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Draco’s eyes flashed with anger at this open defiance, but he quickly calmed himself down. He suddenly understood that with his current power and understanding of his bloodline, he would never be able to make these three kneel.

Fortunately, that wasn’t his objective… at least not this time? His goal here was to make the lesser aspects of his three main bloodlines acknowledge his presence and control, which had already been achieved.

Hence, the 100% success rate.

Now, Draco understood why the AI had analyzed his class and generated a Rank up Scenario for him at 100%. It had extrapolated further paths for development, but broke them down into stages that Draco could achieve at a certain point in time.

Indeed, if the goal had been to subjugate them all, his success chance would have plummeted from 100% to barely 1%. To get those three fellows to kneel and call him ancestor? Practically impossible!

As such, Draco settled down and nodded. He simply spoke out to them: “I am the Omega, the end of all times. I represent destruction, deception, and death. My will is law and my existence is fundamental. I am the Abyssal Prime.”

The ones who had knelt all reiterated: “You are the Omega, progenitor of us. You represent our will, hopes, and existence. Your whims are blessings and your detractions are curses upon the world. You are our Abyssal Prime.”

After the ceremony was complete, Draco began to exit this strange plane. Before that though, he gave his three main bloodline aspects a gentle gaze as he nodded to them.

Cold as they were, the statues still reciprocated his gesture, watching him with unreadable expressions as he slowly disappeared. After Draco left, those that were kneeling remained as such and turned to stone. The three main aspects shared a look and returned to their stone form as well.

It was strange to note that this realm didn’t disappear after Draco exited, meaning that it wasn’t a place auto-generated by the AI, but something more…

As for Draco, he returned to the Training Hall and left the private room. He quickly collected the Training World back into its orb form and stored it away now that he was done with it.

Then, he paid attention to the system prompts.

「System to Player Announcement

Calculating total stat allocation… 」

「System to Player Announcement

Upgrading current class skills… 」

「System to Player Announcement

Assessing current player physique… 」

「System to Player Announcement

Inspecting class equipment… 」

「System to Player Announcement

New class analysis complete. Display?

Y/N 」

Draco chose yes.

「Abyssal Prime – Divine Class (Rank 2)

Skills: None

Exp gain rate: 5%

Rank up difficulty: 10%

Class weapons: All

Class skills: Any Draconic, Demonic, Devilish and Angelic.」

Draco’s lips twitched violently as he wanted to scream in anger and hatred. His Rank up yielded him no new skills because he didn’t have full system support, and that was painful but fine.

However, why the f.u.c.k had his already abysmal exp gain rate been further lowered?! Why, why, WHY?! Was the name of his class a typo and it should have read Abysmal Prime?!

Draco clutched his hair as he felt madness threaten to overtake his mind. Even the 10% exp gain rate had been extremely painful to deal with, but Draco had almost gotten used to it.

He had even made plans for the future based around this exp gain rate, but now all of it went down the drain. He only got 5% now, which was half of what he formerly got! Half!

He would have to do twice as much killing or work that he did at Rank 1 to see the same level of progress! This was not counting the fact that the game generally made it harder to climb up the ranks for those with 100% gain rate through mechanics already explained.

So, him at 5%, when would he even reach Rank 3? What would he even have to do to reach Rank 3? F.U.C.K! He didn’t even dare to think what would happen after it if his class continued his trend of cutting his exp gain…

Draco had to rub his chest in order to cool down his roiling blood. As for the Rank up difficulty, Draco paid no mind to that. It was clear that the AI was just making an estimate, because last time the difficulty had been set at 50%, yet his success rate turned out to be 100%.

Then again, the AI hadn’t extrapolated enough data back then, so stating that it would be 50% had been a stable median point. This time, its extrapolation probably reached up to Rank 3 or 4, so this current figure should be more correct.

This meant that next time, Draco would have a 90% success rate when Ranking up. This was fine with him, as it was well within a margin of error that was acceptable.

The class weapons and skills bit hadn’t changed at all. Draco was now completely convinced that the system would no longer feed him new skills, so he had to go around claiming any Devil, Demon, Dragon, or Angel skill he could find and learn them in order to increase his repertoire.

With that in mind, Draco opened his character sheet to see if there was anything for him to note.

「 Name: Draco

Class: Abyssal Prime

Race: Hybrid (Human/Ultima Sunt)

Rank: Lord (2)

Level: 50

Exp: 0%

Str: 100

Dex: 100

End: 100

Int: 70

Spr: 70

Cha: 70

Lck: 100

Combat Skills: Dragon Form (Rank 2), Demon Form (Rank 2), Devil Form (Rank 2), Necrotic Hands, Malevolent Spirit, Cruel Beast Summoning, Evil Curse, Life Steal, Divination, Sinister Shot, Dark Resurrection, Beckon, Subsume, Angel’s Blessing (Corrupted), Mind Blast, Charm.

Non-Combat Skills: Soul Bond, Charm, Insight, Foresight, Flexibility, Illusion, Confusion, Evolution, Ultimate Stealth, Pinnacle Intelligence, Species Shift, Dragobond, Aether Conversion, Devil’s Guile (Rank 2), Demonic Might (Rank 2), Draconic Superiority (Rank 2).

Tradeskills: Smithing (level 80, 99%), Alchemy (level 80, 99%), Enchanting (level 100, 0%), Magical Engineering (level 14, 15%), Scrivener (level 5, 30%), Privateering (level 1, 0%)」

Draco blinked with surprise. He realized that despite his class not giving any new skills, his race and ties with Roma had granted him new skills. With this in mind, Draco made the system only show the details of the skills that had been improved with his Rank up, as well as the newcomers.

「Dragon Form (Rank 2) – Active skill

Effect: Assume your true dragon form temporarily.

Duration: 1 minute.

Cooldown: 22 hours.」

「Demon Form (Rank 2) – Active skill

Effect: Assume your true demon form temporarily.

Duration: 1 minute.

Cooldown: 22 hours.」

「Devil Form (Rank 2) – Active skill

Effect: Assume your true devil form temporarily.

Duration: 1 minute.

Cooldown: 22 hours.」

「Beckon – Active Skill

Effect: Lure some living organisms towards you.

Note: Organism must be within your Rank (Lord and below for NPCs / Sergeant and below for monsters)

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「Subsume – Active Skill

Effect: Store the mass, energy, and soul of an entity consumed by you.

Note: Up to 10 entities can be stored at Rank 2.

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「Angel’s Blessing (Corrupted) – Active Skill

Effect: Send out a random debuff to every enemy within 20 miles. Cannot be dispelled.

Duration: 15 minutes.

Cooldown: 25 minutes.」

「Mind Blast – Active Skill

Effect: Send out a wave of mental energy that stuns all enemies within 100 yards.

Duration: 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 50 minutes.」

「Charm – Active Skill

Effect: Force a target to obey your commands unconditionally.

Note: This is effective based on Cha. If you possess less than 2x the Cha of your target, you will suffer backlash.

Duration: 2 hours.

Cooldown: 22 hours.」

「Evolution – Passive Skill

Effect: Acquire a single aspect of any living entity consumed. Maximum aspects can be 20 at Rank 2.」

「Ultimate Stealth – Passive Skill

Effect: Remain harmless in the eyes of most living entities until damage is dealt. Entities must be within your Rank (Lord and below for NPCs / Sergeant and below for monsters)」

「Species Shift – Passive Skill

Effect: Emulate the State of Being and Source Origin of any stored being that has been subsumed.」

「Pinnacle Intelligence – Passive Skill

Effect: Possess a thinking and reasoning capacity 2 times your current limit.」

「Draconic Superiority (Rank 2) – Passive skill

Effect: Health regeneration is always active, and is set at 20% of your total HP every 5 seconds.」

「Demonic Might (Rank 2) – Passive skill

Effect: All physical activities consume no stamina, focus, willpower, and concentration and are boosted by 120%.」

「Devil’s Guile (Rank 2) – Passive skill

Effect: All mental activities consume no stamina, focus, willpower, and concentration, and are boosted by 120%」

Draco was shaken deeply. His Rank up was nothing like any other, truly tyrannical in every conceivable way. He could now assume his three forms for 1 minute, and the cooldown had reduced to 22 hours instead of one day.

With the Richmond’s Herald title practically being permanently equipped, this cooldown length was slashed in half. This meant that every 11 hours after use, Draco could transform again.

And the great part was that this duration would increase with every Rank up, and reduce with every cooldown.

Draco was surprised to note the powerful changes in the skills Roma gave him. Now, they were definitely something that would make any melee or magical player or NPC feel pain.

After assessing them, Draco moved onto his upgraded Ultima Sunt skills. He hardly made use of this overpowered race that was rated to be even higher and better than Dragons because it had little utility to him compared to his other abilities.

This time, though, the Ultima Sunt part of him had definitely picked up the pace and was ready to display why exactly the Gods were so terrified that even an Origin God took a break for stabilizing the universe to smash them out of existence.

Beckon had increased to allow him to capture Sergeants and Rank 2 NPCs, as opposed to Rank 1 NPCs and Specialist Rank monsters. Though, it was likely that the skill would still go to waste since he practically did not need it with his combat power unless he wanted to consume/subsume an individual.

Beckon also now had a cooldown, which meant nothing to Draco for the above-mentioned issue.

However, Subsume, the new Ultima Sunt skill, made him breathe roughly. He could now consume any monster or NPC once a day and store their very existence within his body.

It wouldn’t just be about consuming their mass, but also their very ‘self’. What Draco now needed was follow up skills based on this one that allowed him to utilize it in meaningful ways, and he had received one as a passive.

Only 10 entities could be stored at the moment, but Draco wasn’t bothered. This number would increase with every Rank up.

Angel’s Blessing had increased its range to 20 miles from a mere 10, and the duration had also shot up to 15 minutes from 10 while the cooldown had reduced from 30 minutes to 25.

Mind Blast had similarly increased from 10 yards to 100 yards, with the duration climbing to 30 seconds from 10, and the cooldown descending from 1 hour to 50 minutes.

Charm had no changes to the details, but the duration had gone up to 2 hours from a single one, while the cooldown had gone down from 1 day to 22 hours.

For the passive skills, Evolution remained similar to before, in that only one aspect could be attained from consumption, which was permanent. This was why Draco never used it because, with his bloodline, there was little else any other living thing could give him that would be unique or useful.

However, the maxim aspects had increased, to 20, which was something at least. Also, since it would increase in future, that made it useful.

Ultimate Stealth was similar in this regard, in that the actual skill hadn’t changed much, only that those if affected had increased by 1 Rank, in a manner similar to the Beckon active skill.

However, Draco’s eyes zoned in on the Species Shift skill, and his breathing became like a locomotive engine. This was the kind of skill he was hoping to acquire to pair up with Subsume, but when he actually saw what this skill did, he realized that the Ultima Sunt race deserved to die.

They were simply too f.u.c.k.i.n.g broken!


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