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The airship soon reached the walls of a city that were quite high, enough that even a superhuman would be unable to jump over them. However, the buildings themselves were built even higher than the wall, making it seem as if someone had recreated Manhattan in an Ancient Chinese style.

Most of them were pagodas, but with some flourish in the design as immortal clouds and spirits, beasts circled them. In the sky, one could see a few airships moving about, while on the ground, spirit beasts moved up and down the wide streets in an organized manner while pedestrians had their side of the road to walk on.

It was quite prosperous and well-designed, so Draco and Eva spent some time taking all of it in. Their airship crossed the borders, and soon enough some other smaller ones quickly rose up to meet up.

The two Elders initially wanted to stop to receive them, but Eva waved her hand, indicating that they were to continue moving as they pleased, and these fellows would have to follow them.

They were like inspectors or something, but they rushed up to match the speed of the airship hurriedly. Draco and Eva didn’t even bother to look while the two Elders received some guests onboard.

In the lead was a pudgy old cultivator who was frowning heavily as he observed the members on the deck. A casual inspection from Draco and Eva using Tier 5 Control informed them that this fellow was at the Sublimation Realm.

“Who is the master of this vessel? Come out quickly and answer for your actions!” The fellow barked with anger, wiping his face with a pink handkerchief.

Hearing his words, Eva was first to act. She pointed a finger at the fat man’s right leg and released a beam of light. It blasted through his leg with ease and destroyed the muscles in his thigh by searing them instantly.

“Arrrghhh!” He squealed with pain, clutching his thigh in agony. His helpers stood there in shock, not believing that someone would dare attack the Head Inspector.

The two Elders by the side were speechless at the brazenness of the two Little Ancestors, but sighed. Well, this was why they had been dispatched here anyway, right?

“Y-You fools! Capture the two brats and break both their dog legs! Thrust the male into the gay brothel and save the female for me!” The Head Inspector roared to his subordinates.

Hearing this, even the two Elders lost their sublime demeanor as their auras exploded outward. With bloodshot eyes, their Integration Realm aura spread out through the entire airship and even suppressed everyone in the city below.

Airships malfunctioned, sky beasts fainted with their cargo/passengers, and flying cultivators spat out blood before free-falling. On the ground, people fell to their stomachs, flat on the ground like corpses, unable to move.

Draco and Eva amusedly watched these effects while unaffected. As for the two Elders, they did not care about the effects of their actions, as they were currently filled with mad hate.

As stated before, the Dragon and Phoenix Palace was basically just an overpowered cult for the two Old Ancestors. They were the fount of honor and the source of the sect’s belief.

To disparage the Little Ancestors like this, it was as if you told a proud Muslim person that Muhammad was gay. See if he doesn’t cut you to pieces.

The same thing happened here. The Head Inspector froze under this aura as he began to sweat. He immediately sobered up from his arrogance and realized that he had grandly fucked up somewhere.

Draco tapped Eva’s shoulder and the Celestial Beauty nodded. She gazed into the eyes of the Head Inspector and directly parsed through his memory in seconds before sharing it with Draco.

The Second Elder clapped his hands and the body of the Head Inspector, as well as his subordinates, collectively exploded into bloodmist.

Behind him appeared the 12th grade Martial Spirit, Titan Behemoth. It was basically a pale version of the Hulk, with almost the same attributes, too. The Martial Spirit had integrated with the Elder when he had clapped his hands, which had produced the strength to smash these fellows just via the shockwave.

The Second Elder had bulked up and become a pale green giant, roaring with anger as he pounded his chest. Draco and Eva frowned, as this was a side effect of rapid integration, Martial Spirit Mentality.

Basically, he had integrated so fast that his Martial Spirit’s nature was affecting him. Normally, Integration was done procedurally, and the person would retain their sense afterward.

However, that was the last thing the Elder had cared about at the moment. He was simply feeling joy for vanquishing infidels who had dared to speak brazenly.

The Third Elder didn’t stand around idly, either. The woman bent forward and sucked in all the bloodmist in the air, taking it into her body. She then gurgled for a bit before spitting it out as one pool.

That pool soon bubbled and formed the avatar of the Third Elder, but in blood form. It bowed to the woman respectfully, while she inquired about what Draco and Eva already knew.

It turned out the Head Inspector knew this airship was from the Dragon and Phoenix Palace, given the obvious design, yet he had been unaware that this was the personal ship of the Dragon and Phoenix Ancestor.

Those two old fogies had not come out for thousands of years, so whole generations had passed who didn’t remember their trademark vessel. Not to mention, this fellow had been a member of the second-strongest power, the Four Sacred Beasts Sect.

As such, he had dared to come out to bully members of the number 1 sect using his position because he was certain that as long as he did not insult their religion or hurt anyone, they would be unable to do anything to him.

How could he have known he would meet two cruel youngsters who would kill before explaining?

Draco and Eva, though, were still reeling from the Martial Spirit of the Third Elder. Behind her, a giant blood bat with dark red eyes full of malice had manifested, which had merged with her.

The Third Elder had then morphed into a vampire, with bat-like wings, two long fangs, and pale skin. Her form had become more sensual and attractive to lure prey, and her physical prowess likely increased greatly.

The two Elders retracted their aura, causing the city to return to normal. However, many had died in accidents while others were gravely injured or injured in various ways.

And yet none dared to complain or even make a peep, knowing that an Integration Realm expert was behind it. This city had more than a few at that power level, for sure, but they were all in hiding to breakthrough.

In fact, when the auras of the two Elders had burst out initially, most of the Integration Realm experts had woken up and spread their Spirit Sense out to investigate. Once they saw what had happened, they wisely chose to retreat and go back to cultivating.

After all, there were gaps between Integration Realm Experts. Also, it was not worth it to fight the Dragon and Phoenix Palace over some Sublimation Realm fellow who had insulted their religion.

Heck, not even his own father would claim him after what had happened.

The airship continued moving unperturbed, traveling for a few minutes before reaching a cordoned area where a huge courtyard was set up. It was like a royal palace in design, with Dragons and Phoenix motifs all over the place.

This was the Morta Branch of the Dragon and Phoenix Palace. It was quite extravagant, but nothing compared to the main sect. The airship parked in an exclusive spot for the Ancestors, should they ever bless this branch with their presence.

The place was bustling, overjoyed that they would receive the Little Ancestors. How did they know? It was simple. The whole world knew that the Dragon and Phoenix Palace had selected the two successors to their Old Ancestors, something which pleased the sect, but made all their enemies lament.

Since the couple were unlikely to go out, they would naturally send their new disciples out to gather for experience.

Not to mention that had been ‘phoned’ by the main branch that the Evil Duo was coming over for THAT mission. As such, the branch had to do everything to accommodate them well.

After disembarking, the Evil Duo were greeted by all the disciples of the sect who kowtowed while shouting: “We greet the Little Ancestors!”

The deacons and managers of the sect were a little ahead of them, and they knelt while repeating the same greeting. Further ahead of this group were the Elders and this branch’s Sect Master, who bowed while repeating the same greeting.

“All rise.” Draco commanded with a smile.

The crowd rose and remained silent in lieu of the two Little Ancestors’ next command.

“First, send us to our private resting area. Then provide two astute disciples to act as our messengers to the sect. Rather than disrupt your good work, we would rather just do what we came to do and cause as little trouble to you all as possible.” Draco added calmly.

Hearing his word, the disciples were moved. These Little Ancestors were quite thoughtful and nice! Their innate worship solidified when they saw the features of Draco and Eva, who looked like two banished Immortals sent down to the mortal world.

The Elders complied and took Draco and Eva to a large and ornate courtyard a ways off from the sect, its design absolutely pleasant. Spirit Trees, a Jade Dew Well, a Divine Marrow Pond, and more.

The air here alone was enough to cure cancer and extend a mortal’s life by 50 years. Especially, since these resources have been fermenting here for hundreds of thousands of years for the exclusive use of the Ancestors, even though they hardly had a use for them.

Nevertheless, the quality had grown this much. The two disciples who had been sent to interact with Draco and Eva, a set of twins who had been training to be accepted as possible candidates for the next Dragon and Phoenix Ancestors, were awed by this.

The male was a green-haired bloke with glasses called Long Chen, while the girl was a blond-haired beauty called Xiao Luan. They were at the Qi Condensation Realm, and their Martial Spirits were the 12th grade Emerald Wyvern and the 12th grade the Blue Luan.

They had been the closest candidates to becoming the next Little Ancestors and had been training all their lives for it, only to recently find out that their chance had been snatched away by two brats.

Naturally, they had been filled with unwillingness, especially since this resource-rich courtyard would most likely pale in comparison to the kinds of resources the main branch would grant them.

However, that was it. They were just bitter and pained by being one-upped. They had no plans to try and steal the seat from the Evil Duo, because they too had been brainwashed by the sect.

Pfft, after thousands of years, you think the sect hadn’t predicted petty jealousy that might erupt if one party lost the race? As such, they had naturally developed means to curb it in their contestants.


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