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Guild Wars – Chapter 415: Rank 3 NPC Beauties 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Eva, as well as the other ladies, returned to the central cavern of the dungeon after allocating their stat points and mounted Luxia, who exited Eva’s inventory. With a single flap, the Light Phoenix was up in the sky, and the second flap saw her shooting towards Vita City-State.

Eva no longer needed to Class Up, so there was no need to get to the Rank 7 Guild Hall. Any Training Hall would do for her next Rank up, and there was one in Vita City-State already, so there was no need to head to separate destinations.

Luxia appeared above the Aether Hall almost immediately, and lowered herself down. The ladies dismounted and thanked the Light Phoenix gently before heading into their abode.

While Zaine and Roma wanted to rush in, grab their babies, and cuddle them for hours on end, they understood priorities. Besides, the kids were in the Anomaly Realm, so they would get to see them anyway.

Once Roma and Zaine entered and saw Loki and Rosella playing with their big sister Rila, they were so moved they almost shed tears. Rosella was as obedient as ever and carefully observed the Aether Conversion Orb in the center of the realm, while Rila was having a tough time keeping the unruly Loki in check.

That little beast was only well behaved in front of his mother or any of his parents. Whenever he found himself without parental supervision, which was very rare, he would display his inner devil and wreak havoc.

Unfortunately, Zaine catching him misbehaving did not change anything. She was a crazy mom, and her mind literally rewrote the actively stored memories in her head seeing Loki cause mischief to him being even more obedient than Rosella.

Roma and the others did not have this flaw, but they could definitely see it in Zaine, so they gazed at Rila with pity. As the eldest sister of the next generation, it was her duty to manage her siblings, so they could envision a tough future for the little lass.

However, they couldn’t focus too much on them. Eva allowed the mothers to enjoy the reunion with their babies for a little while and soothe them, before handing them to her as they stood in the same position they adopted during their previous Rank up.

Vitae appeared and gave a thumbs up. “There is more than enough Worldly and Aetheric Energy to support their needs, so they can go all out as much as they want!”

Hearing this, the three ladies decided not to hold back and show Vitae what the true meaning of gluttony was. After all, they felt that their capacity to absorb had greatly increased compared to last time, so they wanted to go wild.

There was an explosive shockwave in the Anomaly Realm as Worldly Energy was dragged towards them, not in mere torrents, but in tsunamis. Eva had to cover herself and the babies in a powerful light barrier to prevent them from being ripped to shreds.

As if marveling at their mother’s prowess, the little tots were silent with wide eyes. Eva too was breathing a bit roughly as she took in the sheer absurdity of their transformation.

It was absolutely nothing compared to before! Their energy absorption hadn’t doubled, heck it had almost quadrupled! Not only that, but the length of the transformation had greatly increased.

Last time, Zaine had been the first to stop her absorption after 30 minutes, while Roma had been done 5 minutes after Zaine and Hikari needed 30 more minutes until she was satisfied.

This time Zaine went on for about 1 hour, while Roma went on for an extra 30 minutes whereas Hikari’s total time reached 3 hours!! The whole time, Eva was stressed by having to maintain her Light barrier, but was also deeply pleased by their power.

She couldn’t wait to see what new abilities they would manifest.

Zaine had been the first to subsume the absorbed energy and transform. Her body became slightly more perfect and her blue aura that sparkled with small bits of electricity now crackled like a giant power generator.

This likely meant that she had not chosen to awaken any new abilities but had strengthened her old ones. Eva was not surprised by this as Zaine was the most intelligent of them all, and would know how to manage her power in balance with the rest of them.

In Roma’s case, her aura became a darker shade of green and some black flecks were now mixed in. Her hair which rose like snakes the last time this had happened was startlingly dormant and calm.

However, Eva took a step back from the pure evil aura radiating from her. If she didn’t know who Roma was and how she was like, she would have carried the kids and run away, for she was looking at an entity even more vile than Riveting Night!

Fortunately, this aura shift didn’t last long though.

In terms of outer appearance, the number of gems Roma possessed had increased once more. She now had five in total, one on her chest right in between her b.r.e.a.s.ts, two on her shoulders as well as on the back of her palm, just below her knuckles.

Eva and Rila carefully noted this. They were most interested in tracking the changes that occurred to Ultima Sunt, because this race had the most potential in existence, even Dragons were a joke to them.

Just what kind of abilities would Roma manifest as she grew?

Hikari’s changes were the most direct. Her white aura simply became stronger and denser. The last time she Ranked up here, she had created some vegetation in this barren realm that stuck permanently.

This time though, the vegetation increased in quantity, and some smaller wildlife began to manifest, stunning all onlookers into silence. When observed, it quickly became apparent that something was wrong with them, as they moved in staggering steps and acted weirdly.

Well, Hikari had given them life, but not souls. That was an ability far beyond her purview as of yet, but if the White Dragoness could manifest such abilities in the future…

Eva had to take a deep breath to calm her beating heart down. She waited for the manifestations to calm down as the three beauties digested the energy and transformed it slowly.

In time, they all opened their eyes and gazed at each other with surprise and awe. It was clear that they were shocked by their own developments as well as that of each other. Even though they were Ranking up, they could tell what happened in the outside world.

“Gather round and hold your children.” Eva told them with a smile.

Without further ado, they did. Zaine took her precious Loki and rubbed her cheeks all over his, much to the little mongrel’s laughter, while Roma gently held her little darling Rosella, who gazed at her mother with awe.

As for Hikari, she normally cared for Rila, so she had made sure to place Rila in a position that wouldn’t compromise her horn. Rila, realizing that Hikari had become clever, tsked with regret and settled down quietly.

Eva then opened their character panels and observed the changes there.

「Name: Roma – Rank 3 Mystic Controller

Level: 100

Exp: 0%

NPC Str: 10

NPC Dex: 10

NPC End: 10

NPC Int: 300

NPC Spr: 115

NPC Cha: 10

NPC Lck: 10

Active Skills: Dark Hands, Chaos Spirit, Chimera Summoning, Silence, Life Drain, Final Blast, Mystic Resurrection, Elemental Corruption.

Passive Skills: Perfect Control, Pinnacle Insight, Precognition, Flexibility, Mirage.」

「Dark Hands – Active skill

Effect: Summon a plethora of undead arms from the earth that trap all enemies within 1 mile and rip them to shreds.

Duration: 2 minutes

Cooldown: 30 seconds.」

「Chaos Spirit – Active skill

Effect: Summon a soul tainted by chaos energy that infiltrates the minds and bodies of others, warping their very essence into something random.

Duration: 1 minute

Cooldown: 10 minutes」

「Chimera Summoning – Active skill

Effect: Call forth the existence of a Chimera from the Mystic Plane, which can attack and defend for the duration of its existence.

Duration: 5 minutes

Cooldown: 8 minutes」

「Silence – Active skill

Effect: Place a curse of silence on an enemy which prevents them from using any skill or spell and removes all buffs and as well as positive characteristics.

Duration: 1.5 minutes

Cooldown: 3 minutes」

「Life Drain – Active skill

Effect: When in physical contact with any enemy, drain their life at a rate of 1% per second and restore yours by the same amount. If at full health, drained life is converted into stat points for END.

Cooldown: None」

「Final Blast – Active skill

Effect: Fire a concentrated beam of Mystic Energy that deals 1,000% Mystic Damage to a single target and cause their defense and resistance to drop by 60%.

Cooldown: 12 hours」

「Mystic Resurrection – Active skill

Effect: Bring back any dead ally at full health with invulnerability.

Note 1: Ally must be within the same Area Zone as you.

Note 2: Invulnerability lasts for 1 minute. After that, ally goes into a weakened state for 12 hours.

Note 3: No rank or species cap. As long as the target is assessed to be an ally, they can be revived.

Cooldown: 14 days」

「Perfect Control – Passive skill

Effect: You have complete and full control of all your energy and power, able to manifest it at will.」

「Pinnacle Insight – Passive skill

Effect: Your intellect, memory, and talent are 5 times better than normal.」

「Precognition – Passive skill

Effect: You are able to perceive all danger to your person when in combat.」

「Flexibility – Passive skill

Effect: Your body is malleable to the extreme.」

「Mirage – Passive skill

Effect: Enemies will be placed into a mirage that mirrors reality. This ability is unblockable, but the level of immersion an enemy would fall under is depended on circ.u.mstance and its willpower. Cannot be broken or dispelled.」

Eva was understandably speechless. Almost every single one of Roma’s skills had been changed to something else, though the names did look familiar and so too did some of the effects.

Eva raised her head and gazed at the lovely maiden with a shocked look. Roma simply giggled and twirled majestically, her waist curving in ways that made the other three feel fire in their abdomens, despite being women too.

“Eldest sis, I’m amazing, aren’t I?” Roma asked playfully.

Eva nodded honestly. “You are Roma, by God, you are. Why are the changes so huge this time?”

Roma walked over to Zaine who was smiling proudly and hugged her fellow sister-wife. “Sister Zaine taught me and Sister Hikari how to manipulate the energy we absorb during our Rank up manually, so that we could decide for ourselves what we want instead of having it decided for us.”

Hikari nodded and gazed at Zaine with respect, likely thankful for the sharp-minded woman’s intelligence and insight on this matter. Eva also gave Zaine a thumbs up. “Nice one.”

Zaine simply placed her left arm under her b.r.e.a.s.ts and shifted them up with an arrogant expression while her right held Loki. “It’s all for the sake of our Morningstar Clan.”

Hikari tilted her head and placed her arm under her b.r.e.a.s.t like Zaine and did the same thing. Since both of them had the same sizes, around D-cup, the jiggle was quite a sight for any onlooker.

But of course, women were only this free with each other in private. They’d never do such stuff in public.

As for Roma, since she had a modest B-cup, about the same size as Eva, they could only smile awkwardly and pretend to be blind. Sigh, comparisons were odious…

Eva glanced over Roma’s skills once more. They were truly amazing. However, a few especially caught her eye, namely Silence, Perfect Control, and Mirage.

“Roma, what happened to your Charm, Confusion, and Divination skills?” Eva asked with curiosity.

“Well, Charm and Confusion are useless to me since I don’t care about s.e.x.u.a.l attention from males, only Draco. Divination was also useless to me since those with the Tradeskill can use it better with less caveats.”

“So, during the Rank up, I sacrificed them. That is one of the main reasons why most of my other useful skills got to evolve so greatly.”

Roma also placed a finger on her lips and wore a thoughtful expression. “Also, I sacrificed all the new skills I was supposed to get to merge my Ultima Sunt skills with some of my Gypsy racial skills, hence Perfect Control, Pinnacle Insight, and Precognition.”


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