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Draco moved into the Heavenly Palace of Eva, which was the most aesthetically pleasing location in the entire Inner Universe. As for that Evil Manor of his, he had only created it on a whim to defile his women thoroughly.

Why should he live there all on his own, when he had as many beds to choose from as he had wives and concubines to enjoy?

In the Heavenly Palace, Draco sat down on a cushion and receded his armor, getting into something more comfortable. He then took out the resources he had redeemed and began registering them one by one.

For this, he used his Tier 4 Control’s Void of Perfection to delve into the atomic world. He could only do so if he concentrated on a single item, rather than an entire space.

Alternatively, the Eyes of Caelo too could be used for this, and even more efficiently. They could peer into the atomic realm and see everything within the range of his eyesight, not limited to a small item.

However, Draco used his control because of two reasons. Firstly, after reaching Tier 4, he and Eva had been horribly bottlenecked to the point where they felt stifled.

They could tell that this so-called Tier 4 was not the limit of the Control technique, but they didn’t exactly know what more was needed. Eva cleverly hypothesized that they were too polluted with sub-human genes that it acted as a form of impurity.

This also included their bloodline.

One should remember, the 9 High Humans were Chimeras basically, humanoid amalgamations of various bloodlines and species merged into one, creating their near-infinite and senseless power.

What kept them humanoid was the fact that a part of their DNA was human. They had too little human genes to ever unlock Control, but they didn’t need to with the kind of power the bloodlines gave them.

The reason why Earth’s native humans were called sub-humans wasn’t because they were less human than the 9 High Humans, no. Technically, each one of them actually had more human DNA in them than Lucifer and co ever did.

The reason they were called sub-humans was because their DNA had been polluted with the indigenes of that planet. Earth used to have its own species before the humans came to be – the Dinos – although their spaceship crashing into the planet had unfortunately eradicated them all.

Still, their presence had allowed those proto sub-humans to take in little bits of the remnant Gerdo Galaxy species bloodlines in very, very minute quantities and then merged with the remnant DNA on the planet to form Homo Sapiens and the other Homo races in the beginning.

So to highlight the problem, neither the 9 High Humans nor the sub-humans had enough ‘purity’ of human DNA to be considered full humans by the Gerdo Galaxy’s standard.

Technically, sub-humans had a great quantity of human DNA, but its quality had been severely reduced by what it merged with. The High Humans had little human DNA, but it was extremely pure, just not enough to make a difference.

One lacked quality, the other lacked quantity. Quite the issue.

However, since sub-humans didn’t lack in quantity, down the line of evolution special ones emerged who had self-purified and strengthened themselves enough to reach enough quality for select humans to birth Control users with the requirement of intense stimuli.

That was why Control was a recent thing that had not been discovered prior to that. It would only continue to grow more common among humans as more times passed and those Control masters continued to evolve/mate until eventually reaching the levels of the Gerdo Galaxy humans.

This was an advantage the sub-humans possessed over the High Humans, since they could mate. This also led to the argument over whether high stability low power or raw chaotic intense power was better.

Of course, Boundless would expedite this process and awaken Control in many humans by providing them with life and death situations, tempering them without actually risking their lives thanks to the game, among other methods.

But that was beside the point. After discussing this we come down to Draco and Eva, who were a Chimera of Chimeras. They were a pure mix of Lucifer and Amaterasu, containing the full extent of their bloodline and its power, but they also had the sub-human genes thanks to their mortal birth, along with its ‘impurities’.

This allowed them to retain the ability to mate and procreate, especially with each other.

After all, the 9 High Humans only faced problems mating with each other due to the chaotic genes. They had no problem mating with sub-humans, which was how the various Lineages came about.

So Draco and Eva had the high-quality Gerdo Galaxy human DNA along with the high quantity sub-human DNA. These two had mixed, which was why they had been able to awaken Control at such young ages before Boundless even made it easy for people.

Of course, Local Lord too had this benefit as he was derived the same way as Draco and Eva.

Still, even though Draco had his bloodline sealed, he had been able to force it out. Eva was the first to acquire it among the three, with disgusting ease too, while Local Lord had taken longer due to his weakness when it came to learning techniques not part of his Lineage’s Inheritance package.

The original Draco had been pressured by this in the previous timeline, eventually nearly killing himself until he too unlocked it. His was the latest yet most significant, because he had reached that level without access to the high-quality human DNA.

In essence, he had started out at the same starting point as every other sub-human, yet he was able to achieve this before a streamlined process to unlock it was ever introduced.

That was why Eva revered Draco so much and disliked the fact that Draco looked down on the old him. The previous him had nothing but perseverance that had allowed him to build everything using his own power, unlike the current him who was reaping the rightful power he should have had after putting in the work.

That was why when Draco unlocked his bloodline, he had broken through from Tier 2 Control to Tier 3.

Both he and Eva had been capped at Tier 2 in the previous timeline, Draco because that was where every sub-human without higher-quality bloodline of the human race would be capped, and Eva because she had stopped practicing after a while.

It had only become worse after that whole fiasco had happened, that had led to their separation and the birth of edgelord Draco.

So when he regained his high-quality human DNA along with his rebuilt body, it was natural that he would ascend with ease.

Eva, seeing him do so, easily ascended as well since it was well within her rights to do so.

What had sent them to Tier 4 Control was the merger of their bloodline source when they had sex and transformed into their General Aspects.

At that moment, parts of Draco’s black mass had entered Eva’s body and her white mass had entered his, being dissolved by the other’s bloodline and merged with the host. Both bloodlines increased their own purity and covered for areas that they lacked.

Lucifer and Amaterasu didn’t pair up just because they found each other hot. They also did so because they noticed that among all the 9 High Humans, the two of them had the most conflicting bloodline elements, which also made them the most compatible.

If they could create an offspring that could merge their elements…

This was what Pangu and co. had feared, which was a major reason why they had formed the Pangu Alliance.

So by letting Draco and Eva mix, it had perfected their bloodlines enough that they could grow them and progress further. That was initially why they could drink NuSmoothies to increase their bloodline purities to 99% each.

This also increased the quality of their Gerdo Galaxy human DNA by filling in the blanks left out of each other’s, allowing them to rise to Tier 4 instantly.

They still had enough quality and quantity to rise up to Tier 7. The problem was them not knowing how to get there.

Let us categorize the tiers of Control and see what benefits they granted. The first thing to note though, is that the first two stages were quantified by humans, but Tier 3 and 4 were quantified by Draco and Eva.

Even the assumption that there was up to Tier 7 was due to how much spare ‘potential’ they felt they had and a vague feedback from their bloodline.

So for Control;

Fake Tier 1 – Possession of either the basis Body of Godliness OR basic Void of Perfection.

Real Tier 1 – Possession of both the basic Body of Godliness AND Void of Perfection.

Tier 2 – Upgraded Body of Godliness and Void of Perfection.

Tier 3 – Slight Precognition gained. Upgraded Body of Godliness and Void of Perfection.

Tier 4 – Greatly increased mental faculties. Upgraded Body of Godliness and Void of Perfection.

Putting it like this didn’t seem like much, because the changes manifested in the core of Control, which was the Body of Godliness and Void of Perfection.

So for the two;

Tier 1 Body of Godliness; The ability to directly control muscles in the body. Can perfectly re-allocate force/power in the body and control various senses within the body with ease.

Tier 1 Void of Perfection; The ability to expand the mind outside the body in a short-range (depends on the person in question) to sense the area around them using their 3 senses of sight, hearing, and smell.

Tier 2 Body of Godliness; The ability to indirectly control muscles. Now, one can even tighten muscles to reduce the impact of this and resist bullets or blunt force impacts.

Tier 2 Void of Perfection; The ability to expand the mind outside the body in a greater range. Can sense the area around them using the 4 senses of sight, hearing, touch, and smell. At this stage, one can also act upon forces within the range of the domain, bending light and twisting sound, etc.

Tier 3 Body of Godliness; The ability to slightly control blood within the body. Now, one could accelerate their healing, send blood to and from places within their body and forcibly stop their hearts for periods of time.

Tier 3 Void of Perfection; The ability to expand the mind outside the body for a large range. At this stage, small psychic abilities are gained, like an elementary form of telekinesis, telesthesia, telepathy, and more. They were far weaker than the Dark Angel or Celestial Maiden Inheritances boons.

Tier 4 Body of Godliness; The ability to control the blood thoroughly as well as some organs. One could overstimulate their blood to increase their speed, power, and intelligence for a short period of time. Creates great amounts of body heat that escapes in the form of steam and greatly reduces nutrients in the blood requiring great sustenance later.

(Author’s Note: Yes, like Luffy’s second gear.)

Tier 4 Void of Perfection: The ability to expand the mind outside the body for an immense range. Psychic abilities are further perfected, being 30% of the Dark Angel and Celestial Maiden inheritances at the peak. Can use all 5 senses now. Can also peer into the atomic realm with intense focus.

Tier 5 Body of Godliness (hypothetical); Can fully control muscles, blood, and organs. Can slightly control skin, allowing for cosmetic morphing or skin hardening.

Tier 5 Void of Perfection (hypothetical); Range of the domain extends. Psychic abilities reach 60% of bloodline standard. Can peer into the atomic realm with ease. Can slightly peer into the quantum realm.

So it could be seen that even though Control seemed to pale in comparison to the bloodlines, it was not by much. There was a reason why the Gerdo Galaxy humans had been so technologically advanced and powerful, and this was it.

The ability to use their minds alone to peer into the atomic realm and not be overwhelmed by information overload was godly. If any modern genius scientist had that power, humanity would experience a massive technological boom.

It would be like giving an IPhone 79 XXRXS Plus to a caveman!

If Draco and Eva’s hypothesis was right and they could actually peer into the quantum realm at the next step, it would be a huge leap.

Looking at Tier 2 of control and Tier 3, one could see that there was a huge gap, which was why sub-humans could not easily cross it. Looking at Tier 4, the gap was even bigger, to the point where extreme methods like Draco and Eva’s bloodline mixing had to be used.

Without the bloodline, Draco would need a minimum of Tier 3 to even practice Subjective Magic. Without Tier 4 Control, he could only use the Eyes of Caelo to further his progress in Refinement.

This was why Control was vital. Just like his bloodline, it was a part of him, inherently belonging to him. He could use it in the game and in reality. The game could not prevent him from using it, and nothing, in reality, could stop him from using it either.

That was why he invested so much into the game. Boundless was the perfect tool to let him grind his Bloodline and Control to perfection by providing a platform for him to empower them under accelerated time.

His bloodline through his Class and Rank ups, his Control through crafting, and continuous intense usage. Like right now, everything he peered into the atomic realm, he felt himself progressing to the 5th Tier of Control, but it was slow as hell.

Although the Eyes of Caelo could help him work, it would do nothing for his Control.

Draco parsed through one item after the other, storing their details in his mind. All he realistically had to do was take a snapshot of their composition and he would be okay, but the fellow wanted to go the extra mile and understand why things were the way they were.

It wouldn’t really help him in terms of Refining better, but it would certainly help his Control and understanding of things. Most importantly, you should know that this fellow Draco was an insidious bastard.

He knew that certain abilities from the game could be pulled outside and used, but the problem was that there was no Worldly Energy or the equivalent on Earth.

Otherwise, people in the previous timeline would have easily been able to turn society into a wuxia one, with people carrying swords and mages reentering society.

However, in both timelines, this energy had never appeared, not even for a second. Draco theorized that it was sealed by the Primordials after Lucifer and co left the planet, for reasons that could be speculated endlessly.

The fact of the matter was that he would have to find energy alternatives if he wanted to achieve things that could be done with Worldly Energy on earth. Bloodline Energy was limited and could not be relied on for that.

Heck, there were many bloodline abilities that needed the help of external energy because the volume of energy wasn’t enough. Draco had once planned to raid CERN to get energy, but later found out that it was the headquarters of Superhuman.

He could even directly take the dark matter produced by them in a trade since they were interested in the knowledge and realms of Control. It was just that the amount of Dark Matter Draco wanted wasn’t feasible for them to make.

In truth, the amount of Dark Matter the institution produced wasn’t small. Even though nanograms were tiny, this was Dark Matter! Its qualities and make were beyond speculation and understanding!

Draco was aware of this, and in truth, he didn’t know how much Dark Matter he needed to actualize the Black Dragon or do anything else. He just felt that it would be better to have more than not, because if he was found lacking and he tried any of that stuff, he would pay a heavy price that day.

And unlike Boundless where his usual silliness could be forgiven since it was a game, he would get no such leeway in reality. It was exactly why he still played the game despite seemingly being so OP he could do anything.

Right now, Draco had eliminated those fancy energies from his mind like Dark Matter. They were good, but their production wasn’t reliable and their quantities were not enough to give him comfort.

What he needed was stable, clean, and infinite energy that could also be controlled to up the ante or be low enough to only tickle depending on the output.

Sound familiar? That’s right, Draco was aiming to use Nuclear Energy to achieve his goals! The energy from split atoms was great and all, but it produced too much waste and should there be pressure for more, he might create another Chernobyl.

He, like most people of the day, was still waiting for Nuclear Fusion to become a thing. He wasn’t sure if modern scientists had already overcome the barriers stopping them from using this clean and near-infinite source of energy, but it certainly wasn’t open to the public if so.

And this was why going to the sci-fi world was higher on Draco’s priority list than the Xianxia world. Yeah, learning to cultivate and bringing it to earth sounded fine and dandy, but he would still be in the same situation as now.

Without external energy, it would impossible to do such things in reality. However, if he went to the sci-fi section and mastered the Tradeskills there, learning how to produce Nuclear and even superior forms of energy, like making Dyson spheres, he might be able to advance Earth greatly.

Asteroid mining, space-shipbuilding, planetary terraforming, etc. All these delicious techniques and technologies were waiting for him in the sci-fi section, looking no different from his Four Beauties as if it were shaking its booty, waiting for him to come and squeeze it to his delight.

Tsk, tsk, no wonder this Draco fellow looked like a tortured man every day.. Heaven was calling him over, but he couldn’t go because he had to make sure he capitalized on the Western Fantasy section and conquered it properly before moving on.


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