feed the animals’, they referred to people like Draco. This fellow was more narcissistic than even Narcissus himself, who created the term!

Draco sighed with lament. Truly, he was just too desirable! Even he wanted a piece of himself!

Thinking that, he patted Jada on the head gently. “No worries, when you complete enough missions, you shall become rich enough.”

Jada pushed his hand away and pouted. “Why does it feel like you are patronizing me?!”

“Because I am.” Draco answered simply.

“You..!!” Jada felt her anger rising as she pointed a finger at Draco’s nose.

“You arrogant fellow, do you believe that This Queen cannot make you bow at my feet?! Don’t push me too far!!”

Draco just ignored Jada and chewed on her outstretched finger. To point at him like that and at such close range, she deserved punishment!

“Ouchie!” Jada cried as she wrestled her poor finger from Draco’s jaws.

She blew on her finger as her face reddened from rage and dissatisfaction. She pointed another finger at him, clearly showing that she hadn’t learned her lesson yet.

“You… You beast! How dare you chew on my- AIIIIEEE!!”

Jada cried out again as Draco chomped on her other finger. The poor girl looked so stifled that she wished she could point her toes at his nose too, but was terrified that he would chew on them as well.

How was This Queen supposed to berate him if I couldn’t even point at his nose?!

Jada opened her mouth to reprimand the fellow, but was stopped when she heard a light chuckle. Both she and Draco froze, turning around to look at Jade as if they had seen a ghost walking in broad daylight.

They saw Jade covering her mouth as she fought down a chuckle, an act which made her usually bland and expressionless face light up so beautifully.

Draco and Jada did not have the mind to marvel at this as they were still too shocked to do anything but open their mouths wide for flies to enter.

Jade… Jade actually laughed… Jade actually… laughed…

My God, Jade actually laughed!

Jada was shocked because she had always thought her twin sister was incapable of such an act. She had never laughed, not even as a baby, according to Parkins.

For her to laugh now was like being struck by lightning for Jada.

For Draco, it was worse. One should note that he and Jada had performed even sillier and funnier interactions than this during his past life, which was why he allowed her to fool around with him in such a manner.

It was like reuniting with your old classmates and performing the same acts you guys used to do back in the day. It brought a smile to one’s lips and rekindled old feelings.

However, during that time, Jade had only smiled at best! She had never laughed!

Yet she did now!

How could Draco not be shocked?!

The first question he asked was…

‘Just what happened to Jade in particular during this period and the period in which I met Parkins in my past life? It should be almost a 2 year difference from meeting her in this life compared to the last.’

Draco frowned when he thought about this. He realized more and more that things had been happening to the people around him in his past life that he had either been too useless to notice or too hate-filled to care.

However, he had no such hatred in this life, meaning he was a lot more…benevolent? One could describe it as such.

Jada and Jade had been integral parts of the rise of Hellscape in Boundless, both in the real world and in the game world.

After all, they were the Fire Ice duo! One possessed a Pyromancer class that focused on damage only! One hit and she’d be dead as a door nail! But her flames could cook even a fire elemental!

The other was a Cryomancer that focused on defense only! She couldn’t kill a fly, but you couldn’t even touch her farts!

These two had formed a deadly and headache inducing duo that caused players of Boundless, and especially those of Darkrow, to feel endless hate and fear.

In the real world, Jada and Jade’s special abilities were incomparably useful if one didn’t count the Lineages. After all, Jada was a clairvoyant and Jade was a supreme genius!

They had been born with mixed up synapses and neural connections, which would render a normal person either dead or imbecilic, but they had gained unique boons from it!

The taxi came to a halt and the monotonic voice of the AI announced their destination slowly and tonelessly.

“We have arrived at the destination, which is on your right. Please have a nice day visiting GloryGore Labs!”


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